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    I post this in SHAME and CONCERN about what I did in hopes maybe refresh everyone's safety. BTW, I have a Post similar under the topic on this Forum regarding a Recoil Rod question that I was reviewing when the discharge of my 9MM G2 happened. Just thought might catch more eyes as a separate Topic. It's a bit long presentation. Monday Evening, a member had brought up an issue with a gun (same model as my PT111 G2 9MM). He had noticed his Recoil Rod could be pushed out past the front of the frame when he had the gun broke down for cleaning. I thought that sounds normal to me as the Recoil Rod has to go out the front of the slide when firing the gun to allow the slide to go back. He had in fact said the gun functions OK. Anyway, wanted to verify my thoughts. So, I decided to break my gun down (remove the slide to verify all this). I was at my computer desk. Here is the breakdown procedure for INFO: remove the MAG, check Chamber to make sure no bullet in the chamber (always need to do RULE 1 even though I never keep a bullet in the chamber), then push the slide back about 1/8 inch and release the keeper buttons, let the slide back to normal position (the keeper buttons stay released), then pull the TRIGGER to release the striker (not all guns require that - many do). The Trigger Pull releases the striker and is the final step to pull the slide off the gun (break it down to expose parts for cleaning). THAT REQUIREMENT to pull the TRIGGER is the ONE BIG reason to MAKE SURE the CHAMBER is EMPTY (and in my opinion somewhat a safety issue). BTW, the PT111 has a chamber indicator on it. You can just look at that and know the chamber is empty - I did not do that either. I am not STUPID (dumb) about Rule 1 (gun unloaded) when handling. Do it all the time every time I clean or pick up a gun (except for this incident ). SO Being so SMART about that, what happened??? NOW THE BAD CARELESS PART. The final story is; after breaking the gun down, I verified what the guy saw that you can push the Recoil Rod with your thumb and see it go out the front of the slide. Having verified what I thought, I put the gun back together and put the MAG in and put the gun away (nothing in the Chamber, I never Carry with one in the Chamber). I decided to watch the Recoil Rod come out the front. So, I picked up the gun and manually pushed the slide back, of course it did protrude out the front. Then I released the slide, guess what a round loaded in the Chamber when I released the slide as I had the MAG in. That was the first part of the BAD. Then a bit later, I decided to break the gun down again: Took the MAG out, DID NOT CHECK THE CHAMBER. I guess figured I just had it apart, or just did not think ( VIOLATE RULE 1). Got to the step to Pull TRIGGER (release the striker). Gun went off (loud and scared the crap out of me). Only good thing was that it was pointed in a safe direction due to the way I was sitting and doing the operation (more by accident than by my thoughts). The bullet traveled at a down angle to my left (due to the way I was holding the gun getting ready to remove the slide). The bullet went thru front of a drawer (bottom edge) of another desk, and thru the top back of a lower drawer (top edge). Then thru the back of the desk, thru the wall into a bedroom. It then hit the treadmill in that bedroom (low about 4 inches off the floor and front about 6 inches from the edge) where the heavy part of the tread mill is located. That stopped the bullet. Just to say what could have been- had the gun been level, and a bit further pointed east, it would have went thru a TV, the wall into the adjacent bedroom and out the window of that bedroom. Then who knows what? Killed someone? I was lucky and Needless to say, I was UPSET and still I am still UPSET. My wife (gun hater) was REALLY UPSET, that has been smoothed over to an extent as EVERYONE makes mistakes. ONLY GOOD THING - HOPEFULLY I learned to practice (100 % of the time) something (Rule 1) that I all ready knew and have always practiced.
