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    I just picked her up today. Not the best picture, but I’m excited to have this little beauty. For now I’m mounting a Holosun HE515GM-Green dot on it. If I’m not crazy about the dot, I’ll probably move on to an Aimpoint or RMR on a mount. I’m going to keep this simple.
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    Sometimes it’s healthy to just take a break from things for a bit. I heard from him over the holidays, and he was doing fine.
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    If you didn't feel you were in enough danger to shoot them in the chest then you were not in enough danger to shoot them PERIOD. Lethal force is LETHAL force and shooting someone a LITTLE is just like shooting them a lot. Once the gun comes out and goes BANG everything changes. Its not just for funsies anymore.....And what happens when you try to play Lone Ranger and shoot dude in the gun hand and the bullet ricochets off his gun and into his carotid artery? Or you shoot dude in the leg because you "don't want to hurt him" and you hit him square in the femoral artery and he bleeds out in 60 seconds? Now what? Oooops? "Sorry, my bad"...? There is a reason that virtually all police departments including the FBI dropped "shooting to wound" as a strategy a half century ago. And the only people that argue for it is people who have ZERO experience with, or education in violence. So they should probably hop on their unicorn and ride it over the rainbow and stop making ignorant suggestions about things they have no idea about.
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    Depends on WHERE you are in the traffic. the first thing is to call 911 if for no other reason than to get it on record what is happening. If you are the first car then keep moving if you can. I'm not talking about "drive through the crowd in Charlottesville " style, I'm talking about just rolling through slowly enough not to do any undue harm if possible. But again this depends on the mood of the crowd. People chanting and waving signs and people throwing bricks are two different things. And if someone kicks your car or hits it with a bat that is still not necessarily justification to shoot them (yet). If it is obvious that they are "out for blood" then proceed as necessary. Drive around, through or over them if need be. If that is not possible and you have the option to "safely" wait it out then that might be the best option but again, once the crowd gets violent it is a LETHAL situation and the "disparity of force" is through the roof. Respond as necessary. This is not the time for "well I only carry my gun every now and then". And if a J-frame and the 5 rounds in the cylinder is all you carry you might want to reconsider that. Is there a time to get out of the vehicle? Yes. If you are stuck in the middle of the traffic and they are setting cars on fire then you are going to have to do SOMETHING. That something might be get out and run , get out and try to help others get out of their cars (think elderly folks who might need help) or get out, grab your rifle and make things very loud. Obviously that is a last resort but I'd rather have that option and not need to use it than not have that as an option. If you have a passenger (passengers) this might change things. Who is the passenger? Your wife? Your wife and small children? Your teenage age daughters? Your SF friend who just got back from a deployment to Syria and you are coming home from the range? All of these details matter and will color what you do and frankly what you are able to do. The best place to be is NOT THERE. So if you can avoid it then avoid it, if you can drive around it, then drive around it if not and you can drive through it do that. Worst case is having to get out and solve this on foot. I was in Raymond Mississippi at the Rangemaster Master Instructor class when the widespread nationwide rioting kicked off on the night of May 28. We all were aware of the news as the class progressed from Fri-Sun. Virtually all of us were visitors to the area and would all have to make our ways home Sunday night after class. My plan was to fill the car up before I left (I could make it all the way home on 1 tank of gas) , to simply stay on the interstate if possible, check in with friends along the way for a local reports of what was going on in their areas (I drove essentially diagonally through Alabama on 59 ) and to be ready to drive around or through any problems, and keep the AUG on the front seat for any potential problems that I could not drive around or through. People think you are crazy carrying a rifle and 7 mags with you until the rioting starts. Then you are a prophet.
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    Granddaughter graduated from AIT at Ft. Lenoardwood, Mo. on Wed. first duty station at FT. Campbell, Ky with the 716 MP Battalion, 101 St. Arbne Div. Air Assault. Will be arriving on Friday. One of my old duty stations, Proud grandfather.
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    With all the doom and gloom going on around us I thought folks could use a "feel good" smile so............................................ ................................................. Smile upload anonymous pictures
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    53 years ago at approx. 7:30 P.M. eastern time my beautiful bride and I got hitched. She did a good job of training me
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    Picked up a couple lever guns recently. Here is the first one. Looks like a standard Marlin 336 in 30-30 with a ugly scope and see thru rings. First off I took the scope and rings off. I do need to find plugs so the screws don't stick up. The reason this is an oddball is because this model was only made for about 3 years from late '79 till about '83. This is a Marlin 375 in .375 Winchester. You just do not see many of these around anymore. One of the nice things about .375 Winchester is that you can also shoot Buffalo Bore .38-55 in it. The next one is a Marlin 336 but in .44 Mag. I also picked up a Ruger Redhawk in .44 Mag to go with the Marlin.
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    This year made my 2nd year ever fishing for Crappie and my best year of fishing for them. I might catch bigger later on but for Watts Bar these are dang good fish and my personal best. Dont know the weight just got the measurements. The black went 16 1/4in and 12.5in Girth. The white went 15in with a 12in girth. All I know is they sure are good to look at so the $310 was well spent. I used a old piece of barn wood and stained the edges with Minwax Red Mahogany 225 to get that burnt look on the outer edges. And used Cocunut Oil for the rest to keep the color lighter.
