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If the NFA where to go away…

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On 8/24/2022 at 8:00 AM, monkeylizard said:

Beat me to it.

Unfortunately, I think the end of the NFA would actually skyrocket prices on things like the MG42. The supply can't get any bigger and the demand would surge. Only guns in current production, or where a new production version would be just as or nearly as desirable as an original would see prices plummet. Glock 18, MP-5, Uzi, M-60, or M-4/M-16 for example.

I don't think so. Demand really wouldn't change, I mean they are available now if you're willing to pay. Also, even though guns like the MG42 was already out of production, there are still a bunch of them that are post-1986 guns (built after the ban). Only MG42 I've ever shot was a post-sample, SOT I was friends with got a police demo letter for it, lol. All that being said, I think prices would likely hold for original guns. 

I've got a couple of MGs that I've had for a long time, I wish I had bought more at the time. I guess a MP5 and M249 would be on my list. Any belt gun is still going to hold a pretty good price though, I could actually turn my M16 into basically a M249 now with the right upper, but I choose not to. 

Then of course there is the M134. Everybody wants one, but very few can afford to feed it, and even post guns are still expensive. I mean, you've got to have 10k rounds just to have a little range time. 

Aside from MGs, I'd probably pickup a few cans and SBR almost everything. I currently don't own a single can, I'd like to have one if I could just go to the local gun store and pick one up, but don't want one bad enough to go though the paperwork hassle and pay a $200 tax to own one.

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Once the initial craze and price gouging died down...

The would be a forgone conclusion auto version of the CZ Scorpion and an SBR with suppressor in .300BLK for subsonic shooting.  I already have a SBR for 5.56mm with a Tax Stamp. 

Aside from that, don't see the prudence in cost of more full auto and certainly not a belt fed.  Not unless I win the Powerball or Mega Millions. 


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On 8/23/2022 at 4:36 PM, Johnny Rotten said:

BF everything




60 gen 6


ma duce 


rdias, for my colt 901

load and proud, cans suck ass anyways, cuz you aint gonna make them quite.

Think that pretty much covers it.



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On 8/23/2022 at 12:42 PM, Chucktshoes said:

What would you get? The question isn’t as fantastical as it seemed even six months ago. So, if you didn’t have to worry about the NFA, what would you get that you just don’t think it’s possible/practical to get hold of now?


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Might sound a little odd but I would love to get an M3 grease gun. I just like the way they chug along in full auto.

I’d also want proper open bolt and SBR versions of some of the sub guns I have. Long barrel versions of the Thompson and PPSH just don’t look right.

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I'd buy every lever rifle, 1911, and AR I could afford since the tacticool crowd will be selling them cheap to finance the latest FA toys.  A .22 can may be nice for teaching kids to shoot but otherwise... I've got no real use for anything FA unless it's a long-term investment.  SBR's are fun.  A vertical foregrip on some pistols makes them easier to handle. 

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