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Getting Old

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I tell you, getting older, it is rough. Went to the Dr this week. He asked if I had any problems. Well among several I told him I still having memory loss since my By-Pass surgery and wondered if he had anything I could take that may help with further loss of memory. It seems to be getting worse. I have had all kinds of memory test, and no dementia or Alzheimer's has been detected. Just have a hard time remembering sometimes. Be talking and unable to bring to mind what I want to say at all. 

He prescribed Ariaceff a while back, and it made me feel I was medicated and in a stupor. I don't like that feeling. Couldn't take that so he prescribed Memantine HLC this time, and explained it was for memory stabilization. Would not cure my loss ability, but slow down more memory loss. Been on it 3 days, taken at bedtime, and got up this morning, couldn't focus my eyes, have a large headache and, very dizzy. Wife (retired RN) looked the med up and all three of my symptoms are described side effects to this medication.

Some improvement at around noon this morning but at least I can halfway see. Looking like I will not be able to take this stuff either. Didn't feel safe to drive the dog to the groomer this morning. 

We have a trip planned to go visit daughters and grandkids coming up on Monday. I want to be able to drive so will get off the new med and hope for the best. Will possibly try again after shoulder surgery on the 26th of Feb, as I will be a shut in for a while. It is not looking good for any memory help with this medication.

Growing old is the pits as far as health is concerned. Posted this here because I know several here are old like me (75, 76 Mar 4th). 

Edited to add; "The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived" said "Our bodies will rust out," well, maybe not in those exact words, as we grow older.


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I'm about to be 45, so our ages aren't close, but this kinda thing gives me pause because we have at least one case of alzheimers in the family. If you're anything like me, if any medication has a side effect, i'm sure to experience it.

I think the key for a lot of folks in my family has been to keep moving. It's very obvious the difference between folks in their 70s who are "out and about" vs the ones who sit most of their day. While not direct family (and genetics also play a role) my father-in-law starts each morning with a few sit ups and pushups. I won't say that they're text book, but the guy is 72 and still very spry. He also walks their dog 4-5 times a day. He keeps moving

I know what you're thinking, what's that got to do with memory? but being engaged in something like a hobby, taking a walk, reading a book etc. forces you to think on your feet. Obviously you have to limit that to what you can do in your present condition, but just getting out of the house and engaging with others may help that. I fully plan to be that guy at the local Hardees drinking coffee and having a biscuit once I retire (Lord willing).

If you don't use it, you lose it.. my wife reminds me of that all the time.

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My friend’s father is 88 and still works full time.  Two guys I see at the range a lot are 79 and 84 and can probably do anything I can.  The 84 year old guy told me women over 50 can’t keep up with him.  I didn’t ask for details.  These three fellows all have two things in common - they have always stayed moving or into something and they are not overweight.  On the other hand, my uncle could have lost a pound or 50 and he just flipped channels after he retired.  He ended up with cancer, diabetes, bad knees, heart trouble, and lots of other stuff.  Genetics and injuries often play an uncontrollable part, but as I get older, I plan to keep these observations in mind.  

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Sometimes this being active doesn't work out. I am 73 and work outside regularly. I stay on a tractor or using a chain saw. Two weeks ago I was trying to cut a stump down close to the ground. I twisted my knee while getting down low to saw it and my knee has been hurting for two weeks now. If it ever stops hurting, I plan to start seriously slowing down.

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1 hour ago, Grayfox54 said:

It ain't the years, its the mileage. 🙄 

My odometer has done rolled over at least twice and I got the scars to prove it. 😵‍💫

I'm 69 and feel every day of it. 💩

haha, that poop emoji speaks volumes!

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Sorry to hear @pop pop, I hope it stabilizes for ya. After I hit 50, my memory took a turn. Its normal, matters of degree with how it effects everyone.

@Grayfox54 hit the main point about how the body ages. You pay for what you did (or more like over did) earlier. Ortho doctors love me. I don't how many of them I have helped buy new cars and houses.