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    Well if all works out as planned (have to pay his remaining balance and have the title sent to me) I’ll have this 2010 6.2 2SS Pkg with 52,xxx miles sitting at our place early this week so thanks to all who helped rehome some of my SW’s to make it happen!
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    I have been wanting one of these S&W Model 29-10 44 Magnum's ever since I saw my first Dirty Harry movie. This gun has been at Guns and Ammo in Memphis for sometime. Every time I come into the store I take a look at it. Yesterday I bit the bullet and picked it up. Once I get it to the range I will give an update on how it shoots.
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    Tell him he is missed here.
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    1. 1/4" thick 1084 carbon steel. Blade at 7 1/2", OAL at 12 1/2". It has a custom made brass finger guard with G10 and faux ivory handle accents. Handle made from Zapota. Brass pin and lanyard hole. It has a false edge/swage running entire length of spine. Includes combo leather/kydex sheath. $145 shipped. 2. Sold!!! 1/4" thick 1084 carbon steel. Blade at 5 3/4", OAL 11 1/2". Finger guard and steel handle accent are also 1084 carbon steel., brass and G10 accents. The handle is made from 6 pieces of Padauk, 4 pieces of birds eye maple and 2 pieces of chakta vigra. This is truly a one of a kind knife. There is a false edge/swage on the spine and comes with the combo leather/kydex sheath. $155 shipped. Thanks for lookin'!
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    3/16" thick 1084 carbon steel. Blade at 5 3/4", OAL 11 1/2". Finger guard is 1084 also. Combo leather/kydex sheath included. $155 shipped. First a couple pictures of a handle in progress. 1. Initial cut and glue up 2. Rough shaping Handle is Texas Mesquite, Padauk and Wenge with with G10 Thanks for lookin'!
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    7 Unelected "experts" decide for over 450,000 residents. Sounds worse than a HOA to me...
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    While I make jokes, TWRA is a government agency I don’t mind in the least. They perform their function well and within the revenue provided by their fees. The fact that they are self supporting by the folks who actually wish to make use of their services elevates them in my eyes on basic principles alone.
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    I wanted to give a shout out to our very own Tiffany, Aqil and Randy for achieving Master Firearms Instructor from Range Master. This final Development and Certification Course is a 3 day seminar with 24 hours of instruction, coaching, gun handling and adult teaching methodologies. For the instructors, it is the culmination of 64 total hours of intensive training. For a little info on Tom Givens and Range Master https://rangemaster.com/ My hat is off to all professional instructors who seek out continuing education and training; they are looking to get better to be better for their students. These are type of teachers I would recommend folks seek out. Of course I will shamelessly plug @Tiffany Johnson @aqil @Cruel Hand Luke but I am biased as I serve as Randy's valet Congratulations Tiffany, Aqil and Randy for conquering this milestone in your training careers!
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    I’m a truck driver. A dash cam can hang your ass just as easily as it can save your ass.
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    Not everyone will remember Sabre Defense but they were a top tier military supplier right out of Nashville for years. Unfortunately, the feds did not cater to some speculative back door sales and yanked the wheels off the whole operation. Before that happened, my late buddy bought this tack driver off a cable tv show that aired lonng time ago. Anyways, he wanted it because they were making 400 yard shots easy. I got it from his wife after his passing and it has been a semi safe queen. I have run maybe 4 mags through it and i don't think my buddy ever did shoot it. I can say it shoots way better than i can with Fiochi Extrema 50 grainers. Given recent events, i must liquidate some of my possessions. If you are interested, PM works best. I will take $2,000 as pictured or $1,500 without the Vortex 4x24 Strike Eagle with mount. Middle TN.... Spring Hill, Dickson area
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    Like new condition, walnut, box w/ all paperwork/test target and a Mueller 8-32x44 fine duplex. Bill https://imgur.com/7ilpe5v https://imgur.com/rO4olWq
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    I had the opportunity to interview Charlie back in 06 when he was touring in Iraq. Also got to shoot (photos) the concert he did for the troops that night. What an amazing man... in his 70's, flying into a war zone so he can visit with and entertain the troops...and he worked like a dog the entire time. He did two hours of meetings and interviews before the concert, played HARD for 2 or 3 hours, stayed til well past midnight signing autographs, and then was up before dawn to attend a sunrise church service. Then he got on a helo, went to an even worse part of Iraq and did it again. It was a humbling experience watching him work. A great man who will be sorely missed. Oh, the concert was for the 48th BCT (or whatever they were calling Brigades at that point) out of Georgia, all of whom were about to head back home. He closed the concert w/ "The Devil Went Down to GA" and the roar that went up from the crowd was like nothing you've ever heard. It was a physical presence that felt like being hit by a wave in the ocean. Incredible experience.
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    The mask isn't stopping the virus. It's stopping your spittle from getting on everything everywhere you go. It actively slows the spread by lessening your impact on the environment around you. It has nothing to do with protecting you from anything. It's the same reason that surgeons and surgery staff wear the masks.
