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    Eh, this whole thing is a journey. Never a destination.
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    This is going to be confusing as the names overlap. The shield RMSc (optic that comes on OPs walther) is narrow enough to fit onto a single stack 9mm (Like my S&W Shield or a Glock 43). I am waiting to hear some reviews on the optic before spending the cash on it.
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    Damn birds! Man! They sure love ripe tomatoes! But...I finally put up some netting and foiled their nefarious plot! At least for now. We've canned approximately 20 quarts (equivalent) of peppers... some in pints (sliced) and some in 1/2 pints (sliced), the quarts were whole. I've shared several quarts with friends so far. The peppers are still producing well, so I think I may just freeze and vac seal them.
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    This article is fairly thought provoking in its application of the Mises Institute's Rules for Bureaucracy to the current situation with the NRA. https://www.firearmsnews.com/editorial/firearms-news-investigates-nra-part-1/363984
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    Aero M4E1 Lower with a PSA upper. NIB BCG From AIM, strike industries extended charging handle and magpul grip and stock. I put this thing together a couple months back and have never shot it. It's selling some items to cover the cost of my BCM. Asking 500.00
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    Ruger Mark III 60th Anniversary —- NIB with rail/all docs/manual/etc —- still in factory wrapper & never “wiped down” —- total of 3 magazines. Definitely prefer FTF in Wilson County at $525 ...... but will ship/insure at $575 if your FFL will accept from a FFL 03 C&R. REDUCED to $500 FTF ....... $550 SHIPPED/INSURED FINAL REDUCTION — $475 FTF ...... $525 SHIPPED/INSURED If FTF, a valid TN DL and Bill of Sale will be required & provided.
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    At 3:17 PM today it has been 50 years since we heard those words. Vice President Pence gave a rousing speech today from Kennedy space center. Reviving the space program would be quite a feat. I’m sure we have the ability, but I question we can get anything done that requires the approval of congress.
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    Hate to admit it, but I remember the reel to reel quite well, & had one. LOL
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    Forget AR-10s. if you want to shoot 308s (7.62x51) get yourself an M1A. You won't regret it.
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    Thanks for the tip. I've set my presses up again (been a couple years) and am (mostly) retired now so I am looking at it as more of a hobby than a necessity.... as it was a few years back.
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    My comment had nothing to do with the ATF. It didn't say “Don’t worry Sir; I’m from the government”
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    Another good brand that never seems to get mentioned is the Ruger AR556-right in your $500.00 range
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    I really wouldn’t worry about it too much. After The Man comes to take our guns and you’re ever found with one that can’t be explained, you’ll be put under the jailhouse.
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    I was honestly very impressed with the Canik TP9 Elite Combat that I played with at NRAAM in Indianapolis. I know some people get wrapped up with the fact that it's made by the Turks, but the Turks know how to make some nice firearms. Besides, if the fact that the founder of Kahr was involved in the Unification Church (moonies) didn't bother people, the Turks being Muslim shouldn't bother anyone either.
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    Okay, I’ve gotten some time to come up for air. I’ve reread everything here and will offer a few thoughts. Upfront, there will certainly be folks who disagree with me. Take these thoughts for what they are, and maybe use them to process your own church’s response. It sounds like you’ve got a good engaged leadership. First, this is absolutely Kingdom work. Scripture is concerned with three types of people over and over again - the sojourner, the widow, and the orphan. You might argue that a young drug addict doesn’t fall into any of these categories. But, he’s clearly an “other” who society has little use for. Jesus would see this young man and engage with him. This young man is Jesus’s kind of person. Second, working with folks like this is a long effort. It’s dirty. It’s personal. It can be life changing - for the people doing the work as well as the person being helped. When you decide to help - it will change the way that you see things. Things are rarely as simple as we like to try to see them. And working with folks with needs like these will change the way you see things. We’re a small church (150 on a good Sunday) and have worked regularly with 3 or 4 folks who’ve struggled with addiction and homelessness for years now - literally 8 years in a couple of the