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    The polish that can be archived with a hand rub compound or a 600 dry compound on a loose muslin wheel spinning at the correct 1800rpm is 2 completely different grades. The OP's posted picture is the result of the second form of polishing. Surface prep in the way of working down left behind machine cutter lines or course factory cut is a critical part of the process. Custom cutting wood sanding blocks to match contours to get to a 400g is a time consuming operation so much so that most don't do it. That's why I prefer to glass bead blast certain contours and save the high polish for flats to speed a job along like this one....
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    Not sure where I streamed it from but watched it a few years ago and loved it. I wasn't in IT but worked with computers most of my career and knew lots of IT people.
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    Kind of a stretch with the title of the thread...at the end of the letter, Turk acknowledges the contents of the paper are "merely the ideas and opinions of this writer." So, not ATF saying any of this, just one of its members. Plus, when you realize the timing of this paper was at the beginning of the Trump administration, and the actions taken on the subjects listed have been little and less (save for a bump stock ban)...we're seeing just how played for fools gun owners were. We had a top level ATF official writing justification for a lot of the things we wanted, with action steps that could make it happen. The fact that all these good ideas never left this paper is telling.
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    A small list of notable things from '62... Dr. No, the first James Bond film, premiers in UK theaters. October 14 - Cuban Missile Crisis begins: A U-2 flight over Cuba takes photos of Soviet nuclear weapons being installed. A stand-off then ensues the next day between the United States and the Soviet Union, threatening the world with nuclear war. The term "Personal computer" is first mentioned by the media. The films "American Graffiti" and "Animal House" are set in 1962. American Broadcasting Company (ABC) begins color telecast for 3.5 hours a week. Pull tabs on cans are introduced.
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    Great condition. Comes with box and paperwork. Only has the Crimson Trace grips. No others. $500. 615-542-3513
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    While a low probability it's still a high impact event. My wife and I both read this article yesterday. We hadn't mentioned it to each other until we lost power last evening for a few hours. We just kind of looked at each other and said..".Hey, did you see that EMP article linked off of Drudge today?" Just food for thought. As I mentioned, very low probability. But it still makes me happy we've altered our lifestyles just a bit in so far as (and the term is becoming a bit antiquated) prepping has become a normal facet of our general way of life. I'm not talking a "bunker mentality", just making certain events would have less of a negative impact on our lives than would would have 15 years ago. btw...we recently picked up 2 more Streamlight Siege Lanterns. That brought us up to 4 of them. They are 540 lumen D cell battery operated little lanterns and are a far cry better than the older Coleman lanterns we used post-Katrina. Having light is kinda nice. Article: https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/washington-secrets/military-warns-emp-attack-could-wipe-out-america-democracy-world-order Streamlight Siege lanterns: https://www.amazon.com/Streamlight-44931-Compact-Alkaline-Batteries/dp/B00DII7CTI One Second After... surely you've read it. Just in case... https://www.amazon.com/Second-After-John-Matherson-Novel/dp/0765356864/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1543742705&sr=1-1&keywords=one+second+after Jamie
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    9 students, rain, wind, mud, one flat tire, and 2 stuck vehicles later, another succesful training day in my log book. The Students: made 3 new acquaintances I hope develop into friendships and always enjoy seeing and engaging with people who have become friends through this venue. Why is it easier to make friends within the gun culture? I think it is due to the common interest and similar motivations for personal gun ownership we all share. The Weather: Training in the rain is not a hardship, but it slows down the class. Targets and backers simply don't last, add some wind and my flying pop-up shelter, it reduces the user experience. I will get a pair of inexpensive muckers. While my feet got damp and cold (socks) my Clark's were amazingly water resistant. Throw a pair of muckers with good socks in the trunk and I've got a good solution. The weather did add the thick, multi layer clothing challenge to my draw which slowed me down. Adding layers, 100% drawing from cover, a lack of dry practice over the last 2 weeks, using a new holster, and failing to roll the trigger during extension were all areas needing improvement, all on the same day. Since I crushed the Snow Man Drill, I am certainly not discouraged. Good variety of timed and untimed drills as well as an interactive man-on-man steel shoot off.
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    All I did was level the ground and lay the blocks and fill in he holes inside the blocks with sand . I didn't even concrete them togather. The sand insulates the heat so it cooks better. One block from the top I put some rebar which holds the metal grate that I put the meat on. The top is just some old plywood.
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    I am reading the follow up One Year After right now. Good stuff. I fully think every person and family should be prepared for "normal" emergencies such as floods, blizzards, and short term power outages. Having basic supplies like extra blankets, flashlights (or lanterns ), ready to eat foods, and non-electric alternate heat is not being a "prepper", but just being prepared. I know a bunch of people that would starve if they had to survive on the food in their house for more than a day or 2. I mean mystard and batteries are all that is in tgeir fridge. Now for the larger calamities such as an EMP strike, social collapse, or a pandemic each person has to decide for themselves. I personally hate not being prepared for things like taking notes at a meeting. So you can guess, I prefer to prepare for larger issues. My family does not share my concern. It is "crazy talk" according to them. Even though I am not a "bunker and beans" type of guy. I watch for older manual tools around and have tried to collect a few just in case. If I can find them at a bargain, then it does not affect the family budget. If things did happen, I want a few more options than a hammer, screwdriver and shovel. Especially with no power, rebuilding woukd be hard. While I try to plan ahead just like we do by buying insurance, I also hope we never need it, just like insurance.
