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What was your first handgun, and do you still own it?


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XD 9mm. got it right when they came on the market. my dad even had to buy it for me because i wasn't 21 yet. still have it. its a running joke with some friends to see if we can get it to jam. i'd say about 11,000 rounds and 2 jams so far. runs like a top still. barely has any finish on the slide left. 

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Beretta 92F...purchased a month after I turned 21. I still have it, its cleaning brush, extra mag, the plastic case, the paper box it came in, booklet...everything It has a special place in the safe

Beretta 96 I bought from a fellow police officer. I have no idea what I traded it in to get, but I never did like that gun. The handgun I have owned the longest is a Smith & Wesson model 65 my g

The first that was mine was my grandfathers old S&W model 10 which was his service weapon until the late 80's.

Smith & Wesson Model 67 first generation stainless 4 inch .38. The early stainless S&W's seemed to have a very smooth satin finish that seems to be missing a bit in the mid 90's and on versions.

Still have it ... rather my wife has it.
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The first handgun I ever bought was a Sigma 40S&W, the day a I bought it I went to shoot a box of rounds just to have the firing pin break. S&W said it happens all the time on these and fixed it for me. I will never have another Sigma but I love older S&W. My dad bought an old S&W 22 revolver this morning that is perfect not a scratch, and looks to have never been fired. It just reminded me of how much I love S&W, especially older ones. This S&W is a piece of art in my opinion, they just don't make them like this anymore.
I sold my Sigma off after it got fixed and I bought a 9mm Glock Compact. Until recently I couldn't find reasonably priced 9mm ammo, I could have bought all the 40 I wanted at reasonable prices. I enjoy the 9mm but I wished ammo was cheap and easily found like it used to be. If my 40 Sigma would have worked I would still have it today.
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Guest bluecanary25

Mine IS a Star 30MI, followed me home around 1989, still carry it in cold weather.  

Brought home its brother, Star 30M.  

They could almost pass for twins.

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1977 Ruger Mark 1 Bull Barrel. Still have it. My only personal protection and plinking gun for years. Went with me to college. Those were the days.

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Guest Hound

My first handgun was a Zastava EZ40.  I kept having failure to feeds but I when I bought it I couldnt afford to shoot it alot and was using handloads that I bought.  I need to try it again sometime soon to see if it was the ammo that was the problem.

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Ruger P90 45cal. Put crimson trace laser grips on it. It was a great shooting pistol, but traded it in for a Ruger sr40c that is easier to carry and my girlfriend liked the feel and recoil much better. I do miss it, but am buying another .45 later this year (maybe Sig 1911, not sure yet).
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1960's Beretta Jaguar 22lr, purchased in Iraq for a "petroleum industry consultant." He passed it on to his brother at Oak Ridge who passed it on to me when he passed. I'm not certain but I'd guess certain "historical mysteries" would be solved by a close examination of this gun. Haha! It's a totally shit gun, though. However it looks cool as hell. Accuracy wise and function wise its worthless. Pressed up against the target it could still miss under the right conditions I believe.

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When i went through the Police Academy in 1974, the handguns that the department issued were such junk that i saved up and bought a Colt trooper mk III for a graduation present for myself.  I carried it for 12 years until we switched to semi autos.  I still have it and there is not enough money in the world to make me sell it.  It protceted me more than once and I am very loyal.

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The first handgun that I personally owned was in 1968 and was an 1851 Colt Navy in .36 cal (Black powder of course). repro. Havent had in in a long time, but have pics of it around here somewhere.

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My first handgun was an Intratec cat9. Piece of crap with a 40lb trigger. It looked kind of cool in a ugly sort of way but that is all it had going for it. I still feel sorry for the guy I gave it and $50 dollars to for my Taurus pt22 which I love and still have.
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My first gun was a Berretta 25 auto I got when I was in High School... Yes I still have it..... Back when I got married, my wife had the same gun, and now I have 2 of them.....

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First pistol was a Bersa .22 I talked my mom into at 14. It looked kind of like a PPK but had a longer barrel. It was very reiable but shot super high. I traded it toward a 44mag rifle. The 2nd handgun was a superblackhawk 44 mag and I have owned it since I was 15.

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