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    The very first brand new rifle I bought when I turned 18 in 1977 was a M1A. SN 006022. It was a nice rifle but accuracy was out the window once the barrel got warm. Nation Matching the bedding points is some what of a fix but not an easy job and takes on wear with cleaning take downs. I sold it when Springfield started selling SAR48's and that rifle is the nut. After tuning it up to my liking, I at one time fired 10 rounds in 5/8ths" group @ 100yds. Hand weighed & prepped cases with W748 behind Sierra 168g BTHP Match kings. Typically the AR's will out shoot a FAL but the history, parts and field reliability loom large in the FAL's corner. The HK is a decent rifle but they are far more rough on the brass with their fluted chamber walls and the sheet metal stamping of a receiver is a huge negative compared to the sleek FAL's milled bolt guides. AK 308's are built AK reliable but what you inadvertently get with that is an over gassed weapon with a high piston over barrel bore that inherently creates way more barrel whip that the close to bore piston of the FAL. Speaking as a trained Gunsmith, a properly built FAL is the best bang for the buck in SHTF hardware. In that scenario, adjustable gas launches it past the more accurate AR guns. The M1A is simply out dated with its multi point bedding system compared to FAL barrel harmonic geometry. I like the M1A but I love the FAL design. So much so.... I hang FAL lowers on more than just their uppers! Best buy right here...DSA w/ life time warranty
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    Good Man!! https://www.secondamendmentdaily.com/2019/12/virginia-sheriff-i-will-deputize-thousands-of-citizens-to-protect-their-gun-rights/
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    Beretta 92 compact m9a1 compact with rail. Comes with all original factory pkg and 2 mags Original owner. +/- 1500 rounds through it. Slight holster wear on the edges, but great shape and well cared for. Reduced from 450 to $420. cash only. Ftf only Nashville area. Prefer to deal with established TGO member in good standing only.
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    My duty had me spending a lot of time over several years on the butt of custom built bolt guns with high end glass. Most all were .308. I did have a personal rifle at the time which was a budget Remington "Sportsman" in .270. My buddy and I bedded the original stock and floated the barrel and this was my deer rifle. It really cranked our armorer when my budget Remington matched groups of our custom duty rifles. Eventually I no longer was on the bolt guns for work and sold my Remington. Recently I finally decided to pick up another bolt rifle. I really didn't need to spend a ton of money so after talking around I saw an ad on Armslist that was nearby a couple of weeks ago. I picked up a Ruger American .308 with a 3x9 for just under three bills and am very pleased with it. There is probably no more than a half inch or less difference in three round groups from the groups I had on my previous rifles. In my opinion only, unless you are doing some serious competitive shooting, a Ruger American, Savage, Mossberg, Howa, Remington 783 etc. are fine for hunting and pleasure shooting. Granted there are smoother, nicer finish, sexier rifles out there for more money if that is what you want, but these will certainly get the job done. But then I am also pretty fond of Taurus revolvers, product may settle during shipping.
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    They say there are two kinds of gun owners. Those who have had a ND and those who will.
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    The GD Red Flag "laws" are UNCONSTITUTIONAL...and need to be immediately revoked/removed/rejected/thrown OUT . They already killed at least one man over this BS because they CREATED the situation required to kill him.
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    I can say this with absolute honesty… I wouldn’t go out on Black Friday if they were giving Shields away for free.
