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Glock 42 Really Hard to rack the slide


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One of the guns I got recently from an online auction is a Glock 42 .380. I bought it with a couple others because I wanted to try a Glock and the price was really good. Already had a .380 so ammo was already in stock at the house. It came with the box, test fire envelope, lock (wrong keys though..ooops lol), and one mag with Pearce mag grip extension. Looks totally new and was oiled really well. I am guessing was a backup gun maybe but no info from the source as to history. The only issue I have so far is that the slide is HARD to rack. I am not a weak guy and I have to work at it so much that I might not get the slide fully racked the first time. I can rack my other medium to small size semis just fine. Some are almost new and some are pretty worn in. 

Anyone else have this? Any chance maybe the previous owner swapped a spring out? Maybe all Glocks are this hard until broken in? Never had one before.


Thanks in advance for the input.

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Ok guys. Thanks for the advise. I will disassemble it tonight (hopefully) to look at the back plate and dry it up. The manual is in there so it should show me, but I will grab a look at Youtube on it too. Hopefully one of these is all it is.

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36 minutes ago, Dane said:

Too much oil on it.  Strip it down, dry it up and follow Glocks recommended 4 or 5 drips of oil. 

I can't wrap my head around that.  How would too much oil make it difficult to rack the slide unless the slide is coated in the stuff and you simply can't grab on to it?

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25 minutes ago, Garufa said:

I can't wrap my head around that.  How would too much oil make it difficult to rack the slide unless the slide is coated in the stuff and you simply can't grab on to it?

I know.  But I have seen too much oil causing various Glock issues. 

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20 minutes ago, Garufa said:

I can't wrap my head around that.  How would too much oil make it difficult to rack the slide unless the slide is coated in the stuff and you simply can't grab on to it?

No idea, but I have seen seen some things cause problems that they never should have in other guns.

2 minutes ago, peejman said:

I'd guess a "reduced recoil" spring set, improperly installed spring/guide rod,  or bent/damaged guide rod. 

All in all, I guess I need to disassemble this anyway. For practice and to fix it. If I am still clueless, I will post pics. Hopefully the issue will jump out at me though (and hopefully that is not a spring flying across the room). Hoping if anything is damaged that it is not a ton to fix, but we will see.

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Well I disassembled this last night quickly due to little time. I did not get to take any pics. Any way to know if the springs are the "reduced recoil" spring set? I did not see anything bent that I could tell and it was not full of oil inside. The backplate seems to match what I see online, though that is hard to tell. Anyone got a 42 that they can snap a backplate pic? Just to be sure.

I know I still need to clean it to make sure it is not the lube...just in case.

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Does the Glock 42 uses a heavier recoil spring assembly to compensate for its slide mass? I realize that its a locked breach design but its RSA has to be strong enough to do a number of things during the firing cycle. That makes for a pretty stout hand cycling or chambering sequence.

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Sorry to hold you guys in suspense. Work has made me crazy lately. I did get to handle one in a store and it seemed easier to rack than mine. Unfortunately, it was too busy in the shop to pop the slide off to compare to the spring I have in mine (no idea if I could visually tell the difference anyway). That is as far as I have been able to go with the 12 to 14 hour days at work. I still plan to strip it and clean it totally. Not sure if that will end up making any difference.

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I bought my 42 new, and it broke. I forget the details, but it wasn't something I could fix. I sent it to Glock and they fixed it. I am not Glock shy either. I have six of them, and have taken them all the way down (striker disassembly, etc.). Mine had a failed part. It worked fine for a little while, and then stopped. They put some new parts in it and it's fine.

Call 'em up.

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