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    I find that Pyrodex was equal to or worse than bp for rust. I load bp in cartridge guns also. Just clean after shooting, no problems.
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    Sorry to hear that man. Hope you heal up soon..
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    I do not hunt any more, but do have a few. get a modern in line that uses a 209 primer.
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    I run a sabotless smokeless muzzleloader with a suppressor. I'm probably out on this conversation. LOL
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    SOLD. I'm selling my wife's concealed carry, which she doesn't use. She purchased it new and is the only owner. The Smith & Wesson 638 is a 5-shot 38 special +P revolver, perfect for concealed carry. She shot less than 75 rounds at the ranges, so it's in mint condition. Included are 150 rounds of 38 special ammo and 50 rounds of 357 ammo (not for this gun). Located in Memphis. $375 or best offer.
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    The Shield red dot on Walther, doesn't have to be turned on & off, stays on. Normal batt. life 2 to 3 yrs.
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    My 67A was my dad’s as well but it’s had a rough life. The only reason I still have it is because I found it in a trash pile by the curb at my grandmother’s house when I was about 10. Dad had no more interest in and had much better things by then, he also claimed it had a bent barrel, that proved to be wrong years later but It didn’t have a front sight. Anyway, I held onto that thing for years but it never got any respect or care like our other guns. A few years ago I finally got all the rust off of it, reblued, and refinished the stock (also sanding out a huge letter M burned into the stock). Installed a new front sight and cleaned the seriously fuzzy bore. It shoots just like I expected a rifle from that era to. Incredibly. Very accurate. It’s amazing how fast you can start feeding a single-shot once you get a rhythm going. If I’m not mistaken it’s a John Moses Browning design. Don’t let the name Mini-Mag fool you. They aren’t that hot...Federal bulk is faster. Why they are is consistent and well made, leading to better than average accuracy. Shoot whatever you want out of it. Like any other .22 it’ll like some brands better than others.
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    Many good thoughts on both sides of this question. Yes, being a bit wishy-washy on it, but I think the trend towards optics on handguns has gotten off with a bang, and likely will continue. I'm just an old, fat man, with bad attitudes and old school perspectives. lol Only time and use of these will tell of its acceptance on the Shield and smaller pistols.
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    Speaking of the rust with black powder. I started with Pyrodex RS because everybody told me it was better than black and easier to clean. I switched to Goex black 2f a few years later because Pyrodex is harder to ignite. I found out that I could get my T/C New Englander cleaner hmmmm.
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    Yeah, best wishes for quick healing.
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    I agree except that I'd say red dots are catching and will surpass lasers before long. I've tried laser and found it very distracting. It's supposed to permit more target focus but I found myself so focused on the dot wobbling around that I wasn't paying attention to anything else. Point shooting also works best for me in self defense type shooting. I'm faster while staying accurate enough at short ranges. The transition for me is about 15 yds.
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    Powder Valley has always worked for me. I have no need to buy any reloading supplies as I have enough for 2 lifetimes. There are some great deals on this forum depending on what you need.
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    3.1000 lbs. Lol I always get the feeling we should stop with 'nut' when I see his stuff.......
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    And me. I like red dots, but I wouldn't expect to have time to mess with turning it on or needing a sight in the type of shooting I would be doing with my Shield. But absolutely, to each his own. S&W already has Shields out with red dots mounted. So I would guess they will offer them Optics Ready or C.O.R.E. Probably be cheaper to sell yours and buy one with the cutout than have a slide milled.
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    I think that Primarymachine is doing the mill, and I'm sure there must be others. I believe that RDS on handgun will become ubiquitous in the relatively near future, just as they have on rifles and carbines. The amount of research, development and competition in this area is incredible. The greatest challenges seem to be coupling durability, battery life and ease of battery change at this point. A wider field of view should become a reality too as things develop. I believe that the utility has already been demonstrated. Instead of having to have a hard focus on the front sight, the shifting of focus from the target (threat) and back to the sight before breaking the shot ( it's only milliseconds I know) the RDS allows us to focus on the target/threat and know we can break that shot when the dot appears. This was a "lightbulb moment" for me LOL. So, to me at least, this means the RDS system is just as viable up close and fast, and they markedly improve my accuracy at distance where you would have the luxury of time in sight acquisition. In my experience the S&W Shield, Glock 43, PPS, and similar sized pistols are capable of very good accuracy at extended distances... the standard iron sights just aren't as conducive to such...at least to my aging eyes. Lasers offer similar capabilities, but from limited experience can easily "wash out" in bright outdoor lighting. YMMV I am not in any way being argumentative nor dismissive of what @hipower is saying, and I admit "learning" a Red Dot initially takes a bit of practice (Dry fire is your/my friend )... but so did initially learning to use iron sights. And I agree, most defensive use is definitely relatively close. But having the ability to engage the most statistically probable event plus the outlier like an active shooter event can't be a "bad thing" in this day and age. My apologies for the drift/tangent. I'm looking forward to what develops and look forward to hearing of others experiences.
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    Two other weapons museums to put on your must see list if you are in the area. The Fuller Gun Collection at the Chickamauga Battlefield Visitor Center - GA https://www.nps.gov/chch/learn/historyculture/fuller-gun-collection.htm Frazier History Museum in Louisville, KY - it is worth a special trip https://fraziermuseum.org/
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    This article is fairly thought provoking in its application of the Mises Institute's Rules for Bureaucracy to the current situation with the NRA. https://www.firearmsnews.com/editorial/firearms-news-investigates-nra-part-1/363984
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    They made a peep sight for them too. It just replaced the dovetailed rear notched sght. I have a spare barrelled receiver with one on it. Before anyone askes, I'm not looking to get sell it. My eyes are getting old too, just like the rest of you!
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    Next time I hit the range I hope to take mine out. Rear site is adjustable for elevation. I thought it had LR on it as well. I think mine is a youth model come to think of it. Barrel seems short compared to my 81DL that sits next to it.
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    Glad to hear you’re not going to butcher it. While there were a ton of them made, they’re not cheap anymore and it’s just not worth the trouble. Go ahead and start putting some LR’s through it, that rifle will last longer than all of us here.
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    I don’t see any option that doesn’t require tapping. A side mount still has to bolt to something. I guess there could be one, but I don’t see it. Once the decision is made to drill and tap it; he could use whatever he wanted. I wouldn’t do that though.
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    Could it be a Winchester model 67A? That would require drilling and tapping it. I wouldn’t do that if it’s in any kind of decent shape.
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