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ATF raid in Little Rock

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It seems the fellow WAS doing business without a license.  At least, what he was doing was very sketchy.

That said, ATF once again proved that they love to turn a simple arrest into a firefight.  If it was about enforcing a (patently unconstitutional) law, then just asking him to come into the office, or having the local police do a traffic stop would have sufficed.  

"Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master." - George Washington

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29 minutes ago, 1gewehr said:

having the local police do a traffic stop would have sufficed.  

ATF did have a tracker on Malinowski’s SUV, would have been very easy to get him pulled over, and he would sill be alive.

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4 minutes ago, RED333 said:

ATF did have a tracker on Malinowski’s SUV, would have been very easy to get him pulled over, and he would sill be alive.

That reminds me to check my truck when I get home. LOL

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Every new story I've read so far says they kicked the door in around 6am to serve a warrant for selling guns w/out proper paperwork. That sounds exactly like what the ATF would do. Rather than arrest him when he leaves the home, pull him over on the way to work, or arrest him at work, they chose the most violent, risky, and least intelligent means to their end. 

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8 hours ago, RED333 said:

ATF did have a tracker on Malinowski’s SUV, would have been very easy to get him pulled over, and he would sill be alive.

They did the same thing to David Koresch, could have arrested him in town. Like Chuckt said, they want to make examples.



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I think the feds had a good case this guy was clearly an unlicensed dealer.  He apparently bought 150 firearms in less than 3 years and was selling them.  Still, that doesn't earn a death sentence.  And I would actually welcome federal hearings on this, because there's enough for both sides to pick open.  Republicans can go after the ATF in general, and Democrats can pry into heavy handed law enforcement tactics.

This is the search warrant if anyone wants to give it a look.  The word "threat" doesn't appear, and the word "danger" is only used once to describe how Malinowski couldn't be followed during part of the investigation because he was running red lights and the agent didn't want to risk the safety of other motorists.


This isn't some drug dealer who can flush the stash, and I'm thinking this would have been best done with a knock on the door before he went to work, or as others have mentioned, pulling him over on the way to work with the help of the local PD.  I'm getting to the point where specific instructions on the scope and tactics of a search warrant may need to be approved by a judge, not just 6a-10p, or anytime day or night.  There should be oversight on if a no-knock is used.

If this was a no-knock raid, law enforcement executing search warrants aren't going to understand someone's first instinct to loud banging, or forced entry could be to get their gun and be ready, then we don't need them breaking down the door unless there is an anticipated reaction with gunfire.  And that would be quite a claim to make.

This is a tragedy on so many levels.  I only hope he had a decent life insurance policy that won't be invalidated for the sake of his family.

Maybe he knew he was screwed, and didn't want to account for his actions.  We'll never know for sure if suicide by cop was the way he wanted to leave this world because the ATF just can't resist being a SWAT team with federal funding.  Not for nothing, their own guy might have been wounded because of the tactics here.

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