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Weird find at the range

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I am wondering if the bullet was not seated firmly snd a misfeed pushed it back. Or maybe they took the "just the tip" meme literally. 

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I used to work at a range and saw this from time to time. My guess would be it's a reload that was poorly put together. Other than that I don't know. Never seen it actually happen, just the aftermath. 

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5 minutes ago, crake said:

I used to work at a range and saw this from time to time. My guess would be it's a reload that was poorly put together. Other than that I don't know. Never seen it actually happen, just the aftermath. 

you say that but then you know they were your reloads. Also, you were the one that once said to me "mseals22, there is no ammo shortage if you have a hammer. just make em shorter and then shoot em" you aint got 45's but you got 44's? no problem! apply the hammer! no 7.62x39 but you got 308s? bam! hammer!  its a true life hack. 

just cut 44's in half to make 22's and you're good to go for 22lr


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I've done something very close to that once while I was working up loads for my 223. I had 4 or 5 sets of 5 different charged loads that I was testing. I was shooting off the side of a trailer and to keep from scratching up my rifle, I put a cut piece of landscaping timber under the rifle on the side of the trailer. I got to around the last set of loads and knocked the timber off and it landed on top of my rounds. The weight of the timber drove the bullets into the cases of 3 or 4 rounds. Man I was mad.

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4 hours ago, Garufa said:

Why?  I don’t know.

Pocket full of money and you like picking up casings with a magnet?

Maybe they missed the market. Looks like it might cure the 40s&w/10mm glock bulge. 

Didn’t think it would stump this group. 

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Set the case in the correct shell holder in a single stage press, no dies. Press the handle down to get the case up. Grab hold of the bullet with good pliers and pull up on the handle. If you can't grip it use a hammer style bullet puller to get it close to factory settings or out. 

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