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So I bought the Macintosh in 1985 (borrowed $4500 at BB&T) because you could immediately create a document on it. (The PCs of the day required multiple steps to create a document.)  I purchased the external hard drive to save my work on floppy disks.

The reason I spent so much money on this "thing" was to write my doctoral dissertation.  I kept each chapter on a separate disk.  The longest chapter was Chapter Two.  It had lots of tricky writing and documentation and took days to write.  Late on a Wednesday night I put the finishing touches on the chapter.  And as always, I was careful to save to the disk so I wouldn't lose anything.  The Chapter Two icon was on the disk before I removed it from the Mac.  Ending around 3 am, I felt a great sense of accomplishment.  The longest and most difficult chapter was finished!

A day later, I decided to look at chapter two again.  I put in the disk, and it was blank.  The icon with the title, "Chapter Two" was not on the disk.  The disk was labeled "Chapter Two", so I was using the correct disk.  In a true panic, I went through every other disk to see if I accidentally Chapter Two on another disk.  

It was nowhere to be found.  Chapter Two totally vanished from the disk.  

I laid down on the floor and cried.  Then I drank a large amount of vodka.  And then I went to sleep.

The rewrite started the next day and took three days to complete.

Chapter Two was saved on 5 different disks.

The story is true, but the names were not changed to protect the innocent.



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Kano was a Bandog Mastiff ... a friend use to breed   some serious dogs that were used in one of the hulk movies and on the old fear factor show with Joe Rogan. Curly from the fear factor show was also one of Joes dogs.

I had a male and a female from litters sired by Kano and Curly.

Kano is the dog on a chain towards the end of the video he was still a young dog when Joe filmed it.

A multi generation (strategically) Mixed bred dog for the purpose of realistic protection against humans.

https://youtu.be/vu9U4es91B4               Kano at the end of the video.


https://youtu.be/HN6_7jSyxrE               Curly older but still a serious dog.


https://youtu.be/3jdULSNQHTc              Fear Factor the second time they were on TV.

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16 hours ago, Luckyforward said:

I laid down on the floor and cried.  Then I drank a large amount of vodka.  And then I went to sleep.

Is this a normal coping mechanism you recommend as a therapist? 😆

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My first handle was on the FALFiles.  The Gewehr1 was the Bundeswehr version of the FN FAL. Also, I once wrote a paper for a history class that dealt with the many times in history that one rifle changed history.

FYI, my first computer was a Sinclair Z-99 that used a cassette player for storage and hooked up to a B&W TV.  Later, I got one of the first IBM PCs with an internal hard drive (4MB).  I've never spent nearly that much on a PC since then!

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59 minutes ago, Erik88 said:

Is this a normal coping mechanism you recommend as a therapist? 😆

Not really, but then again . . . 😆  Do as I say, not do as I do! 🥸

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Added more excellent information.
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Mine - accompanied by my avatar - is pretty much self-explanatory. I switched so that I could anonymize my digital footprint further. I have a pretty much so "useless" Master degree in Cybersecurity, but it did clue me in on what's probable as far as being hacked. It also was demonstrated when we sued a furniture manufacturer, (an NDA prevents me from saying which manufacturer), over an injury sustained by my wife. They were able to get into her Facebook postings even though she had it set to "private", and thought they were safe...not! It didn't damage our case, but it was a shocker.

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Mine comes from my old 1989 Toyota Tercel. One of the  most reliable vehicles I know of. I had it from the time I was a  teenager until well after I got married. It was one of Toyotas last engines that used a carburetor.  I got 50 mpg in that car. It became a legend with my brother and I. We took it everywhere. It had 387,000 miles on it when some drunk crashed into it. I sure miss it. I'd take one of those Tercels in new condition over any sports or luxury car anyday. 387,000 miles , same factory clutch,  did not burn nor leak oil, ran great. 

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Being a bit long in the tooth my carry before Glocks became fashionable was a 1911. I still carry it from time to time. Back then as now I was always known to be a quick witted, maybe a little obnoxious, outspoken sarcastic SOB.  Spending 26 years in the military helped me perfect these traits. I was called a lot of names back in those days as you can imagine and gotta say I earned most of them. The missus on the other hand saw right thru all that almost immediately. Women are so perceptive.😀 Anyway after the movie came out in 2008 most of my friends said "holy crap dude" that's you!😀 While not exactly like Walt we could have been brothers.

32 Pics and Memes to Distract and Amuse You - Funny Gallery | eBaum's World

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When my son was a toddler he liked the Rescue Heroes cartoon and action figures.  The firefighter who was the chief of the Rescue Heroes was named Billy Blazes.  Me being a firefighter and my son loving the Rescue Heroes, Billy Blazes became my nom de plume

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Well when I was surfing 3 yrs ago I obviously created a account and punched in my stuff today surfing.


I had a account. 



And I obviously had Fudge fingers and didn't catch the typo back then.

It is renegade50. 

Not Ren3gade50 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

Hunted for 16 years on FTCKY and TN ML with a TC Renegade 50 cal.

Killed alot of nice bucks.

Let alot of nice bucks " out of range" IMO walk also.


Been a Member of the Darkside of ML,s since 2011 ish.

I carry a CVA Kodiak Pro Mag .45 during TN ML.

No range issue now.

Carry a Savage 220 on Fort Campbell. 

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Years ago, circa 2003, a few of us were grabbed out of my unit to play this game that the Army was using as a recruitment tool. We had to pick our names and they would create acounts for us and we were going to play against gamers at E3. None of us were gamers, at least not like these dudes. My buddy that got picked played some and his name was Krashman so I picked the name Burnman. Years later, I started online gaming again and he had added 5000 so I made mine and added 5000 also. So its pretty much the username I use across the board. 

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