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EDC flashlight

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Might be a little big but I carry a Surefire E1B Backup.


I used to do this everyday until I lost it. I keep hoping I"ll find it. Now I'm carrying its bigger brother, the E2DL. When I have some spare change, I think I'll buy the EB1. It's the updated E1B, brighter (200 lumens).

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I EDC the 4sevens Preon 1 as a "micro" flashlight; front right pocket. 

I also EDC the 4sevens Quark Pro QP2LX as a more "tactical" light; rear left pocket. 

Meant to order the 4sevens Quark tactical, but clicked the wrong model off Amazon. 

I also have some Fenix and Surefire lights, but those are the ones I've been carrying for the last 6 months and have done me well.  I haven't had to replace the battery in the smaller one in the past 6 months, and I'm pretty sure the only reason I've replaced the CR123's in the Quark is because 1.) I use it on high mode, and 2.) I put it in my backpack with the light still on for a few hours not too long ago  :screwy:  :cry:

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Streamlight Microstream, not a keychain light, but a great light for the price and very small.  Comes with a lanyard if I recall.


I have this same one and carry it everywhere.  Batteries last a long time.  Not as many lumens as I would want on a gun/tac light, but works great for everything else.

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For a true key chain micro light, I have a Inova microlight. Its not a thrower or anything, but for just basic light to work and find things, it is an excellent micro light. I still carry the one I carried in Afghanistan in 2004-2005. I accidently left it in my pocket and it went for a ride in the washing machine and died, but I took the circuit board out, let it air dry for a few days and with new batteries, it still works great. Great little light for less than $10.

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Any thoughts on a micro flashlight?

I'm running out of pocket space so I'm thinking something along the lines of a key chain model, since I always have my keys clipped to me. I won't rule out something else small if it's that much better.


Several good keychain lights have already been mentioned... Quark, Fenix, iTP, etc... so I won't go into them. I have a ThruNite Ti AAA keychain light. It has two modes. It's good for looking under desks or indoors. It won't reach out far enough to be a decent outdoor light if that's your criteria. If you go to Budget Light Forums, you'll find discussions of micro lights and all types of LED flashlights.  In my opinion, you really can't go any larger than AAA batteries in a keychain light unless you're willing to carry a BIG keychain. Once you move up to pocket clip, you have a lot more options.


The Chinese LED flashlights reviewed on Budget Light Forums can be surprisingly high quality. I've bought eight based on the reviews there from some of their sponsors. Of the 8, all worked fine. The quality was surprisingly high. The most I paid was $14. The Lithium ion rechargeable batteries and charger cost more than the lights. The reason I mention this is that once you move away from the big brand names, you can buy a keychain light, truck light, and bedside light for less than the cost of one... cough... Surefire... a great light, just pricey

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I'm not the only one! I've carried one of these for several years. $4 at walmart is hard to beat.

Yup, I have them stashed in FAK's, tool pouches, glove boxes, etc, a lot of usable light for very little money, they are pretty durable too, I haven't been able to break one yet & more than one has taken a trip through the washer & dryer LOL.
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