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Is this a little bit racist?

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My son had to do a school project for 5th grade for black history month. The project was a bottle buddy. Basically put a styrofoam ball on the top and paint it the appropriate skin tone for the person you are trying to recreate. After that you add clothes, hair, and anything else it would need. The individual had to be "a famous African American". My suggestion was Thomas Sowell or Dave Chappelle, but I was overruled.

It just seems a little odd for a bunch of white kids (and parents) figuring out the right color of paint for the skin tone without losing our jobs in a week if we get it wrong. The link below is an example. 



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I feel like I probably have to clarify.  

Obviously learning about history is good.   Creating a project that seems to be deliberately designed to inevitably create a way to prove racism is just wrong. 

I would honestly not have my kid do it and explain why  


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My oldest boy came home from school one day freaking out. He explained to me that there are people that hate others because they were a different color.  He had learned it in school that day. He was 11 and hadn't even realized my best friend was married to someone that was a different race and his kids were biracial. My buddies race is not the easiest person to catalog or put in a box when it comes to race. We have just never made race a issue in my household. My boy learned to categorized people in school. I was beyond pissed. 

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about 3yrs ago my college age son, forgot what the class was called, but the subject was black history month, the teacher female and colored got up in front of the class and told them to write a paper about white privilege, the other % were excused, can you guess who? 

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4 minutes ago, Daniel said:

The number of white males who pretend we didnt grow up in a racist society is astounding lol. 

What’s even funnier are the whites afraid of becoming a demographic minority as if minorities are somehow mistreated in this society. 😎

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51 minutes ago, Daniel said:

The number of white males who pretend we didnt grow up in a racist society is astounding lol. 

I went to a VERY multi-cultural middle and highschool.  The minority of my friends were white like me.  Most were "other".  We didn't do racism and until I was old enough to get out of my hometown and move to big-city Nashville, I really had no basis for what racism was other than what ignorant people I read about in books or saw on the screen did.

Call that pretending if you want, but my "society" as a kid wasn't racist and I grew up in the 70's and 80's.


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57 minutes ago, Daniel said:

The number of white males who pretend we didnt grow up in a racist society is astounding lol. 

There were plenty of people that hated me for being white when I was growing up. They still do. I was told only white people are racist. Everyone else has a right to hate me. My father hated everything that wasn't white and male. I refused to be that way out of spite for my father. The first time he beat me like a man was at 14 for standing up to him over a non white friend. My kids never knew my father because of his actions and beliefs. They will never get the chance because his attacks on my mother and myself. Funny thing was my father was only  75% white. A fact my adopted a$$ would bring up every time he tried to knock my teeth out. Most all humans suck and my children believe as I do....get to know someone before you decide to hate them and hate all humans equally.

If your comment wasn't directed at me, ....sorry. 

If it was you can go F yourself. 

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2 hours ago, crc4 said:

Somebody had to work to pay for the entitlements, welfare, food stamps, housing projects, etc. I guess those white people aren't that racist afterall, just taxpayers.

So white people are the only people who work, pay taxes to support infrastructure and social programs?  

Yeah, lots of white people are racist as f*ck, but so are many people of other ethnicities. Because it’s uncomfortable doesn’t make it not true. 

Many people who espouse this ignorant line of thinking have never produced enough to take care of themselves let alone putting enough into the kitty to support someone else. 

Thinking like this is why I’ll always support social change regardless of the pain it inflicts. 

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2 hours ago, ArmyBrat61 said:

I was raised with everyone being olive drab........only the faces change

That was the best living. Everyone was a brother or sister. Anything else was secretly beaten out of you. 😀



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