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    Love that smoker. Looking to build one like that myself.
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    Thanks, my shooting buddy is quite sick after an operation. Would like to find some new shooting buddies. Did idpa but it was a hot day so just left when finished. Will pm after holidays
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    I was teasing about the Pup part........LOL I could tell by that gray face that he's a very old Pup.
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    I have a feeling that pup loves a camera huh?..............
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    I bought one a few weeks ago. This little pistol will hold 12+1 (12 round mag is not included but they are available) and it's the same size as my LC9s. It shoots great! It is my new carry gun. I have shoot 200-300 rounds through it. Mostly target loads but it fired my self defense loads with no issues. The pistol is tight. It doesn't rattle like my LC9s. The trigger is really good for a striker fired pistol. One complaint. I could use the magazine springs on my truck. Get a loader. It should come with a loader if they are going to make a magazine spring that strong but Sig doesn't like including extras for free.
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    https://www.alloutdoor.com/2018/11/26/even-batf-says-assault-weapons-fake-term/?utm_source=Newsletter&utm_medium=Email&utm_content=2018-12-02&utm_campaign=Weekly+Newsletter "It's about scaring the public" A link to an Outdoor Life article recently found its way across my Facebook feed, and although it’s a bit of an oldie (Feb 2017), its content bears repeating… especially as the politicos of both Red and Blue varieties continue to steal away our firearms rights. The gist of it is the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (BATF)’s admission that “assault weapon” is a manufactured term designed to scare the public — something most gun owners have known all along. A Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives (ATF) ‘white paper’ [authored by ATF second-in-command Ronald Turk] correctly identifies ‘assault weapons’ as a politically contrived term with no real meaning and recommends dramatic federal law revisions in how they are regulated. -+-+- Turk’s ‘white paper’ says the agency is interested in reforms that ‘promote commerce and defend the Second Amendment without significant negative impact on ATF’s mission to fight violent firearms crime and regulate the firearms industry.’ Turk wrote that the misleading ‘assault weapons’ term to describe AK-and-AR-style rifles should be replaced with a ‘modern sporting rifles,’ to reflect how the use and popularity of these firearms has grown. In fact, he noted, their use in ‘sport shooting’ has grown ‘exponentially’ and such guns ‘are now standard for hunting activities.’ The ATF official also argued in favor of changes in policy for the import of WWII-era military weapons, such as M1 Garand rifles. As I said, this isn’t earth-shattering news, except that it’s nice to see someone in government making sense. When even BATF says “assault weapons” is a phony label, any thinking person should sit up and take notice. Sadly, that omits many anti-gunners and most elected officials, both Republicans and Democrats.
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    I forgot to add that before I started cutting my own wood from the forest to cook with , I would go to a local saw mill and buy a bundle of oak slabs . A whole bundle is around $20 -$30 . They are heavy and so it took me 2 trips to carry them home in my utility trailer. When I'd get them home I'd use my chain saw to cut them into firewood size. I cooked from that bundle of slabs for several batches of BBQ . Here's what the slabs looked like after I cut them.
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    https://d3uwh8jpzww49g.cloudfront.net/sharedmedia/1509466/atf-white-paper-options-to-reduce-or-modify.pdf https://www.nraila.org/media/20170210/pdf/atf-white-paper-pdf
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    Good luck with your sales! And if you're going to be in the Nashville area and the 26 is somehow still available, shoot me a message. Thanks!
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    While I don't feel inclined to buy a new pistol, I wouldn't even think about it above $500. On the secondary market, I'm out for deals, so the price has to entice me. Plus, while I'm not out to screw someone, I never feel obligated to pay for the value a person adds onto the gun with after market parts when it comes resale time. Then the add-ons are subjective in value based on the potential buyer; steel sights vs. night sights, for example. A lot of individual gun sellers need to learn re-sale is almost always going to involve a loss of capital you sunk into the gun. Trying for breakeven isn't conductive to a sale.
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    Looks good. I have shot friends guns with Tru Glow fiber optic sights and they are indeed easy to see. Let us know if u get them please.
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    Good feedback, folks. First time selling on TGO, so I appreciate it. I think the Glocks might be moving today. Next time, I'll be sure to specify that I am bouncing all across the state all the time teaching classes and what not. So shipping may not be necessary if we can arrange a meet. I'll be sure to include that in any future ads. Thanks again!
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    It's yours. We'll work out how to get it to you. I'll send you a PM.
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    Howdy and Welcome to TGO!!!
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    Welcome to the site
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    2nd that. I did it on a Model 686. I used Happich Simichrome.
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    Mother's Mag Wheel polish and a rag.....do it yourself.
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    Haven't managed to break this yet. Made out of titanium or somethin'
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    If you haven’t been out to a match in a while, you will love what Strategic Edge has done with the addition of new bays. Come join us this month and get your PEW on!! Register on Practiscore https://practiscore.com/uspsa-strategic-edge-october-2018/register
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    use the "big boy rules".  
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