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    I have a very nice Remington 5r 300wm for sale. The action has been trued and blueprinted. The trigger has been tuned as well. It’s in a bell and Carlson stock and has a muzzle break and adjustable cheek price. Comes with everything pictured except for the scope. It shoots 215gr Berger hybrids around .5 moa depending on shooter ability. It’s a great hunting or long range rifle. I’ve shot it to 1250 yards no problem. Price is 900 cash or possibly open to trades. You can reach me at 615 318 six six zero seven.
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    Like new upper receiver with quality parts. Less than 6 months old with no blemishes. Around 250 rounds through it with no malfunctions. BCM upper receiver Geissele MK14 15” rail in DDC color configuration Geissele Super Gas Block Ballistic Advantage 16" .223 Wylde BA Hanson Stainless Steel Midlength AR 15 Barrel, Premium Series VG6 GAMMA 556 compensator No other attached accessories are included. I will include a Geissele swag pack and all of the original boxes. $580 firm in green hills or cool springs. Could possibly ship to an established member but would prefer not to.
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    There's a form on the site Davetn linked that handles that. Take the family member who's gifting the vehicle with you and explain what you're doing. It's easier in person than trying to Google all the answers. Ask me how I know
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    1. Have whoever's name is on the title now sign the back as the seller 2. Take signed title to your local County Clerk's office 3. Write a check for title fees and applicable sales tax If the sales price falls below what is known as "fair market" value, you will have to prove the actual selling price by some sort of affidavit, the folks at the Clerk's office can explain all that to you ...
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    I have not yet read Representative Dickerson's bill. Consequently, I do not have a concrete or meaningful opinion on it. However, I deeply distrust any individual who uses the phrase "gun violence". It is a cheap catchphrase often used by a segment of the American population that seeks at all costs to do two things: 1) convince us that individual responsibility is somehow inadequate; and 2) convince us that there is such a thing as perfect and constant safety. My starting point is a firm belief that grown folks should be left alone until their conduct puts others in immediate danger, and that when that happens, it is sufficient to hold the wrongdoing man responsible without looking beyond him. It would be unthinkable to enact a law allowing judicial circumscription of a man's freedom of religion because others believe he's off his rocker. Heller and McDonald are the law; the right is as much an individual right as the right to worship God as each man sees fit. There is no clear or persuasive reason why one constitutionally protected right is due less legal protection than another. Many in the State House are not attorneys and are not even well-read on legal issues. I hope Representative Dickerson is aware of the constitutional issues raised by any preemptive curtailment of a Tennessean's rights.
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    Tennessee history was required in school when I was in seventh grade. That was like 1980 and the textbook was blue, I believe it was The Blue Book. Every year Tennessee publishes The Blue Book. They used to actually print it in nicely bound book form and mail it to you for free before the internet. All you had to to was call and ask. Now it’s all online but a great and fascinating resource....https://sos.tn.gov/content/tennessee-blue-book
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    Buddy...you are a master of understatement!
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    Regardless of how those that don’t appreciate education think, history and “social studies” are very easily manipulated and for some reason to tend to evolve to suit the current generation. My FIL is a retired history professor and constantly laments the revisionist historians that have now taken over the profession. Textbooks are constantly updated and sometimes “cleansed” to make sure the children are being given the proper slant. Most of the facts are still there but the presentation can often be infused with opinion.
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    Wow, a 5 screw 44spl. What a great pass me down. Make sure nothing in that holster like the snap can get anywhere close to the cylinder. A real gem of an American treasured classic...... You Lucky dog you!
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    No idea, I just looked at the course offerings and what the state now considers as required standards. According to most on here, I spent 33 years indoctrinating unsuspecting minds with leftist ideology and communist principles all under the guise of teaching Algebra, Chemistry and Physics at the high school level so I have no current knowledge of how social studies classes operate ...
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    I don't post a lot but let's face it, there are plenty of gun laws on the books now that aren't being abided by the crooks and thugs. Look at the facts, when I was a kid in the 50' & 60's you didn't hear about folks shooting up schools. The AR's made in the 60's are just like the ones made now, they haven't changed. PEOPLE have changed. Start by putting God and prayer back in schools, whipping a kid's butt if he/she needs it, ban all the stupid computer games that encourages shooting people etc. We don't need any more gun laws, we need to change the idiots that abuse them!
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    Very few schools keep 100 year old books ...
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    The G24 in 40 is fun too. But if you really want tohave fun, and wake the neighbors...get a .357 Sig barrel for the G24. It will wake people in the next city and put out a flame that is unbelievable.
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    If you’re going with plastic, a long slide G34 is a lot of fun.
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    Vote Republican, they said; it'll protect your gun rights, they said.
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    In my opinion which is not much. "I say take the law and stuff it". It is just going to cause feuds in families, come between friends and even people in the snowflake catagory will be accusing someone of something just because they don't believe in the same thing. As far as the accuser paying double or even triple the damages the accused went through the only winner is the court system and lawyers. The damage is already done by this point. I still believe if you give the anti-gun people an inch of our rights according to the Constitution it is 1 inch to much!!!!!
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    This is why we can’t have nice things. Here’s some lovely ammo for the folks who’d like to repeal “guns in bars” as it was so wonderfully dubbed back in the run up to restaurant carry being passed. I’ll be honest, I don’t think it’s a big deal to have a drink or two while carrying. If you are unsafe with a gun after a drink or two, it’s probably not the gun that is the problem. But crap like this is what makes life hard on the rest of us. Whatever you do and however you do it, be responsible and safe while doing it. If you screw up, own it. Don’t run off like a coward. Whatever you do, stop making life hard on the rest of us!
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    No need to prove he was impaired for criminal charges. He discharged a firearm in a restaurant putting everyone in danger and damaging property. He then left.
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    In TN, he could lose his permit, regardless of impairment, if it is proven he had ANYTHING to drink.
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    Guess these two never got the memo about the whole drinking and carrying thing ...
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    Beretta 92. A frame that fat should hold 24 rounds, not 15. Do we even need to mention the horrendous DA/SA trigger? True, you can't complain about it being light.
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    These types of things are to be expected at a place that serves nachos in dog food bowls.
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