cases. There are rarely any clean breaks. We work towards that - but there are definitely systemic issues that make it tough. Be prepared for the long haul. Third, there are going to be some people who will be quite vocal in opposing working with this young man. The way I think about this is sort of like this - if this is Kingdom work - it’s very much at the border of the Kingdom. We’ve built our comfortable suburban churches to be at what we see as the center of the Kingdom. So, we rarely have to get our hands dirty if we don’t want to - and a lot of us don’t want to - so we’re really uncomfortable with it when we experience it. Think of a person who’s only ever bought meat neatly shrink wrapped at the grocery store suddenly having to slaughter their own meat. Many really aren’t going to like it. —- File this next part under the thoughts of a church of Christ guy who is deeply skeptical of some of the ways we’ve organized our churches today. What I’m about to say is likely to offend a lot of folks. Feel free to skip ahead. I’m deeply skeptical of the “security teams” that we’re organizing in a lot of our churches. We’ve organized these suburban churches that give us these curated experiences that make us feel good about our personal relationships with Jesus. But, do we see the Gospel in our churches? if we’re not careful - the illusion of security in our churches can become idolatrous. I think we really need to struggle with this more than we do. To go back to my Kingdom language from earlier, I think we see ourselves as being close to the center of the Kingdom. But, in reality we’ve created these cloistered, walled off churches and don’t realize that we’re way more isolated than we think we are. Jesus referred to folks like this as whitewashed tombs once upon a time - and I think It’s probably worth holding up mirror every now and then and taking a good hard look. The irony of it is, we don’t realize it - but we’re not fully experiencing the Kingdom either. There’s a rich seven course meal waiting, but we’ve convinced ourselves that the stale sandwiches we’re eating are as good as it gets. This young man is isolated in ways that are public. But, what we don’t realize is that a lot of us experience isolation in ways that are just as debilitating - but we suffer in private. One of the things that we’ve lost in the modern Western church is that historically there was no idea of personal salvation. Redemption and salvation was delivered through community. I’d offer for thought that by leaving our comfort and heading to the borders of the Kingdom, we might find that salvation comes to us all. Happy to discuss this further out of this thread. —- Back to this young man, I’d offer some pragmatic thoughts. 1. Let your safety team operate as sort of “congregational concierges.” I think we see shootings and want to see the outsider as an opposition force. But, in the Kingdom, everyone is welcome. This young man may in fact go to the front of the line at the proverbial wedding banquet. We need people on these teams who default to being welcome and generous. 2. This young man may not be in a place where he’s ready to accept help. He may not know that he needs help. But, if we figure that God brings people though our doors for a reason - then we need to see him and invite him into the Kingdom. 3. But, it’s okay to set some ground rules. Sort of a framework like - we’re happy to help - but you can’t be high at services. You cannot ask members for money. Appoint a point of contact (maybe a deacon) and funnel through that person. 4. Think about other resources in your congregation who might be able to help. For instance, you might have folks who would never volunteer for a “safety team” - but who work in other helpful spaces. In our church, we have nurses, a mental health resource, people who work in non profits in housing, and social workers. The value that they bring to the table is infinite. And, it’s great to see them use their professional talents for the Kingdom. 5. Consider outside help. We put something in place a while back where we basically subsidize counseling for our members. Specifically, any member of our church can go to counseling for $5 per session - which basically rounds to free. We pay $70 as a church to make up the difference. I see both the bills and the uptake in our church - and from a pastoral perspective, this is probably the best money we spend in a given year. You’re in middle Tennessee - so I could put you in touch with resources that could set something like this up. 6. Scaffold your help. This is a long effort and there is some fatigue that can go along with it. Have that point person or persons - but check in regularly and have your elders keep up with what’s going on. 7. Work towards reconciliation. This young man needs healing - and his family needs to be a part of it. He and they may not be ready for it - but it’s worth looping back on. 8. Know that the Holy Spirit certainly plays the long game and will work in ways that we cannot even fathom if we’ll just make room for it to happen. That was a long answer to your question - but know you’re doing Kingdom work. Certainly my prayers are with you. Happy to talk further if it’s helpful.
