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    Social Media is the is the real epidemic. The amazing thing about this is there is ZERO mention or focus on that fact that all of this whackadoodles post up on social media before they go do this and their AGE. Outside the Las Vegas shooter, they are all young social media addicts who are clearly insane. Its so simple. Shut down Facebook, Twitter, and related social media platforms and this pretty much goes away. Or at a minimum, shut them down in the US. The overnight shooting, again we see the same pattern and the left media chomped at the bit to throw out '.223 high capacity rifle 'with addition high capacity magazines at the beginning of the article before getting to actual pertinent details. As awful as these events are, their emphasis says they do not care about the event, rather that they can promote their anti gun agenda. It should also involve getting media to stop sensationalizing it and adding their bios. They should never be allowed to put the persons name or details. If these whacks saw that they don't get notoriety.
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    Sounds like Nashville needs a new mayor and DA. Nashville is turning into a liberal cess pool,
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    Exactly why I don't have an NRA or any other gun sticker on my truck. Anyone can call 911 and say a guy in red chevy tag# just pointed a pistol at me. Most folks with NRA sticker probably has a pistol in truck. Cop stops you and you have pistol. Lawyer fees may be least of your worries.
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    Well, last time we had accessories used to aid in a mass shooting (Las Vegas), our NRA endorsed President stood tall and *checks notes* banned bump stocks...rut-roh.
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    I don’t think there will ever be anything to put back in the bottle; at least not over race. Friends, families and workplaces are simply to integrated to have a race war; race is not an issue. Race is only an issue for those using it to attack Trump, get elected (same thing), or for financial gain because it is their job. It bothers me, but does not surprise me, to see the liberal MSM line up to jump on these claims of “White Nationalism”. That’s a non-starter for anyone who has an IQ higher than their age. But the MSM (even FOX) seems to think that is what we want to hear them talk about. I am a Nationalist and not ashamed of it. I am also old and white. From what I see that makes me a hated person by the left and the representatives of the Democratic party. If there are riots, I don’t think they will be race riots (although there will be those that try to label them as such), but there may be violent interactions between the left and Right.
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    You said it there. Absolutely. With a corollary of How much lawyer you can afford = How much truth you can buy I appreciate the experience of wearing a badge and seeing many domestic disputes leads to cynicism and that all parties are guilty or have something to be guilty about. I'll kindly disagree that is always the case. Sometimes, people just suck. But of course...you know that all too well.
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    Not yet, but Beto is trying his best to get them started.
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    I feel bad for the innocent people he thought needed to die. Well at least he's not breathing a lot of good air anymore.
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    Have the race wars the media have been stoking actually begun?
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    Yep, the amount of time it takes the second gun to arrive at the scene will impact the body count.
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    What's to organize ? I didn't tune in to local news until 6 last night but by 7pm I knew what brand of underwear the el Paso shooter liked to wear. My point is the media helps to feed these maniacs that might be sitting there contemplating doing a similar act.
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    Evening news says: Young man, early 20s. Picture shows a AK type rifle in his hands. Taken into custody without incident. No shots fired by Police. Brief mentions of the words "socialist" and "manifesto". I'm guessing that what we have here is crazy young man with a agenda he wants to spread. I'm also guessing he intends to use his trial as a platform.
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    This reminds me of the old ship repairman story. There are a bunch of different versions of it, but the gist of all is the same.
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    SOLD with a short list of backups Location is East Nashville, but I can drive/meet within reason. Bought this in November. Very good shape. Updated 8/5: Based on the brass deflector marks and more time to think, I’m upping the round count estimate to 1,000, all FN factory ammo. The brass deflector has finish wear. There is mild wear around the high points on the fore end, magwell, and spot on receiver where CH rubs. It’s only been shot at indoor ranges and never in a dirty environment. It also has an H2 buffer in it. I can’t find the factory buffer, but it’s just a USGI standard. I have a standard weight Palmetto if you want that too. It’s a really fun gun to shoot and this arguably has the best brace out there. Say what you will about 5.7. There are deals on ammo and it’s the most fun caliber to shoot. I own a Five Seven pistol and P90 SBR and am going to just keep shooting those. I have a KE SLT-1 single stage trigger and safety in it currently and can add to package if interested. They retail for $200, will include for $100 additional. Factory parts included. But for bone stock, $900. With KE Trigger, $1000. Shipping on your dime. Trades? Glock gen 4/5 9MM plus cash, 9MM/.223/5.7 ammo. Open to offers. Don’t need much. Really wanted to grab an AUG I’ve been eyeing on Gunbroker. CMMG BANSHEE PISTOL 5.7X28MM 5" 20RD OD GREEN MLOK BRACE Manufacturer Part Number: 57A18CDODItem Number: G57A18CDODUPC: 816422021802AMBIDEXTROUS SAFETY: NBARREL LENGTH IN INCHES: 5.0000CALIBER: 5.7X28MMCLOSEOUT: YESDRILLED AND TAPPED: NFINISH: COLOREDFRAME MATERIAL: ALUMINUMGRIP MATERIAL: POLYMERMAGAZINE CAPACITY: 20.0000NUMBER OF MAGAZINES INCLUDED: 1.0000TYPE ACTION FUNCTION: SEMI-AUTOTYPE OF SIGHTS: NONEWEIGHT IN OUNCES: 75.2000FRAME COLOR: GREENSLIDE COLOR: GREEN
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    I think as the way it sits now, that Trump will be reelected. At least I hope I'm right.
