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7.5 Field Pistol - I so want one.


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The FK BRNO is a new pistol that will be imported for the first time in February.  The say it is a new and unique concept and design and fires a proprietary cartridge, the 7.5 FK.

The Field Pistol is a sporting pistol designed primarily to be used in long-range competitions, silhouette shooting, hunting, and generally any pistol shooting activity and tasks that requires the ability to engage targets at longer ranges, especially with a folding stock , such as (PSD) personal security detail, urban / suburban combat, backup (SBR) short barrel rifle, Air crew survival weapon, mechanised armour crew weapon, among other uses. Of course adding a folding stock requires a tax stamp.


It is guaranteed to shoot less than 100x100mm at 100m.  That is under a 4" group at 100m.  Muzzle velocity is 2000fps with 880 ft/lbs and at 100m is still 1525fps and 520 ft/lbs.


There are some interesting videos on their website.  They take some large animals (200-320lbs) and do ballistic gel testing.  Pretty impressive results.


Now for the bad news.  There is only one company that is going to import these.  There will only be 1001 6" Field Pistols made for the US.  The first order of 100 is almost all spoken for.  They are accepting refundable deposits of $2500 to reserve a pistol.  Price for the pistol is $7500.  The ammo is 77.50 for a box of 50 95 gr hp.  


Don't know why but I really want one of these.  If you see me posting a lot of toys for sale on here you will know I have finally lost my mind.  lol.





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6 minutes ago, Raoul said:

Does it come with a gunsmith? JK...

Actually a valid question.  It would suck always having to ship it back to Europe if there is an issue.  Not sure if there is going to be a qualified gunsmith in the US to work on it.  

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I'm with you KahrMan  in the I want one cataory.  Why, because I don't have one and it just sounds like something I would like to have is why.  It does have some interesting features and the ballistics make it look better.  The only thing is the $$$$.  Looks like the actual cost is running about $3-4 more tan they were projecting 2 years ago.

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10 minutes ago, KahrMan said:

Did not realize or had forgotten that it was discussed before.  

One of the things they say a couple of times in the video is that you get the recoil of a .40 cal with the power of a .44 mag.

I'd want to see some measured data there.

That sounds great in a marketing piece - but Newton still has to sign off.  And, he's a jerk...

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2 minutes ago, MacGyver said:

I'd want to see some measured data there.

That sounds great in a marketing piece - but Newton still has to sign off.  And, he's a jerk...

If you watch the videos on the site they do some ballistic gel companions with different calibers.

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Just now, KahrMan said:

If you watch the videos on the site they do some ballistic gel companions with different calibers.

I'll check them out.

I don't discount the energy delivered to a target - pushing a 98gr round that fast is going to dump some energy when it hits something.  I question what the shooter is going to feel (and recognize that some of that is going to be subjective.)

It's a cool design.  I like how they appear to have lowered the bore axis. At first I looked at that beavertail and thought, "wow they're serious about that." But they have to be, I guess.  Without it, it would be like the Model 97 of the pistol world.  

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7.62x25 Tokarev is what the cartridge reminds me of. I have a lot of time with the x25 and believe it would make one of the best self defense calibers in a modern pistol design. This one is a bit hotter than the x25. If you haven't looked at the x25, take a serious look at it because it will do a lot of what this one will at a fraction of the cost. At one time you could buy drop in x25 barrels for 1911's chambered in 38 super.

In order to reduce felt recoil they have to add mass to the gun. It looks heavy so that might be how they are doing it. 880 ft pounds of energy with felt recoil of a 45ACP is a pretty neat trick if they indeed pulled it off.

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