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    I feel comfortable discussing Illinois gun laws because I know them. That does not include Chicago or Cook County. I’ll give you my opinion, but you need to do the research if you are entering Cook County. Chicago and Cook County has routinely thumbed their nose at not only the Attorney General of the State of Illinois, but the SCOTUS. Chicago finally conceded that state laws trumps their law and there are no magazine limitations. Illinois allows cities and counties to pass their own gun laws. But they require them to notify the state and have them posted in a public area. This link is that area for information on any city or county you may be going into. https://www.ispfsb.com/Public/Firearms/MunicipalOrdinances.aspx Illinois law does not require you to notify an Officer you are carrying if you are stopped. It does require you to answer truthfully if you are stopped and asked. Your carry permit only covers you in your vehicle. If you exit that vehicle carrying a loaded gun; you are committing a crime. You will find that most of the LEO's in Illinois are very professional and polite, that includes the Illinois State Police on the highways, who have an excellent reputation. That does not include the Chicago PD. If you get stopped by them don’t become stupid; most of the stories you have heard about them are probably true. I hope this helps, have a nice trip. EDIT: I should probably add that my comments above assume a Tennessee HCP. If you do not have an HCP or do not have it on your person to hand to the Officer; you can’t have a loaded gun in your vehicle in Illinois.
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    We picked our sweet corn last night, before the coons ate all of it. We're putting it up now. BUNCH of friggin' corn! I've killed 4 coons, one possum, and lost count of the crows, but haven't put a dent in them. I hate coons. Maybe one day I'll have enough foresight to not plant it all the same day.
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    Hmmmm.... hadn't thought of that. The Shockwave might not be completely useless after all.
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    I was actually thinking the same thing when I saw one of these braced for the first time a couple days ago.
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    12g Shockwave with Sig Brace and Minishell Adapter? Gives you 9+1 with the Aguila minishells Runs about $275 for the shotgun (Usually on sale $250 or less especially near holidays), $129 for sig brace kit, and about $20 for the minishell adapter. Recoil is mild
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    Look Mr. GQ, you need to fatten up like the rest of us huskey old farts! Don't come around here bragging about being skinny. We don't want to hear it!!! Seriously, I work with a bunch of nerds (translated Engineers) and one of them wears tactical pants and button downs all the time. It's not a bad look at all. No sports coat though.
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    Zero malfunctions is normal. The reason we run a bunch of rounds through a gun is so that we have confidence in them - and our ability with them. I'd argue that once you've had the failures, you probably know all you need to know about that particular weapon. You might smooth it out and run hundreds of rounds through it flawlessly. But you'll still have that question in the back of your head. You can talk yourself into it - but why?
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    I run at least 200 rounds through a gun before I consider it fit for carry, and I want the last 100 rounds to function flawlessly. I will keep shooting until I get a solid 100 rounds down range with no failures. I actually prefer 500 dirty rounds, I feel like that round count really helps smooth out all of the internals and does a sort of de-burr job. I don't know that I wan't to pay for 500 rounds of .380, so I would probably just shoot until I got 100 rounds straight with no failures.
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    A few months back, I discovered a course of semi-consistent dry fire work actually improved my live fire skills. Specifically, drawing, presenting, and first (or multiple) trigger press. While assisting at a recent class, there was a conversation between the instructor and students regarding practice with SIRT guns; the immediate feedback from the laser does help and makes dry work a little more fun and engaging. I start googling for a CZ variant; they don't exist and an airsoft replica is more than a real gun. Laser bullets start populating with reactive targets - it was then when I remembered seeing a video on Truth About Guns or Ammoland or Firearm Blog or ? promoting iTarget. I won't post links, but easily found on the net, YouTube and App Store. What you get: Laser bullets with 2 set of batteries target / mobile phone sled, laser dot reflective target and app = $98.00 free shipping. How it works: Download App, insert phone into sled, adjust aspect/zoom ratios, set distance, shoot at target. Phone camera records hits with gun shot retort. Does it work: Yep. Camera a little hard to adjust, I think it's my budget phone. Worked with the RAMI, 75B and HP carbine. 9 feet to 36 feet Impressed? Actually yes, especially after I discovered the sled has a standard tripod mount and repurposed my Grandpa's camera tripod. Sled is plastic, but well made. Bullet is packaged as iTarget, I assume private label version of the one (or two) available on the market. App is easy to use. Value: Have used it 2 times $20 in range time plus 1 hour of gas and time each trip. Expended 300 rounds so far. Break even by my math. For you DA guys, it's close to dry fire Nirvana.
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    Ilike a lot of LA Police Gear stuff. My problem with them is they dont have a lot of clothing for those of us 'ready for hibernation' (Ronald_55). Actually, I have a 34" waist. I wear IWB and I have a huge gun. Ok, maybe I slightly exaggerate about the size of the gun...and the waist. Ok maybe not so slightly. Ok, I'm hibernation ready....
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