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    Location is East Nashville, but can drive reasonable distance to meet. Wilson Combat EDC-X9. $2,450 for package. Not really looking for trades, but would consider partial ones to help get you there. I only shoot 9MM, 5.7, and .223....and 22LR, but I don’t need anything in that dept. I’m also extremely picky and have almost everything I need/want. Aimpoint Micro. Eotech. Brownells 180S upper. 9MM range ammo. This was purchased 7/3/18 and was manufactured on 4/25/18. I’ve definitely shot this one a fair amount. I’d estimate 2K-3K rounds, but I’m guesstimating. There are signs of wear on it from shooting and carry, but nothing from a drop or misuse- just light finish wear in places like the controls and edges on the slide/magwell. Quick review on the EDC-X9. I absolutely love this gun, but I’m not going to carry it anymore. I put some factory rounds though it that would not cycle in any other gun I owned because they were light "minor" loads and the OAL was too much. The EDC eats anything (never tried steel cased stuff) and shoots it all accurately. I was still working on accuracy with it during slow fire, but my double taps are around .12-.20 splits with 8" center mass accuracy at 7-10 yards. I actually made a video on how much I love this gun and why I carry it, which must have jinxed me... I actually stopped carrying it around the time I made that video because I have tons of Glocks and noticed a big difference on my draw, grip, and target acquisition with this gun after shooting Glocks all weekend. I went back to a G19 or G26 for carry as a result and this has been sitting in a safe, waiting for me to reluctantly list it here. Only modification made is an Ameriglo front sight versus the fiber optic, but both are included. Included: Pistol with Ameriglo Tritium sight installed Three mags (comes with two from factory) Two Grey Man mag holders- can be carried IWB or OWB Grey Man IWB kydex holsters Awesome pistol bag with two external pouches and 7 external mag holders- it does have a stain from the factory oiled rag on left pouch Stupid greasy oily rag that stained the bag Dog tag Allen keys and tools Fiber optic front (came on gun) 2 extractor pin/springs Spare recoil spring 3 spare fiber optic rods (one red, two green) Factory test target and checklist- check out that group!!! 8 additional mags I am willing to sell the package at a slightly lower price if you don’t want the 8 additional mags, but won’t sell those mags until the gun sells. Shooting portion at the end of the video. My Horrible YouTube video with awful audio
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    Pretty sure it was Dave. Doesn't matter though. So many republicans agree with that sentiment.
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    I've liquidated most of my collection over the last 10 years. I still have way more firearms & ammo than I'll ever shoot. All I can say is how thankful & blessed I've been to have the fine firearms I've owned, some for a short time others long term. Getting older & its challenges can grate on some, it grates on me but again I'm blessed to have hunted, fished, & shot more than most, didn't miss much. Sad thing is how many collections I've bought & brokered from guys whose family wanted nothing to do with them, all they care about is $$.
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    Journalism died a long time ago.
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    Time to go hunting Pa.
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    When I was in high school, I had a summer job in a warehouse. It is the first time I ever used a forklift andit took me a bit of time to get the hang of it. On the very top of a very high rack was a pallet that no one could get down because it was a bit far back on the shelf for the forks to reach. I was told that the pallet contained a box full of paper plates, so I didn't think it a great deal would matter when I dropped it. Being the young newbie that no one took too seriously, I wanted to prove myself by getting that pallet down all by myself. I got to work early and practiced getting the fork lift in place and positioned. Check. Got the forks under the pallet. Check. Was able to get the forks to the end of the pallet. Check. I was ready to strike and prove my mettle! Everyone went to lunch at Noon, so at 11:30 I got the fork lift as close as I could to the rack that held the pallet so I could strike as soon as everyone left. When the warehouse was quiet, I struck! I got the fork lift in position and carefully raised it, The forks went right in, and I got enough lift to bring the pallet down. What I did not know and could not see was a broken piece of wood sticking out on the back of the pallet, so when I started to come down, the wood hit the rack and flipped the pallet. Down it fell about 12 feet and hit the floor. And 5,000 ceramic coffee cups exploded through the box, of course all broken. (Paper plates?) I went into a panic trying to fix it, but I had no defense. When my boss came back from lunch and I explained what I did, he laughed so hard! And I started laughing with him and offered to help clean up. I was sure I survived this huge mistake. He was kind enough to tell me that I didn't need to help clean up, because I was fired. He also stated what a joy it was to work with me, because I was the dumbest employee he ever had . . . Such is life!
