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Opinion on a shotgun

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I have a cheap Lanber O/U with 30" barrels. I got it for $550 from CDNN a few years ago. It goes bang every time and it works well enough for me and my casual clay breaking. I can definitely tell a difference in quality though between it and my FiL's Beretta Silver Pigeon II. Besides the obvious aesthetics of better graining in the wood, polished receiver, and better engraving, the Beretta is much smoother in the breach action and in the trigger and it's noticeably lighter. It locks up smoothly. Sometimes I have to give the Lanber a little extra effort to close it up. But I don't think I actually shoot the Beretta better than the Lanber, and I can replace my cheap Lanber a few times before I get into good B-gun (Browning, Beretta, & Benelli)  prices. If I was trying to get good at clays instead of just having some fun from time to time, I'd invest in something better, but for causal fun from time to time, the Lanber meets my needs.

I haven't shot one yet, but I was impressed with the CZ O/U shotguns I handled at the NRA convention. If I was looking for something a step up from my el-cheapo Spanish Lanber, but wasn't ready to pay the B-Gun prices, CZ would be on my short list.

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Another really good inexpensive o/u is the Verona line.  They can be hard to find sometimes.  Look for a field grade in models 500, 501, 502, 503.  They are all the same but were given different model numbers when sold to different retailers.  You should be able to pick one up in the 500-600 range.  I shot a lot of skeet with mine.  Great little gun.

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What is your budget?

It's hard to go wrong with a 1100/1187. A 20g 1100 in the full size frame with a 26-28" barrel would be great. As far as semi autos I think I see more 1100s than anything else at the field. The Beretta 390/3901/391 are also very solid SA that hold their value well and parts are still available. Their next generations SA (A300/A400) are also very solid and the field grade A300s are <$700.

I shoot Beretta 682s. A Gold X-Trap combo and a Gold E Sporting but mostly only shoot Trap so I like heavy long barrel guns. Not the greatest for skeet. But a used 686 can be had for 1300-1400 and will last a lifetime. Down the road you can get tubes for it and shoot anything down to 410. I started with 1100s but got tired of cleaning a gas semi auto.

Above all it has to fit or you will have to pay to make it fit. Like any gun purchase trying as many as you can before buying is important.

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You can't go wrong with any of the big names like Benelli, Beretta, Browning, etc.  My bias is towards Benelli but that's just what I've more or less always shot.  Best thing to do is go try some first and see fits and feels best (which you know). Let me know if you want to try any of mine and I'll bring them out.

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I know it's been many years since I have shot clays but back when I was busting a lot of them the last gun I bought to do that with was Charles Daly O/U and it was the best gun I ever busted birds with. I know it is not a popular gun and I have not seen many people talk about them on here but they are a good Clay buster........Just my 2 cents worth! 

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1 hour ago, smokin45 said:

If you're budget is large then look into a Krieghoff K80. Shot trap and skeet with them. In my opinion can't go wrong with tuned loads for light recoil. Great handling shotguns. 


The K80 Skeet is a great gun.


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Funny. We went from turkish imports to K-80 real fast :)

You can also check out Syren built for women. Not so much pink guns but quality guns with a better fit for women.  Their O/Us are built on Caeser Guerini guns and SA is built on Fabarm XLR5 ( I think).   

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I take it she is relatively new to clay targets.  I would recommend Beretta, Browning, Remington or Winchester gas-operated 26" bbl guns.  Best recoil management.  One of the biggest problems in new shooters is developing a flinch.  These guns should be able to handle light, 1oz loads at around 1150fps and be very easy on the shoulder and cheek.  If she likes it and wants to try an O/U then she will have something to compare it to.

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On 8/4/2017 at 11:08 AM, gjohnsoniv said:

You can't go wrong with any of the big names like Benelli, Beretta, Browning, etc.  My bias is towards Benelli but that's just what I've more or less always shot.  Best thing to do is go try some first and see fits and feels best (which you know). Let me know if you want to try any of mine and I'll bring them out.


I concur, gotta try before you buy. I'd be happy to host everyone out at our property, or ORSA!

I also wouldn't shy away from 20-ga. Though Oma's a tough Kraut, the lighter load performs well enough, and means you can stay at the range longer.

- K

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You're not that far from Hog Heaven Gun Club, take her over there and let her try a few different guns.  That is what I did when my son wanted to start shooting trap.  We watched a few rounds and then some of the shooters let him try their guns.  He was able to try everything between budget autos and budget busting o/u's.  Usually someone also has a deal for sale.

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I'd look at a gas operated semi auto 12 gauge.  You can get a better quality semi auto for less than what you would spend on an over and under.  You generally also have less recoil.  Find one that takes choke tubes so that you do not have to buy extra barrels.  As far as used semi autos, I'd look at Remington 1100 (2 and 3/4 only) , Remington 11/87 (takes 2 and 3/4 and 3 inch shells) Beretta 390/391, Browning Silver, Browning Gold, Winchester SX3.  All those are gas operated.  If you are wanting to hunt with the gun, especially turkey or waterfowl hunt you may not want a Remington 1100 because you cant use 3 inch shells.

Beretta has the new A400 and Browning has the Maxus and those are nice light guns and will take 3 and a half inch shells if that is important to you.  They're more expensive than the above guns. 

20 gauges are nice but honestly the 12 is more versatile for different clay games and also hunting.  You can get a quality semi auto 12 gauge, especially the new 3 and a half inch guns and do just about everything.

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