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    I got this one this morning. No where near my best but, not bad.
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    I sure am glad somebody finally said this. Open letter to California boy... https://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2018/11/19/open-letter-rep-eric-swalwell/?fbclid=IwAR2DuQv6XoxcDUTK7kRyYXVebryyoOjCin_r4ajt2_Wgf-I0BQ56T8ELA3s
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    They need to find who did this and publicly air his execution. Better deterrent than a fence.
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    On behalf of myself and the rest of the TGO Staff, I want to wish all of you an early but very Happy Thanksgiving. I am sure that I will be online some tomorrow but, like many of you, I hope to be spending more time with family and food and less time with the Internet on Thanksgiving itself. I hope that each of you have an enjoyable and relaxing holiday. If you are working, I hope that you are in the company of people who you truly enjoy being around. If you are alone, I hope that it is by choice. Regardless of which situation you find yourself in, I hope that you will spend some time thinking about the blessings you have in life even if it is just the continued breath in your lungs. Oh, and if you're out and about on Black Friday, please be a decent human being and turn your phone horizontally if you video-record any riots for cheap televisions and other garbage that people don't really need. Nothing is worse than watching a video recorded in portrait mode.
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    In your case, maybe prepaid burial plan might be something to look at. I'm thinking of getting one of those on top of my life insurance.
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    Congrats! Better sit back and enjoy the ride, for you can not have just one! GT knifes are like a drug, just cant stop.
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    I have posted it before, if J walking carried a death sentence we would not have this issue!
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    Have a safe and warm Thanksgiving, everyone! - From your 2A friends at AK Virtual Arms Training in beautiful Wears Valley, TN.
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    I bought this from a TGO member a couple of years ago. It is a gorgeous gun but I just never shoot it. It has 28" barrel and 3 chokes. $400
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    We shot our Mosin today on the property after lunch.
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    I have had good luck with Nikons and with that price it is hard to go wrong.
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    I think you're technically breaking the law. I'm not judging, just pointing it out. I wouldn't post it on an open forum.
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    Are you sure those guns were not his already and you were just storing them for him? I mean didn't he inherit them from you before he moved? Don't know FL law anymore and the age reqirements or TN requirements for that matter but I guess the purchase date would have to jive with his age and date he moved.
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    I sure wish someone would buy this really nice gun so I can quit drooling every time I look at it...............
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    OS, New York's Police used Remington G S for years and may still do. They liked it fine and it worked well when they hit someone with it.
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    Thanks for the idea Omega but I took care of what I was trying to do. I checked into a cremation policy because I am planning on being cremated and buried on top of my Oldest sons grave. I found a great plan at a great price from a very reputable Funeral home in Nashville. Phillips-Robinson had a plan that covers the entire needs for $2900.00 dollars and you can make payments with just a down payment and they finance the rest interest free and if you pass away prior to pay off they have an insurance plan in the policy that pays the policy off with no charge to your family. I had been saving money little here and there to pay down and was fortunate enough to be able to pay mine in full within 3 months so I am good to go. Got all the policies necessay to take care of it when the time comes locked in my safe and select family members have combination to safe. P&R were great people to work with and went out of their way to make sure I had what I wanted.
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    I didn't know I needed to collect knives (I mean buy gifts) until I bought one from GT.
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    I am now the proud owner of the spalted elm handled knife. Let me tell y'all, this knife met and exceeded my every expectation. I'm thoroughly impressed!
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    Term life is so cheap there's no reason NOT to have it other than being able to self-insure.
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    West Nashville and Brentwood
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    I have many things I'm thankful for this year. This community on TGO is high on the list. A happy Thanksgiving to everyone.
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    I've got some in the WWII range. Thats about as old as I got. Although one of my Mosin's is a 1936 and I have a shotgun from about '36. Just don't have much time anymore. I've heard people my whole life talk about not having time for anything, now I know what they mean.
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    I'm not sure but I think you may have just insulted Stick Horses...............
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    Templar range in Tullahoma has a date night with dinner at the end of each month. They also have $5 gun rentals, so there’s a good chance to try something out without buying it.
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    This is the same thing we’d suggest if your husband joined looking for a gun for you.
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    Our biggest problem isn't the true gun haters. It's all the people with limited information that wind up assisting the gun haters. After all, everybody is for background checks, right? Who would object to them except some evil ass NRA monsters. We need gun control now so we can stop killing kids. Never mind that none of our common sense wouldn't have saved one life. What do they call them? Oh yeah... useful idiots.
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    Gone to a Good Home.
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    That’s the new Trijicon “Dust Bunny” front sight.
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