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    A friend of mine elsewhere had this to say about our relationship with KSA, and I think he’s got a pretty strong point. “So, i had my standard rant about how our relationship with Saudi Arabia only exists because of how badly we ####ed up with Iran, how they're not allies, how they fund and/or radicalized every group of assholes we are pitted against across the globe when i realized something... What if THAT'S why we're friends with them? Saudi Arabia, at this point, is basically keeping the DOD employed and the reason why we have adversaries across the planet, thus keeping the wheels of the MIC churning. I've honestly never really considered it... And it's pretty depressing to think about.”
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    There is valid reason to think that prohibition and crime are linked. And then your last sentence has as much to do with it as anything. If actual crime is prosecuted and properly punished, crime rates will drop. We need massive criminal justice reform. Start with getting rid of THOUSANDS of laws. An easy way to tell will be is there a victim, other than the state. If the answer is no, then its not a crime, delete it from the books. After that, start actually punishing people convicted of a crime. Give public defenders a chance to actually familiarize themselves with cases and the ability to mount a proper defense. Prison reform also needs to happen. Every prison should be self sustaining. How they make that happen, I don't care. But the prison system should never cost law abiding citizens.
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    I believe that we as humans have a moral obligation not to infringe on each other's liberty and sovereignty. Your chosen occupation does not exempt you from that.
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    I have a great fondness for expensive guns and expensive glass. At the end of the day, they won’t do any better in my hands than any budget rifle and optic bundle from Walmart. Modern manufacturing techniques have made mass produced budget guns the equal of the custom guns from the days of yore. The high level guns require a high level shooter to see the differences they bring to the table on target. I’m not a high level shooter, and I don’t have the time available to become one, but I do love my fancy guns. I’m so fancy, you already know...
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    Received my latest masterpiece from GT and figured I should have a family photoshoot. He is definitely an artist with steel!
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    Up for sale is my DW Wraith. Not a mark, not a blemish, I do not have two boxes of rounds through her. I am asking $1325 firm with box, mags etc.i am pricing this to sell, these are like $1800 up. I’m gonna miss this but some major life changes have come about. I have Ammo to go with it also that I will include. Government size Distressed version of their Duty finish G10 Grips magwell Suppressor ready https://imgur.com/a/0o7o0Bi https://imgur.com/a/9tbDrYb Self Defense Ammo included-https://imgur.com/a/OjjxXeb Contact is in my profile with any questions. Happy Holidays All! Jim I can make someone a killer deal on this! I WILL GO $1250 TODAY, TODAY!!!!!!!!! FINAL REDUCTION $1125, no haggling NO TRADES
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    Be vewy vewy quiet. I'm hunting wabbits
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    Peejman spice that smoked bologna up by coring a hole down the center of the bologna and inserting a stick of Italian or your choice of smoked sausage in it before smoking. I used a pineapple corer with the slicer removed to make the hole . If you like baked potatoes use an apple corer to do the same thing, insert your favorite ingredients, plug the ends with the end of the removed core and bake, great potato bombs. Just pulled Canadian bacon and turkey breast off of my smoker about and hour ago. Yeah that smokey smell is lingering in the air as I type this.
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    Thanks. I understand also, at 65 I am having to make decisions about keeping or selling my Harley. Yep, getting old sucks.
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    Well, I bought it. Couldn't pass it up
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    The pattern repeats as normal. What it says is they cant throw up the silhouette. The ONLY time you see the weapon upfront and center in the first 4 to 6 hours (and why we have been expecting it) is when they can jump up and down with glee over tragedy to say its was an "assault weapon". The fact that its a day later and there is little detail, and most top searches show mainly local or print media's web coverage is that the big news left propaganda machines are passing on the tragedy. It simply does not fit their current agenda and efforts for bans. They care not about these kids, only promoting their agenda. And Why they pass on the 40 to 50 shootings in major metro cities weekly. The info out there suggests its something like a P80 large frame Glock 45. CA law recently required they be serialized and registered to DOJ. But since you can get them in the mail without much effort, I am sure it'll turn up he went around it and they will flap about it very briefly. But the media pretty much is done on the Ghost gun thing. They know they have mass support on those evil black rifles and all their effort is there to give two rips about these poor kids.
