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Broken allen wrench in set screw

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4 minutes ago, RED333 said:

Powerful magnet; I have a few magnetron magnets and a fishing magnet. Works well 聽for just the same issue as you have.

I bought some magnets, but the issue is that the set screw is recessed. Very tiny hole. I may try to buy something smaller/strong, but i worry that with the torsion of twisting the allen key... it may not come out cleanly.

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What about acceleration with a Sudden stop?Get a rubber mallet, hold the part in your hand with the setscrew, pointing at you, strike it aggressively with the rubber mallet and see if that jars the broken piece loose.

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2 minutes ago, RED333 said:

What about acceleration with a Sudden stop?Get a rubber mallet, hold the part in your hand with the setscrew, pointing at you, strike it aggressively with the rubber mallet and see if that jars the broken piece loose.

worth a try for sure.

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More than likely the piece has deformed and gotten itself jammed in the hole.聽聽

Another hammer method. Hold the piece upside down over the work bench. Lightly and repeatedly tap it with a light hammer. The idea is to set up a vibration that will shake the piece loose.聽

If that doesn't work, take a small pin punch and working at the outer edge, lightly tap the piece in the opposite direction trying to work it loose.聽

Above all, be patient, go easy and take your time.聽馃槈

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6 minutes ago, Wheelgunner said:

Could you use a strong bit (masonry bit maybe) and bore out the broken wrench piece?聽 If you could even just bore a good way into it, you might be able to lever it out with an awl.

this seems like the most likely method at this point.

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1 minute ago, sbeck37923 said:

If you can, try a left handed drill bit about the size of the broken hex key. 聽Put it a drill and run it very slow in a unscrewing direction.

If it was put in with lock-tite, you may need to apply heat if this will not destroy your part.

@BigKhad made the suggestion of sticking a soldering pin down in there to heat it up. It's all metal until you get to the polymer receiver. So that might work.聽 Maybe i'll drill the wrench, heat it up and then try reversing it.

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3 hours ago, BigK said:

Do you think a couple good whacks w/ a hammer might get a聽 flat tip screwdriver to wedge into the set screw enough to twist it out?

I did it this way once, but it wasn't on a firearm part. Took some tiny cheap screwdrivers and checked till I found one just bigger than the space on the break.聽

I beat the heck out of it actually, but got it out. I was working with an old hazmat cabinet that I rescued from a dumpster. Got one good one that needed a new back on it, and one that looked like it had been run over with a tank.

I'm Cheap! Wasn't going to let it get away from me. Been a dumpster diver most of my life.

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Don't worry about the broken Allen wrench. Very likely that set screw has lock-tite on it. Apply some heat (not too much) and try to remove the entire set screw. Good methods have already been mentioned.聽

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