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Okay, I think we've got this squared away. Let me start by sincerely thanking Jeff Cross of CMT Tactical. Without his desire to see this done in the state of Tennessee, I really don't think this would have been possible.

It's taken a little while to figure out how we're going to do this, and we thank you for your patience. Please read the following details carefully, as you need to take specific actions if you want to get in on this group buy.

Here are the details:

1. If you want one of these lowers, you MUST to respond to this thread.
2. Responses in any previous interest threads are not valid. Again, if you want one of these lowers, you must respond here
3. The cost is ridiculously low. Low enough in fact that we're not posting it publicly. It's inline with what we discussed in the original thread. Once we get enough responses, we'll PM individual members with the final price. At this point you'll be able to firmly commit.
4. To avoid taking advantage of CMT's generosity, we're limiting individual members to two lowers.
5. Once we place the order, CMT's staff will reach out to individual members to make payment. This will give you the flexibility of having multiple payment choices.
6. These will ship to a limited number of FFLs. Again, to avoid creating logistical nightmares as well as reducing cost, we're not going to have more than about 6 FFLs involved (as a side note, we've got two FFLs in middle Tennessee who have offered to facilitate and treat our members well...we need some in other parts of the state.)
7. Bonus offer - Jeff has also offered to do matching billet uppers at a ridiculously low price. These will be TGO engraved. They will not be serialed. There's to much hassle to keep up with what serials need uppers and lowers, vs. who just needs a lower. You don't have to get the matching upper, but they're available if you want them.
8. There will not be a choice as to the serials you get. We'll try to make pairs consecutive. Again, there will be no custom serials. Just one TGO limited edition run.
9. We won't be engraving anything like member names on the lowers. again, it adds way too much complexity. If you want to have it engraved later, great. Make sure to post pictures.
10. We'll keep this thread open until September 30, 2013. Jeff's staff will start reaching out to folks after that. This should give you some time to plan appropriately.
11. I'm sure there are some things I've left out. I will edit this original post with any further details that need to be added.

Final note - Rest assured that if I see any of these lowers for sale at inflated prices during any panics future events may precipitate - regardless of what the market may bear - I promise you that I will ban you myself.



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I'd love to grab one, quick question though. How do stripped lowers work when shipping through FFLs (I've read about some issues as stripped lowers can be used to build a pistol)?  Are those under 21 but over 18 out?  If It's possible, I'd LOVE to get a lower.  

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