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The Second Amendment rights of more than 4 million Americans are at risk thanks to Republicans in Congress

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Congressional Republicans are jeopardizing the Second Amendment rights of 4.2 million senior citizens. At the same time, they have voted to funnel tens of millions of dollars to gun control organizations and support other actions that Democrats will love.

All of this is wrapped up in the giant $1.3 trillion spending bill that the House of Representatives approved Thursday on a 256-167 vote and sent to the Senate.

Just before President Obama left office, his administration finalized new regulations banning Social Security recipients from buying a gun if they have trouble managing their finances.


About 10 percent of all people 65 and older risked being classified as “financially incompetent” – about 4.2 million in all.

Using the Congressional Review Act, Republicans and two Democrats passed a bill overturning the regulation. But the bill did more than that. It also prevents any future president from reinstituting the ban without new legislative authorization from Congress.

Unfortunately, the spending bill passed Thursday allows the ban to be reinstituted because it reauthorizes the 2007 National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) Improvement Amendments Act. This act allowed government agencies, not just the courts, to determine if someone is mentally incompetent to buy or possess a gun.

House Rules Committee Chairman Pete Sessions, R-Texas, said during testimony late Wednesday that he was “disturbed” that the bill would undo part of Republicans’ good work. But by Thursday morning, the House leadership had decided to go ahead with the measure.

Despite the name Fix-NICS, the bill is likely to cause more problems than it is worth.

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8 minutes ago, Ugly said:

Don't worry Bersa,

if they press forward with this bill, they'll try  to deny many more groups. 


Ok, I won't worry about it. I was not gonna loose much sleep over it anyway. This country was founded and built with guns and I have a feeling guns will keep it up and operational regardless of how the anti gun folks feel about it............jmho

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39 minutes ago, DWARREN123 said:

Politicians are not for the American people, remember this!

I never thought they were!!! I have always thought they were in it for their own personal gains but I could be mistaken.................:doh:

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45 years ago my Dad and I were changing out a water heater that was in a closet of his home.  While doing this I bumped into the paneling behind the water heater and noticed that it released and one side popped out about an inch.  I told my Dad and he explained that it was time to tell me that one day "they" are going to come for our guns and he didn't plan for them to have them.  He didn't have many, just your basic rifle, shotgun, and .22 rifle that he kept in a gun cabinet in the den.  I don't know that he ever owned a handgun.  He doubted that it would happen in his lifetime but felt it may well be in mine, or certainly in my kids lifetime and he planned to leave something behind that they would not be able to get later.  I also remember my Grandpa stating that "they" will do in America what Hitler did to the German people some day because "people in power fear those who aren't".  My Dad and Grandpa were not avid shooters, they just kept the basic weapons needed for hunting and the occasional bump in the night.  They were both honest, hard working, Americans who clung to both their guns and religion and believed in the Constitution, Bill of Rights and Ten Commandments as written.  These men passed to me the family name with a reputation of honesty and decency, it's my job to keep it that way, pass it to my son and instill in him the desire to pass it to his children in the same form.  I expect my Dad was right, as usual.

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This act allowed government agencies, not just the courts, to determine if someone is mentally incompetent to buy or possess a gun.

This is the part that concerns me. 

There are many Government Agencies. Some of which probably prefer we don't have firearms.

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