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Active shooter situation in Maine at this Time!!!

The Legion

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According to information from Main State Police’s Maine Information and Analysis Center (MIAC), he is a trained firearms instructor believed to be in the Army Reserve based in Saco, Maine.

He recently reported mental health issues to including hearing voices and threats to shoot up the National Guard in Saco, according to the police bulletin. He was also reported to have been committed to a mental health facility for two weeks during the summer of 2023.


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I’ll say this. Maine is BY FAR the most pro-2A state in the northeast. I’ve spent a lot of time in this area particularly, southern Maine is very liberal and gets a ton of transplants with money who bring their vote. Portland ME (maybe 40 min drive) has every lawn sign and window decal/flag flown that you would expect of Portland OR. Lewiston is a bit more working class.

All that being said, Maine is yankee rednecks. They’re just rednecks with snowmobiles. Maine in general has the quality of life and small town living that the south has.

This is an awful situation. But knowing the area I don’t understand how with 100 people present there wasn’t at least a few people with a CCW who at least would have tried to help. I spent a few minutes trying to see if the alley was a GF zone, couldn’t find anything. Maine has very, very friendly gun laws especially for the north and a highly armed population with some of the countries smallest gun violence. That’s the one thing that stood out to me was I would figure there would be more than a couple of good ol’ boys (that weren’t intoxicated) and were legally carrying in am establishment that happened to serve alcohol.  Not saying that they would have saved the day against a trained RSO with a rifle but immediately my brain thought it was odd there was no resistance. 


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6 hours ago, Grayfox54 said:

Get ready folks. The antis are already getting ready to strike

I'm not sure how this is any different than the 100 other mass shooting events we've had. Certainly no worse than any of the shootings involving kids. In a week this one won't even be in the news. 



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What am I missing? Assuming initial reports are accurate and this guy was committed for 2 weeks this summer, why does he still own guns? If you're a guy who like shooting and in this guy's case, guns may be his livelihood, would you seek mental help if you thought they'd take your guns? Do you think he lied about violent tendencies and/or suicide when he was being treated in order to keep his guns? 

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The Bowling Ally was having kids night and that was one of his targets he hit. The authorities have not mentioned any children shot or dead so he must have targeted adults!!!! I'm sure with this guys background I bet the Police are hoping he has gone off in the woods and popped a cap in his head rather than get in a shootout with him.........JMHO

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5 hours ago, Erik88 said:

I'm not sure how this is any different than the 100 other mass shooting events we've had. Certainly no worse than any of the shootings involving kids. In a week this one won't even be in the news. 



the anti gunners will use this for years. news cycle will probably be lengthened in light of the current administration foaming at the mouth over ARs

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I don't see him as a Red, Yellow, or any other flag color poster boy.  It is clearly a failure of the system and LEO not enforcing laws already on the books.  He said he had violent tendencies, heard voices, thought about shooting up the military base, and was in a mental institution...what more did they need to keep him secluded from the general population???

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No disrespect toward the fallen of course, but it certainly struck me as a false flag operation. Plenty of warning signs that were ignored, hearing voices, in a psych ward. So far it sounds like a gun-control push with the mass casualties in play. Conspiracy and Gun control persons on either side will be at full tilt for this one.

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I’m not a conspiracy theorist and I don’t attend tin foil hat fashion shows, but I’ve been thinking a lot about how the communists are foaming at the mouth, as someone mentioned, to ban ARs. I’ve come to the point where I’m starting to believe that if it was crossbows and slingshots instead of ARs that the communists wanted to ban, all these mass murders would involve crossbows and slingshots. 

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