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Small carry guns: what the recommendation?


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Looking for a compact carry gun.  I'm looking at the Kahr cw40.  I could be happy with the over all package, but would certainly like and prefer a single action trigger pull.  What is comparable in size, say @ a $500 price cap?


Much thanks,


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I would look around and pick the one i liked... I carry a 238 and a j-frame smith... I really like the 238; and am thinkin about rounding up a 938... All that bein said; i don't think ya could do better than a Kahr 40; i even like the smith M&P Shields....


They are all good...


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I have a lot of pocket pistols, j frame size snubbies and a Shield is my favorite. I really appreciate the easiness of carrying 7 shots of .380 with the LCP. The Shield in 40 is the smoothest shooting small 40 I have ever shot, the Kahr is not. In fact, it is my option is that Kahrs have extreme recoil compared to similar sized handguns. Kahrs also have rough edges, it becomes apparent with daily handling and shooting. I am not a fan of single action triggers of the Sig 238. I had a XDS and it was ok, it has better lines than the Shield but I couldn't shoot it as well as the Shield. I have some coworkers who jumped on the Glock42, they like them but almost everyone has found a specific ammo that theirs does not like.
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Unfortunately, by the time I add in the transfer fees it's as much as the local store.

Really? $359 plus $35 FFL
Compared to $379(best store price I have ever seen) plus tax $35 plus $ 10 TICS.
Typically dealers are paying $360 for new Shields. Edited by Patton
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Really? $359 plus $35 FFL
Compared to $379(best store price I have ever seen) plus tax $35 plus $ 10 TICS.
Typically dealers are paying $360 for new Shields.

Yeah, the local store wants $50 transfer fee. :(


I'm happy with $399.99 without the added steps to acquire it.

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I love these kind of posts! Thanks for posting. The Kahr is a fine handgun. The recoil is not bad at all considering it fires the .40 S&W round. I would say that James Bond would have chosen the Kahr 40 if it had been around in the 60s. Edited by Will Carry
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So far I haven't been able to improve upon the Ruger LCP for an accurate, reliable pocket carry pistol. Spend the extra $200 on ammo.


 Til the Shield 9 came out, I was in complete agreement with you. And although I really like my Shields, I still wouldn't rate one better than the other.

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Thanks everyone.
The LCP is the most UN-userfriendly for a southpaw I have ever tired to operate.

You most likely will find the Shield the worst then, XDS may be your ticket. As much as people dislike them, the Sig 250 is probably the most lefty friendly auto pistol.
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I prefer my CM9 for deep concealment. Anything bigger, like the Shield, then I prefer to just carry my G19. I don't know why but the Shield XDS size just doesn't do it for me. I'm sure I'm the minority though.
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sig 938 is pricy and might be over your limit.  The 380 version has dropped into your price range (p238).


Shield is excellent in spite of the slightly inferior trigger.  


938 has ambi safety but RHO mag drop. 


If you want something small but not pocket, the best I have is the cz rami, also not left friendly.  Almost nothing decent IS left friendly --- you either get a no-controls gun with a 40 pound trigger or you get RH controls that can't be swapped.  NANO for example is perfect for left hand and has an unpullable trigger.

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