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Are you completely happy with your pistol choice?

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I split my time between a ruger lcp380, ruger sr40 and a glock 43. 

My carry of choice is my sr40 but it is a bit bigger so I can't cc when I have my work cloths. That is when I carry my 380

the 43 is a flex carry.  It all depends on where I am going, what I am doing and how concealed I need to be

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Are you referring to pistols or handguns in general?. As far as pistols go after shooting handguns since 76 I have settled on the 1911 and Glock pistol variants.Anything else has a transition from first shot to second or a long trigger reset.



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On 5/27/2017 at 9:02 PM, ehull20000 said:


Now I just need a smaller gun for CCW use with tucked in shirts and slacks because that has been happening more an more lately.  I'm thinking Kahr.    


Glock43 with the flush mag in a pair of Undertech holster shorts works for me in that scenario. I can go tie and dress shirt tucked into dress pants no problem. No hooks on the belt, no evidence of it at all. Plus the Undertechs keep the undershirt tucked in tight :)



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I am very happy with my pistols in general, and I'm happy with my carry choices:

Although I have  good variety of pistols, I typically carry Glocks. The G43 with Talon grips and Ameriglo Operator night sights makes me very happy for summer concealed carry or deep concealment.

the G19 with the same sights as the G43 is for the times I don't have to be as concerned about concealabity.

the G20 with the same night sights as the g43 and g19 is my best friend when I'm in the woods. I carry it in a Safailand ALS OWB holster and load it with Underwood HC 200gn. 

oh, and I'm happy with my G17 for 3gun in a Safariland ALS OWB holster. You guessed it... same Ameriglo sights. I believe in commonality :)


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On 5/27/2017 at 9:49 AM, chances R said:

For me, hard to beat the M&P line.  Tried others, keep coming back.  Also, while sexy, historic, and classic, just cannot make myself rely on 1911's.  As far as 45's go, my M&P full size 45 is 99.99% reliable.

Didn't know I was unhappy with the M&P line, 'til they came out with the 2.0. If I was going to be any happier I'd have to take my cloths off.

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My most carried handgun is my S&W 642.  I like the .38/.38+P cartridge.  I like that it is a S&W.  I like that it is a revolver.  I like that it rides pretty well in a pocket holster in most of the pants I own.  I did not like the hard to hang onto, exposed backstrap, palm beating, inaccuracy promoting (even at close ranges), follow-up shot destroying, sorry excuse for vestigial grips that came on it from the factory - so some time back I changed them out for a set of Pachmayr grips that are much easier to grip, much more comfortable and which make the gun much easier to shoot accurately, and ride just about as easily in my pocket.  Now I am happy with it!

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4 hours ago, Steelharp said:

And your method of carry would be... ?

Well, you DID say cloths, not clothes, so...


Thank you for correcting my spelling. I spent my whole working life in commercial construction. The hardest thing I have to do is not put the appropriate adjectives in a return thread like this. HUMM! I wonder what I meant by that?

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21 minutes ago, Ray Z said:

Thank you for correcting my spelling. I spent my whole working life in commercial construction. The hardest thing I have to do is not put the appropriate adjectives in a return thread like this. HUMM! I wonder what I meant by that?

That you took the joke wrong?

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I am mostly happy with the ones I have except for not getting to shoot them enough.

I have a Keltec PF9 that I think has a lot of muzzle flip, but it could just be me. I think I like the feel of my Bersa .380 better than most of my other semis. Just feels solid.

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Since my epiphany with my M&P M2.0 9mm, it has become my go-to for concealed carry.  It will likely remain my go-to until I receive the Mike's Special IWB holster that I ordered for my CZ P-10C from TT Gunleather earlier this week.  It'll probably be late July or early August before I receive that holster, so I will have plenty of time at the range to continue getting to know the CZ in the meantime.


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16 hours ago, Garufa said:

Pretty good for being 9 feet away. :lol:

I am becoming an expert at 3 - 5 lol.

This is the first mag, fresh from the box, haven't shot it in over 9 months.

300 successful rounds, mixed HP / FMJ with no failures.

Riding in a N82 Tactical as I type...

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I'm happy with all the guns I still have. ;-)

For carry, my PC Shield 9 is just perfect, and it shoots groups like a full size gun.  It's fun stretching that thing out to shooting longer range targets. It always surprises me how accurate and easy that thing is to shoot. I just picked up its 45 cal big bro, but haven't shot it yet. I expect more of the same.

My favorite gun to just have fun with at the range is my 6" PC 629 44 mag. The flexibility in ammo (when reloading) makes it such a darn hoot. From chucking 240gr lead pebbles at steels around 800 fps to vaporizing potatoes with 180gr bullets at about twice that velocity, it never disappoints.  Just about the most perfect trigger I've felt and is about as close to a laser as I own.

My only disappointment in a current pistol is with my Witness Elite Match 10mm. I love everything about the gun EXCEPT when the mags are loaded past 10 or 11 rds (capacity is 14) they won't go into the gun.  I've just decided it's a glorified 10rd pistol at this point. But MAN does it shoot!

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