The brain health is a crapshoot. My mom had Alzheimer's, seeing it that close makes me appreciate every day. I hope all here don't ever had to deal with that for themselves or their loved ones.

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Dr told me to read as much as possible. Also keep going to the farm and doing chores. I am on my 3rd treadmill, but unable to walk on it at present. Foot trouble. I have been in, for the last 2 months, helping my wife rehab her sister(92) who fell at church and fractured her hip. Felt sorry for my wife being trapped here at our home so I been here helping. Got to the farm yesterday and had a good day. Yes, I agree with you guys, and I have plans to keep moving as long as I can. 

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I'm in my early 40s, I didn't make good decisions health wise (or much at all) until the past few years. I was relatively healthy and active and had a few extra pounds but wouldn't consider myself overweight. I started trying to eat better and I do cardio at a minimum 3 hours per week. I figure taking care of myself now will lead to better health should I be lucky enough to get older. I also just all around feel better. 

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I feel pretty good for a 84 year old man. Problem is I'm only 62. That said, I have had issues with STM for a few years now, sometimes forget my password when logging back in after lunch. Asked my doctor about it and he was not concerned, told me everyone experiences this as they age. That doesn't comfort me at all. I have enough meds and am working hard at lowering what I have to take. 
I did read a study recently that showed that using certain scents in the bedroom at night helps with STML. I have respiratory issues that won't allow me to do that but I'm sure you could find the study. There are specific scents and what I got out of it was to rotate them.

Good Luck and as others have said, remain as active as possible.

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6 hours ago, pop pop said:

Way to go Kano. Viet Nam pretty well destroyed my later years health. Glad you still have yours. 

Have a few friends in the same boat ... Viet Nam messed them up mentality and physically. 


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Just found out a few minutes ago. a friend I worked with in the DOC passed away he was 72 ...  he found out 5 weeks ago he had cancer in his Liver, Lungs and Pancreas.

Enjoy Everday you are above ground.

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Going underground will not be bad, if you know Jesus Christ. Life after death, through Jesus only way. Bible says no one comes to the Father except through Me. Be glad to chat with anyone about it.

By the way Kano, I do enjoy every day above ground.  afterwards, looking forward to Paradice through Him.   

Come go to church with me. Northfield Blvd Church of Christ, 2091 Pitts Lane, Murfreesboro TN. 37130. They teach nothing but the Bible, God's Holy Word. All you need along with faith in it. 

Edited to add; Cost nothing, but your life of devotion, above ground! 

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My dad served in Nam. Mechanized artillery. M107 I believe. I never got a single story from him. He didn't want to talk about it at all. I learned a few sparse facts from my mother. I think I learned enough when I bought him his first DVD player and put in my favorite movie at the time "We were soldiers". At one point he popped out of his chair and started yelling at the guys for running after a Vietcong. "Don't do it, don't do it!"

After that, I got it. He didn't need to relive it with me.

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My Dad was WW-2 and didn't talk about it much either accept some side stories.  Found a bunch of pictures he took in England and Europe when I cleaned out my parents house after both were gone, that I had never seen. Would have been nice to ask him about some of them, I can only guess.  He use to make comments about war movies, about how that isn't the way it was.  Luckily no big outburst, just didn't like the story being told wrong.

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I'm reading this because I just had to call into work to use a sick day. I have a Gout flare up and can barely put any weight on my foot. I'm 51 years old and have worked hard and played hard. Like one of the members above said , it's the mileage and not the age for my situation. This flare up is my fault cause the last few weeks I've eaten and drank terribly.  My knees and back are still usable but kinda worn from cutting and hauling wood half my life from us heating with a wood stove. Running and jogging has did a number on my joints too. I'm going to try to stay as healthy as I can while God allows me here on Earth. I guess the least I can do is to try to take care of the body he gave me. My downfall is food. I love cooking and eating so much.  It sucks being "high mileage". 

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