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So... I have an option to buy primers...

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Guy I know has primers.... ALL kinds...  LP/SP/LR...and yes, SR too.  Problem is that he also knows the current market.  He offered to let me buy up to 10K of any configuration I want at 250.00/K.  A year ago I would have called him crazy and walked away...now I'm not sure.  At the last gun show --Dickson--a few weeks ago I watched a guy pay 300.00/K for SP primers.   I don't "need" them, but I'm torn between the $$$ and the real possibility of very limited supply for the foreseeable future.  At 250/K what would you do?

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You must do what's necessary for you. O bummer taught me to be prepared. Fwiw I don't see any silver lining for  while.

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As long as ammo keeps selling as soon as stock cones in, primers are gping to be scarce. The ammo makers are not going to sell 100 priners for $5.99 when they can use them in their own ammo that sells for a lot more. 

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2 hours ago, leafinthewind said:

I don't "need" them, but I'm torn between the $$$ and the real possibility of very limited supply for the foreseeable future. 

If you don't need them, pass. Let this guy rip off somebody else. I can only see people in dire need resorting to such extortion. I certainly wouldn't have any part of it. 

While I doubt that prices will ever go back to what they once were, I have no doubt that the supply will eventually catch back up and prices will go down.  

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7 hours ago, leafinthewind said:

I don't "need" them, but I'm torn between the $$$

7 hours ago, Hozzie said:

I would take that money and buy an air gun.  


Here is the best answer, this is what I am doing, not an air gun, but other things.

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I wouldn't spend that much on primers unless I was desperate. And I certainly wouldn't speculate in hopes of turning a profit, though plenty of people do.

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You stated you didn't need them, as previously stated let him RIP somebody else off. Be patient grasshopper, they will come back in time. Take that $250 and do some driving, just saw a guy that bought lpp for $45/1k not cheap, but not $250 either. Wednesday I bought some 10mm brass and the man sold me 85pcs of NEW winchester primed brass for $13.00. Deals are out there, but so are ripoff artists.

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Online stores keep getting stock without that huge markup. It can be difficult and frustrating to try and find what is in stock and check out before they are gone, but that's the route I would go if I were in your position. Or keep checking locally - Academy and some other places occasionally get stock and prices are pretty normal.

Brownells had CCI SRP and SPP in stock the other day for $63/k I believe, 5k case was like $293. 

Remember that most places now require you to be logged into your account to see accurate stock levels. Email notifications aren't going to work properly so don't rely on them. 

I had 10K each of SRP and SPP in my cart from Brownells the other day and backed out because I don't need primers. I can make it through the next several years without an issue, but still worry I may regret not buying them.

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These people can keep their high priced primers, I am well stocked for my hunting needs, I can hunt every day of the season for my entire lifetime and still not run out, now plinking, those I will resort to, as they taught me in SERE school, going ugly early.  I have started using the DIY methods and damn if they don't work, match heads, and toy caps actually fire my 9mm rounds just fine and I am sure the rest as well.  I have also downloaded a few recipes for DIY primer compounds which don't really look that hard to do.  I have no plans on becoming a source, but if this continues some enterprising soul will, and you will see more and more sources of primers pop up, though I am sure the price will still reflect the demand, just not what the commercial ones do.

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25 minutes ago, gregintenn said:

I would not pay $250 for $30 worth of primers. I fact, I would not be very kind at all to this fella.

Me either.  However, I wouldn't be inclined to be PO'ed at how anybody chooses to price their stuff.  I subscribe to this maxim:


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