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    And yet the liar Cory Booker was claiming this morning that Trump hasn't done any gun control measures. That's just not so!, and Chucky Todd knew that yet did not correct the loudmouth. Unbiased media my butt! I was yelling at the old boob tube this morning. I'd bet Trump will go after 100 round mags now...not that it will stop deranged people from mass killing. Only a police state on perpetual lockdown will stop this sort of stuff as we all know. Saying that... outlawing 100 rd. magazines is the least offensive measure he can throw at law abiding gun owners. Most don't even know they exist. In this day and age Trump is our best hope at stemming the tide of our loss of gun rights. He's up against a wall and if he loses in 2020 we will be losing alot more than 100 rd mags!
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    It won't be too drastic. He wants to get re-elected. Next February is going to be the banners wet dream time.
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    Not true at all for red flag situations, as well as a few others. Accusation is all it takes, you can be "mis-quoated" on top of the what the person reporting it said their perceptions of a statement meant and how it made them feel unsafe. You are assuming folks are not malicious or vindictive and you bring it on yourself. I was involved in a case 3 years ago as witness. Total miscarriage of justice. While the victim (the person who was claimed to make statements they did not) got his firearms back, it cost over 20k on top of damage done to many of the firearms. From what I was told, no recourse to go after the person who falsely accused him or get that back, While this was in CA, I dont think that behavior is relegated to that area or rare. If you are a known gun owner, anyone with a beef can mess with you if they choose. So you have to use more caution and cant speak without your gopro going. Which of course, no one does unless they have reason to believe its about to happen. You only need to see a case in person to know just how little your rights mean in certain situations.
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    When is the media going to start taking some responsibility for stoking and promoting these lunatics? Glorifying these cowards may sell ad space, but it does our country a great injustice. I do not blame the media alone, but they do hold a percentage of blame each time these things happen in my opinion. I'll not hold my breath.
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    I feel fairly confident that the police wont try to charge me in a self defense shooting here in middle Tennessee. But I certain ly do not have any confidence at all, despite what the Nashville DA says, that He wont pursue charges. Like DaveTN said above, he is already charging good guys. I can only wonder why he is bowing to the media like he is...is he seeking higher office or something? The Delke shooting appears to me as justified as can be. Bad guy with a gun, it shouldn't matter where the bullets entered his body, all that should matter is that he got put down before he hurt someone. When I first became a cop many many years ago, we were completely authorized to shoot fleeing felons. Interpret that to say in the back. Different times back then. Obviously, things have changed now. But a bad guy with a gun, is a threat to both the police and the public. Its just a matter of time til he shoots one or the other. Recently, there was a patrol car dashcam video on the news of a IOS in Nashville, Antioch I think. Anyway, it was a pursuit, the bad guy bailed after pulling in a driveway, and was shooting at the LEO as he ran towards the back of a house. At one point his back was to the LEO but the bullets were hitting all around the LEO. If the officer had hit him at that time, im sure it would have been in the back. Im reminded of a story where a deputyt, after being asked why they shot a cop killer 68 times, replied, “That’s all the bullets we had or we would have shot him more.” (https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/sheriff-attributed-suspects-shot-68-times-thats-bullets-true/)
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    Alleged Dayton shooter, against all gods & baphomet (sp) patches.
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    Anyone care to guess what color the boyfriend was?
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    The irony is, in effect, your first amendment rights kind of fly out the window to some degree. You have to be very careful what you say as it could be misinterpreted. And you have the burden of proof, not your accuser. Essentially you get someone who has a grudge against you and they can claim you said something in a threatening manner and you don't feel safe.
