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Are you completely happy with your pistol choice?

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This question is tough. I like them all for their purpose. The only disappointment I've had is with a G19. I'm actually a Glock fan and have a 22 and 23. I think they shoot great. The G19, not so much. I've worked on the trigger to make it smoother, the ejector to help reduce the amount of case to face impacts. 

Still unimpressed. Perhaps I just like the .40 better. Perhaps I got a lemon. 

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I like my Bersa Thunder and my Model 85 a lot and my only want now is a Bersa Thunder Plus. I like the idea of have 15 rounds instead of 7 and I guess my Model 85 spoiled me on that idea. If I run up on a Thunder Plus at a price I can afford I will probably buy it..............JMHO

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I'm totally satisfied with every pistol I own.  Whether it be the Ruger Mk II .22, my Colt Government Model, my Sigs, Smiths, Springfields and even the 2nd Gen Glock 22 that I thought I just had to have 30 plus years ago.  Probably the only Glock I will ever own as I'm without a doubt not a fan of them.  The one thing I would like to find are some of those magazine they use in the movies.  You know, the ones that fit flush to the bottom of the magwell but they hold like 100 or more rounds, yeah those!  Surely they exist but apparently just the bad characters and a few good ones have access to them.

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Which one?  I am with my 1911.  Same with my S&W 19. Small carry guns I have not yet been 100%.  There is always something about all of them.  The current one is a Bersa UC9. Grip length is perfect. Overall length is good. Price and reliability get an A+. Weight is acceptable but it's too fat because it's a double stack. I prefer DA/SA and I want something with enough grip that all my lower 3 fingers get a good hold. This is why the new XD-E is something I want to check out.

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My G19 serves me very well.  It could just as easily be an M&P or an FN, but I went with Glock because they offered the most bang for the buck at the time.  If I had to do it all over again I'd probably still choose Glock, but I'd still look at other brands.  I'm not loyal to Glock, but right now it is the best platform for my needs. 


Now I just need a smaller gun for CCW use with tucked in shirts and slacks because that has been happening more an more lately.  I'm thinking Kahr.    


The only handgun I had that didn't serve me well was my 1911 because it was just too pretty to use seriously.  I couldn't bring myself to mess up that deep blue finish so I sold it to someone that wanted a safe queen.    

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I own 2 1911's and a Glock 19.  Both 1911's are RIA mfg, a full-size Rock Ultra bought new, and a TAC II CS, both in 9mm.  Only change I made was to replace both front sights with a narrower FO from Dawson, and added an extended safety to the CS.  Both have been flawless in their operation through several thousand rounds.  No need to change anything else.  The Glock 19 has been trouble free as well.  The factory sights were scrapped for a set of Warren-Sevigny Tacticals, and the trigger group was replaced with a complete custom kit from DK Custom Triggers.  The only thing I don't care for is the grip angle.  If I could give it the same angle as the 1911 it would fit me a lot better, but unfortunately I can't.

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Happy with everything I have. I've stippled and dremeled but I always come back to a factory frame. Just had my 19's frame replaced and I couldn't be happier. For me the stippling and dremeling was a fad. I honestly did that because I got bored and was trying to solve problems I didn't have. Just add a set of sights, a holster, and mag pouches and I'm good to go.

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I have a love/hate relationship with my Glock 19s.  I hate that I love them so much.  But I do.  They work great for me, carry easily, have a decent mag capacity, are reliable and parts are as ubiquitous for them as they are for a Chevy 350 engine.  You can damn near buy Glock accessories at the local Quickie Mart with a Slushie and a full tank of gas for your ride.

I have several others that are always vying for attention, though.  HK VP9, Sig P320 and M&P 2.0.


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