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    I do not oppose you wearing one. I do oppose someone trying to force you to wear one.
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    It has to do with how you are raised and manners. Nothing more or nothing less.
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    I’m assuming Clerks 2 is a movie or TV show I haven’t seen or heard of. Mama always said, be as nice and kind as you possibly can to the people that touch your food.
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    Because "muh rights" :shakes fist: Because we live in a time where even a pandemic has become politicized. We can't come together to do anything even remotely kind and decent because everything is viewed through a partisan lens. If we wear a mask it means the libs have somehow won. Next we'll all have to turn in our guns and have Bill Gates microchip our assholes. Anything scientific is also suspicious and linked to the liberal overlords. We can't trust them either.
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    Well evidently we could never fight a world war again. It would be too inconvenient.
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    Hello everyone. I wanted to take a moment and show you the knives that were made by GT. My latest is the the second one down from the top. A nice Bowie.
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    For the past couple of months I have been fortunate enough to use a Meopta MeoStar 1-6 scope. Meopta's MeoStar spotting scope is highly regarded but their rifle scopes do not get much fanfare. I can't speak to other Meopta scopes but the MeoStar 1-6 is nice.
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    It’s not rocket science. The things are designed to cover mouth AND nose. I’ve seen plenty of ignorant people running around wearing masks with their noses hanging out and it’s just further proof to me that we are only as strong as our weakest link....and there is no shortage of those.
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    Pants are less government in crisis mode (where they often enough seize power beyond the immediate need), and more standards of public decency. I think the biggest point of contention is the lack of trust in government that their course of action is right. We went from Dr. Fauci on 60 Minutes (I think it was there) telling us that masks weren't needed, then not terribly long after, having the Surgeon General show us how to make one from a sock or old t-shirt because we all needed them riki tik, to confirming Dr. Fauci was misleading with a purpose to prevent panic buying that would leave medical practitioners without. All that on top of the usual government statistics that people don't trust, an election year making this another issue, Fox News and CNN having opposing views of what's good for us, ect...and people just stopped caring beyond their bubble because they don't know what to believe. I say this as someone who agrees masks are a prudent measure and has my own, but has issues with government mandates around them.
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    Well, I’d like to tell you congratulations on avoiding what was better than 90% odds of being a scam.
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    I have not seen this yet in the news yet https://fox17.com/news/local/man-arrested-after-getting-shot-while-trying-to-rob-someone-at-opry-mills NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) — A man was arrested after he got shot by a person he tried to rob at gunpoint Wednesday night in the parking lot of Opry Mills. According to Metro Police, the suspect approached a victim in the parking lot of the mall at around 7:30 p.m. June 17. The male suspect pulled out a revolver and demanded belongings from the victim. The victim then pulled out their own gun and the two exchanged gunfire. The suspect was hit in the knee and fled on foot. The victim was not injured. Police found the suspect not long later in front a nearby hotel and he was taken into custody. The suspect was identified by the victim before being taken to the hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. Police said multiple witnesses and security camera footage verified what happened.
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    This is a scenario where I'm glad I have dash cams in both vehicles. If they are just blocking the road and not threatening me I'm going to wait before just ramming a bunch of people. I'm not going to be the next Reginald Denny though. If it looks like they are going to do me harm then I'll do what I have to. I'm not going to get into specifics.
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    Here is mine. It's one of the first things I added when I bought the house.
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    The sad thing is - is that it didn’t have to be that way. But the GOP sure seems intent on pushing as many people out of their tent as they can. Maybe they need to be defeated so soundly that it really is the end of the modern Republican Party. Because I’m afraid that’s the only way we’ll find some folks who can express what a conservative vision of the future looks like that’s more inclusive of what America actually looks like in 2020.
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    I think I will just stay home, I have come to realize I don't really care for human interaction anyway these days.
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    Take cover off rear of slide, remove firing pin and take slide off.
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    To anyone that hasn't dealt with the public. You haven't a clue as to what you are missing. A bunch of really good customers that you enjoy dealing with and a few soreheads that you couldn't please them if you gave them a million dollars. But the good customers outweigh the bad ones!!
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    By the way, I had 3d printed a bunch of masks when there were shortages for a number of friends/family in health care work to their spec. I have a bunch left. If anyone wants a 3d printed mask and replaceable filter I will give you one or a few for FREE I just ask that you meet me in Knoxville. The link shows specifically what they are. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4225667
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    I bought a new orient komasu, or mako iii depending on where you buy it. Orient is owned by seiko, and the komasu is taking the place of the SKX. The sop in New York that I bought it from wanted a picture for their Facebook so I sent them this lol!!
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    Interesting thread. I think I'd try to do things in this order: 1. Avoid if at all possible. Call 911 2. Leave if possible. 3. If non-violent. Try to wait for the crowd to move on or police come. 4. If violent, use the vehicle as a battering ram to make room to escape. 5. Fire only if absolutely necessary. I've never really thought about a dash cam. But now, I do believe I'll look into it.
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    Today I picked up my new CZ Shadow 2 ACCU Optic RDS from CZ Custom Shop. I have not had a chance to shoot it yet, but will do a review in the next few weeks.
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