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    I have a Smith and Wesson model 36. It is a great little 5 shot snubby. What's the biggest complaint from people after they shoot a snub nosed 38. "It's too snappy!" Enter the Pitbull 380. A six shot cylinder, three inch barrel and the patented ejector for ACP casings, plus the 380 has comparable ballistics to the 38. That was my justification for buying one any how. I picked it up this morning and had a chance to run a few rounds through it. I was surprised at how smooth the DA trigger pull was and the cylinder gap is next to nothing. The lock up could have been a little tighter but it is within my tolerance. The first shot I thought was a squib accept for the hole in the target. No recoil! It sounded kind of muffled too. Once I got the front site picture right I was able to make one jagged hole at around 5 yards in single action and keeping a nice saucer size group in double action. The recoil was so low I could crank out 6 rounds quicker than I could fire 3 rounds from my 38 special. I just cannot believe that this little low recoil puppy has similar stopping power to my 38 special but I have it loaded with 380 +P and will start carrying it. 380 +P, that sounds ridicules. Kind of like a .22 short magnum. My hope is that my wife will be able to trade in her 22 and use this little pitpuppy but I might just keep it myself. I have always wanted a Charter Arms wheel gun.
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    Falcon Reborn I decided to take a trip for my birthday to the Ozarks. Slight turn to Nighthawk Customs in Berryville, Ar... Stayed in beautiful Eureka Springs. Month or so ago, I sent my Falcon in to the original builder for a face lift. I am second owner. It left NH in 2013 with a black slide and olive drab green frame. Evidently, the owner got sick of the green and had the whole gun cerakoted. Normally most of their black 1911s are Nitride. So I had them re- nitride the whole gun back to orig look. I changed out the g10 grips with another set of NH grips with a pewter NH emblem. I removed the rear Heine site, (hated it) and installed a Trij rear. While it was there, had them install new ss barrel and had it gold tin coated. They fine tuned everything and test fired it. At the advice of the builder, why not blacked the barrel bushing and trigger. It would look awesome. Gave him the ok. They had everything ready by time I arrived. These are awesome people. The facility is huge and top notch! I would recommend them to anyone. Here are some before and after shots. When bought.... Then to this by me...... Now......(excuse oil) Can’t wait to shoot it! [emoji16]
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    Christie Airborne Combat Car M1933 - airborne wheeled tracked tank, 1932 USA Pretty wild.
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    Folks this is an absolutely SMOKING price on this! If I didn't already have one (yes- I paid more) I would be all over this. I don't believe I have ever seen a VP9SK this cheap.
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    That takes center state for the sad and unfortunate political environment we have with the left biased media. The facts and the poor victims dont really play for them, they are ghouls and seem to get excited by being able to put the silhouette of an AR on their posts and broadcasts. They chomp at the bit to do this and its obvious in stories as soon as they can confirm it. The AK silhouette probably is less effective for them, but they are playing up the military assault weapon aspect since non gun owners think commercial rifles are the same thing the military use. Their obvious motivation is to promote the gun control agenda. Not about solving the issue. Beto O'Rourke wasted no time in finding out the weapon and then playing his home town El Paso card, started immediately speaking to the crowd in Vegas about bans. If you look at cases where it was not an evil black rifle or a "military style" rifle, you almost never hear any discussion of the weapon, or you have to really search. Usually its a gratuitous mention of the caliber only. Sorry to soapbox this, but the media has no idea how they are helping promote this violence and this kind of obvious political motivation is maddening.
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    Wasnt the Gilroy shooter also using an AK? No doubt copycat. The patter of copycatting is pretty clear with how quickly the next mass shootings happen. Wish the media would stop giving these whackadoodles a stage. They see the last guy and his air play and then go out and do this. Beto is already using this for a call for "military style rifle" bans.
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    Gone to auction Located in Tennessee near Knoxville, can arrange to meet near Nashville, Murfreesboro, Lebanon, etc. Colt Peacemaker Centennial Commemorative (1973 Second Generation Colt) The revolver appears near new with very slight handling marks and some scratches near the muzzle left side of barrel. Vivid case colors. The case is missing the glass and has a scratch on the top. This very visible in the photos. The flocking is excellent. The revolver will ship from FFL to FFL. The case will ship separately. These are hard to find. FTF, will ship + $50 Colt Black Powder Series Dragoon Third (NOT the later Signature Series!) Excellent, no box, no evidence it’s ever been fired. Vivid cas colors. Doesn’t require transfer, shipped USPS where you choose, signature required. $FTF, +$50 Shipped, USPS Money Order. Colt Black Powder Series 1860 Army (NOT the later Signature Series!) Excellent with scratch in case coloring left frame (see photo), no box, no evidence it’s ever been fired. Vivid case colors. The bluing on this one is particularly fine. Doesn’t require transfer, shipped USPS where you choose, signature required. $FTF, +$50 Shipped, USPS Money Order. I have more photos for those seriously interested.
