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It's Hot


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I just went out and tried to pick the garden, okra mostly, because I have a bunch of it and if you don't pick okra approximately every two hours it gets about a foot long.  So I'm wearing a long sleeve tshirt because if I don't I return from the okra fields looking like I've been rolling around in concertina wire.



From my experience, okra pods will never grow lower on a stalk than they already have.

If every time you pick a pod, you break off the limb right below it, it makes it SO much easier to pick as the plants get taller because you don't have to fight all of the lower branches.


And it was so hot...................I got nothin

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Heck yeah it is hot.  I took my GF and her kids to Lake Winnie yesterday.  Walking around in the hot sun on an empty stomach and two dramamines in my system took its toll on me.  I sat on a park bench while they rode the bumper cars, and I went to sleep. :lol:

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First real heat I've seen this summer.  As cold as last winter was, this summer has been awesome weather-wise.  I remember stepping outside about dawn on July 4 and could see my breath it was so chilly.  I don't mind the heat now because it's going to start cooling off for good in a few weeks.

Cold last Winter???????????????? We lived in South Dakota for two years berfore moving to Indiana and now here.  How is it possible for it to be cold in TN?  32 degrees below zero actual temp not taking into account wind chill thats cold.   Love the weather here and will not be moving again lol

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Even the desert isn't this bad. I'll take 110 degrees and 15% RH over 95 and 80+ %. I just step outside and start pouring sweat.

BTW, I'm not one of those people that whines about cold weather too. Bring it on!

Me neither CS. I have always said I can put on enough layers to stay warm in cold weather but cannot take off enough clothes in hot weather without getting arrested for indecent exposure by being plum naked and would probably still be to hot................ :up:  :up:  :up: 

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Was not too bad outside just now so I took the dog for a walk. Then the sun came out. Abort, abort.

I sure hope the doggie got business done before the ABORT Mission or it's gonna be a long day for the critter to put everything on hold............................ :shrug: :rofl: ...................jmho

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It was 103 in Fort Worth when I was there 2 weeks ago. Just miserable. But, "it's a dry heat"... doesn't make a damn bit of difference. 


I just checked, it's only 90 in Knoxville today. That's nothing. TN has seen temps far higher than that.


This is the hottest it has been in FL in the 3 years I've lived here. 97 with 107 heat index.

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I don't remember who it was, but a fellow TGOer posted a picture of his mailbox a couple years ago.




That was summer 2012. I remember leaving Orlando and it was in the mid 90's. We got to Knoxville and it was a freak heat wave. I remember it being 104.


But everyone in TN told me "but Florida is so hot" when I said I was moving down here. It gets just as hot in TN.

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I sure hope the doggie got business done before the ABORT Mission or it's gonna be a long day for the critter to put everything on hold............................ :shrug: :rofl: ...................jmho

She normally gets let out the back for that but yes, business was taken care of.
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Yesterday was pretty bad, it was overcast and I still got sunburned mowing the yard.


I waited until late afternoon to mow for that very reason.  Geez it was hot.  And the grass had gotten pretty long which makes it even more work to mow. I thought about putting it off another couple days but I'm glad I didn't. 

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Well, even with it being this hot now. This winter when it is colder than a Well Diggers Butt we will have the memories of these warmer days and have something to look forward to.................... :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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