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    When you’ve gone down the private equity route for as long as they have, suddenly being left out in the wind with less access to capital is not a good thing. You can read this as, “we’ve pillaged all we’re likely to get, so let’s push all the future risk off onto shareholders.”
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    You’re an enabler, you know that, right?
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    Thank you to all of our veterans. Thank you for your sacrifice and the sacrifice of your family, for keeping this great nation Free. We know it did not come without a price. We Salute you!!
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    Thanks, same to you. USS Ponce LPD-15 USS Holland AS-32 183d Tactical Fighter Group
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    The FAL is a beast...and I mean that as a compliment, not a pejorative. If I ever felt the 7.62x51 itch, that's where my money would go.
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    DaveTN. I think this is already happening in our great State. And I expect that in the next couple of election cycles, we will go from Red to Purple and finally later on Blue. Just like in VA, the rural areas are slowly loosing their voice to the metropolitian areas of Nashville, Memphis, Chattanooga and Knoxville. Nashville has joined Memphis and is pushing us further and further to the left. It's just a matter of time.
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    Haha well, despite the asinine gun laws there is actually a very strong gun culture there. Some of the most diehard gun guys I’ve met were regular customers of mine. We were an incredibly busy shop, and the more legislation the morons in charge would pass, the more guns we’d sell. The last straw for me was when they forced us to do background checks to sell ammunition. I had customers that would pass their background check for their firearm only to be denied on their ammo purchase because the states system didn’t have time to update that they owned a firearm in the caliber they were trying to purchase. This was after waiting 10 days to pick up their gun. They legislated the living hell out of firearms while at the same time decriminalizing violent felonies and reducing sentences for repeat offenders. That state is so ass-backwards it’s amazing it hasn’t collapsed. (Yet) Anyways, I could rant about working in the CA firearm industry all day. Just know that there is no way we can let that happen in TN!!
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    I thought that was the .45 ACP...
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    I’ve put about 30-40 rounds through this gun as well. Most definitely one of, if not the best revolver I’ve ever shot. Excellent balance, very accurate with a great trigger..........
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    Very nice buck rugerla1. Better than I've seen so far.
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    As the original owner of this excellent piece, I can tell you first-hand you will not find a better specimen. Someone will be very fortunate, indeed.
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    Yeah, at least they toss in the "edc" kit for the bit more it costs. Though I never see me using it. lol Unfortunately the $280 ($330 before rebate) becomes $330 ( $380 - $50) after shipping and tax. Then tack on $20 transfer. So before bgc it runs you $350 For the base 2.0. At Academy, if you manage to get in line in time you get the red laser model with edc kit for $349 before rebate which is $383 after tax. So $333 after rebate before bgc.
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    Come on Dave, you are smarter than that. Don't try to bring logical thought into dealings with the Govt.
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    The last round out-of-battery issue is commonly caused by inertia feed, where the last round squirts out of the magazine on recoil, before the slide has a chance to push it out of the mag. So the slide follows the round into battery but is stopped by the extractor as it hits the case rim and fails to snap over. Then you rack the slide but the round stays in the chamber because the extractor isn't hooked on the case rim. Inertia feeds are a sign your mag springs are weakening. Wilson mag springs wear out pretty fast in my experience. As a troubleshooting method, I would suggest using new 7 round mags to see if the problem follows. You say the issue doesn't happen with the ACT mag, which is a good indicator that inertia feed is what you're experiencing. If you want to replace the Wilson mag springs, I have had good luck with the ISMI replacement spring, part number SSCS2. Of course you could call Wilson and see if they will send you new springs but I generally prefer to just buy a new spring that doesn't have the same issue. https://www.brownells.com/magazines/handgun-magazines/magazine-parts/magazine-springs/1911-premium-magazine-springs-prod7541.aspx
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