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Smile Direct Club - Nashville

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3 victims, one in critical. Gunman shot and killed by Metro PD officers responding.

Motive not yet being reported.

As usual....the corporate dimwits released a statement "The safety of our team members is a top priority for our Company and we maintain strict security protocols and a no weapons policy at all of our facilities. We are working with the local police as they investigate this matter." (emphasis mine)

To paraphrase Chris Tucker: Do you understand the words that are coming out of your mouth?


Of course the news reader (erm....anchor) Brittany Weiner said at the end of the story this morning something like "It's hard to believe something like this could happen in our community." Do you watch your own newscasts? Ya'll cover shootings EVERY DAY and it feels like Nashville has workplace/random stuff at least once a year.

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First thought...disgruntled customer. I'm told by a friend that these are painful.

Secondly, the news people must make it sound like a once-in-a-lifetime event that just cannot be explained. Sadly it is not that. As monkeylizard says, shootings like this are getting to be all too frequent. No matter the reason for it, thugs, individuals, or even unhappy family members are resorting to violence these days. There seems to be no common sense in the actions of many today. There is no fear of penalty from the law it seems. Yes I know this individual paid heavily for his actions, but probably thought he'd get away with it.

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"That's when police say the suspect pointed a semi-automatic pistol with an extended magazine at officers. "

So if he had had a revolver... this would have all turned out different????

He potentially fired 3 shots in the business and 2 police officers (guessing) confronted him. Even in a small revolver he still had a round to fire at each officer.

Just more sad, but overblown news. This guy clearly was targeting his employer and/or coworkers and was not just going to go down the street shooting kids and old ladies. Bad, but much different that a random active shooter killing anyone they see. 


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18 minutes ago, hipower said:

First thought...disgruntled customer.

This or an angry employee. 

18 minutes ago, hipower said:

I'm told by a friend that these are painful.

Only initially. I was actually going to mention their product. My wife had great success and they were a fraction of the cost of normal braces and also don't have all the headache/embarrassment that comes with those. 

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News report that I saw said he was an employee. He'd worked there before and left for a while.


EDIT: https://www.wsmv.com/news/metro-pd-gunman-dead-3-injured-in-shooting-at-antioch-smile-direct-club/article_c738e438-f44c-11eb-bd05-073414734d3a.html?block_id=994460

"Metro Police tell News4 the man worked at the Smile Direct Club facility from late 2019 to 2020 and recently started working there again in June of this year. "

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They contract a security company for security services, I forget which one. The buildings are set up as single points of access past the security desk. Typical dual door/air lock setup with card readers at each door. Since he was an employee he would have had card access to both doors. 

There was one report of a security guard confronting (verbally) him but I have not heard if that security guard was one of the individuals shot. It was likely a workplace disagreement. One of the individuals shot was a "Captain" which is their term for a line lead or supervisor. Potentially this individuals immediate supervisor but I can not confirm that. 

At the time I was in any of their facilities (there is also another manufacturing location in Antioch on Bakertown Rd.) there were no metal detectors or screening to enforce the no weapon policy beyond the security guard visually monitoring the foot traffic past the desk. The reports from other employees do make it sound like he left the building and came back, likely to retrieve his firearm from his vehicle. This was at the end of his 6pm to 6am shift. 

There were frequent issues at all of their manufacturing locations. Fights and arguments inside and outside of the buildings between employees. Visitors coming onto the property to confront employees during breaks, lunches or start/end of shift. Drug deals in the parking lot. Car break ins in the parking lots. Sounds bad but honestly not all that unusual for a 24 hour, hourly shift work manufacturing environment these days. 

Side note: One of the employees there stabbed and killed his wife at home a couple years ago during an argument. They were not pulling talent from a deep pool...

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10 hours ago, Omega said:

Kind of hard to tell if it has an extended mag, but it looks like he came in shooting.


I'm seeing what looks like an extended mag. You can see the bottom of the mag, clearly sort of jutting out of his left arm.

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1 hour ago, Moped said:

I'm seeing what looks like an extended mag. You can see the bottom of the mag, clearly sort of jutting out of his left arm.

I seen the protuberance, but the color seemed off, but in the video it can clearly be seen as an extended mag.

2 hours ago, jhc77 said:

WSMV just showed body cam footage. The officer they showed racked the slide as he was walking in and drew down on the guy. Weird. 

Yea, I noticed that too.  I wonder if policy keeps them from having one in the chamber, or if it was personal choice, because a round was not ejected. 

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3 hours ago, Omega said:

I seen the protuberance, but the color seemed off, but in the video it can clearly be seen as an extended mag.

I have a couple of Magpul Glock 17 mags that look like that color.  Sunlight might be shifting the shade of the color a bit, too.

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