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News Clip of Sig P-320 Firing without Command

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Anyone see the news segment this morning about this?  It was something about a LEO's lawsuit against sig for her gun shooting here while it was in a holster in her purse.  I've kinda been wanting one of these, but this concerns me.  

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1 hour ago, Oh Shoot said:

maybe it's based on apparently true reports that with just the right combination of height and angle of impact, they could fire when dropped

She's not saying it dropped; she alleges her purse just swung out and the gun fired.  Sounds less blameworthy than "I was fiddling with my holstered gun in my purse and accidentally fired it."  

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15 hours ago, Whisper said:

She's not saying it dropped; she alleges her purse just swung out and the gun fired.  Sounds less blameworthy than "I was fiddling with my holstered gun in my purse and accidentally fired it."  

Yeah, the check is in the mail & I promise I'll only put the tip in.   (roll eyes)

Female cops, by & large, are THE worst gun handlers that ever existed. There's multiple documented cases of them having a ND. One shot a perp in the back when she drew her gun & she thought she drew her stun gun. Shot the guy in the back while he was being cuffed. Her fellow cops were not amused, to say the least.

What IDIOT carries a gun in her purse anyway? Worst place in the world for a woman (or gay man) to carry their roscoe.

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There have been more than 52 reports of the Sig P320 discharging without command. Sig has settled lawsuits about this issue previously, including a large class action lawsuit. Police departments also moved away from them after incidents of the guns firing while holstered on duty; one happened in a school cafeteria while still in the police officers holster. There is also video of a Sig P320 discharging when an officer gets out of his patrol vehicle; that gun was still holstered as well. They have also been easily proven to discharge a round simply by being dropped. I like Sig but I would not own that specific model.

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I have read several accounts of Sig P-320 discharges without pulling the trigger. Maybe they did maybe they didn’t. I also remember all of the allegations of Glocks going off without touching the triggers for the last 40 years. I believe a lot of these stories are people just covering their ass for being stupid and careless.

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The incident in the cafeteria apparently was due to the officer fiddling with the gun while it was in the holster doing "partial draws" . At least that's the latest I have heard on that one.

And another incident of one firing in the holster was with an officer using a 320 with a light with a holster NOT designed specifically for the 320 with a light on it. Apparently he was using a holster for some other gun and light combo ( you mean ALL guns with lights are not the same?😜) and the gun was able to move around in the holster. It's kind of important for guns and holsters to be made for each other....just sayin".  

The word on the Sig 320 is this... The gun was initially designed without a mechanical disconnector to make the trigger as "shootable" as possible. When the military did their drop testing they drop them on the muzzle and on the side . They did not drop them on the back plate and because of that the issue was not discovered in the military testing. Later when it became apparent that 320s could possibly fire when dropped on the back end Sig announced a "voluntary upgrade program" and would retro fit them with a lighter weight trigger (less likely to keep moving to the rear if the gun gets dropped on the back end)  and a disconnector to make them less likely to fire accidentally. 

There are essentially 5 types of 320 at this point. 

Guns made before 4/18 

Guns made before 4/18 but retrofitted after 4/18

Guns made after 4/18

Guns made for LE after 4/18 

Military M17/M18 

The ones made before 4/18 and not retrofitted are unsafe to carry. Period. And Sig does maintain different SKU #s for civilian vs Military and LE . Some people find it a bit disturbing the LE/Mil guns come with mags made in Italy by Mec Gar and the commercial civilian guns come with mags made in the US by Check Mate and another unnamed company. It is almost as if Sig puts more care into the LE/Mil guns and not as much into the commercial guns for civilians. Having said that, Glock maintains Blue label (LE) and Red label (commercial) lines but they all come with mags made by GLOCK.

The other 320s made or retrofitted after 4/18 are all mechanically safe to carry but if the trigger is pulled they will fire. Just the way they were designed to. So if you cannot keep your finger off the trigger (or if you put it in your purse and something gets in the trigger guard) it will fire. 



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Myself and one of my old NCO's both have civilian, no manual safety models of the M17.  I am unaware of any real difference, other than coatings on the internals MAYBE, and while I've carried mine some with a loaded chamber and no issues, he has carried his for about 2 years now and it has not had any issues.  The two incidents I know of have seemed to have involved holsters and depending on the holster, I would say it could definitely be the issue.  The drop-safe issue, which has been corrected on newer models or through recall, was that it had to be hit with a very specific amount of force at a very specific angle on the back of the slide.  

That's just what I know.  I also know that when it comes to military and to a lesser extent LE, they don't always get the best stuff.  SERPA's are not a good holster and I've replaced holsters for LE friends.  We were issued SERPA's on my 2nd and 3rd deployments but they are less of an issue with firearms with manual safeties.  

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