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    I’m not saying the news story was incorrect. I’m saying “Good Guys” are being charged. Officer Andrew Delke has been charged with murder. If he is convicted it will further restrict our ability to defend ourselves against criminal thugs. He was chasing a criminal who was fleeing his attempt to stop him. The criminal had a gun in his hand, did not throw it down, did not stop when ordered to do so, and continued to run for cover. The Officer was immediate danger of death or great bodily harm. So you have a home invader try to force his way into your house. As you pull your gun he turns to run and you shoot him in the back. Or as you fire at a suspect pointing a gun at you; he turns and gets shot in the back of the head. The DA and Mayor in Nashville think that is murder. We all better hope a jury decides otherwise. However, even if they do, one of us wouldn't get the benefit of the doubt a cop will get from most citizens. My point is simple. If you display a gun during the commission of a crime or you put a reasonable person in fear that they are in immediate danger of death or great bodily harm; the use of deadly force should be justified. The pendulum has swung too far in protecting the rights of these low life criminals and the innocent victims are not getting the justice they deserve. Tennessee v. Garner needs to be overturned by the SCOTUS. Unfortunately is could be the Delke case they try to do that with; lets hope his case doesn’t go that route.
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    That peacemaker is gorgeous.
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    I have never put a light on a weapon. But having the Fenix PD35 V2, I think I would try this setup; the PD35 V2 is excellent. I like the V2 better than the TAC because of the side switch, but on a weapon light I don’t guess it would matter. I could use the same setup with the V2, but it doesn’t appear to come as a kit. All the stuff in the kit is available individually. https://www.amazon.com/EdisonBright-Tactical-Flashlight-Rechargeable-Charging/dp/B0728KLCQ1/ref=sr_1_2_sspa?keywords=fenix+pd35+tac+led+flashlight+tactical+bundle&qid=1564849844&s=gateway&sr=8-2-spons&psc=1
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    I use to always recommend Streamlight TL-R HLs for inexpensive weaponlights. I have now broken 3 in about 3 years. Two tailswitches cracked. One down the center and one where the pivot pin sits. The other I had on my 8"pdw with a tape switch and the tape switch tail cap separated from itself where it meets the light. Hard to describe. So in short I have switched to Surefire minus a couple Streamlights. I have yet to break one over about 8 years of owning different ones. My original x300 is still running strong just low on lumens compared to current offerings. Not hating on Streamlight as my equipment does take a beating between SWAT, training classes, instructing, and regular patrol type stuff. If it sits in your house I'm sure it will fine for hd use but if your going to run it hard I would spend the extra bucks for something a little more durable. For a little cheaper and pretty light weight Arisaka isn't bad. My current setup on my rifle is M600 Scout DF in an Arisaka inline mount with SR07 tailcap/tapeswitch. Really liking it so far. Expensive but have yet to kill a scout light. PDW gun a 300 Scout would be nice and fairly inexpensive these days. I'm sure someone more light oriented will be along shortly as I'm not really up to speed on all the tech stuff related to them. Also full disclosure, I never ran a Protac so they may be great lights I dont know. I do have a Protac handheld light that has worked good and is stupid bright.
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    Very nice! Don't see many Colts on here.. GLWS
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    The 1911 is an easy gun to work on. I don't have the equipment to do machine work. I've never fitted a barrel. But I have done pretty much everything else to one. Just go slow, take your time and test fit often. Remember that its easy to remove metal, but damned hard to put it back. I highly recommend Jerry Kuhnhausen's book on gunsmithing the 1911. Years ago I asked an old gunsmith how do you get in this business? His reply was "Jump in and go for it. But be prepared to pay for your mistakes."
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    My grandmother and great grandmother both quilted a lot. When my great grandmother died my mom got me several stiched quilt tops. My wife's grandmother finished them for us. Make a them extra special since she is gone too now. W The ones I used to love as a kid were the ones my granny cut up old clothes to make. Tons of polyester 70's clothes to be exact. Lol
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    Clover I noted that you have a HCP, which surprises me that these questions and scenarios weren't discussed. Also remember what is said on the internet can and will be held against you. You will never lose a gunfight you are not involved in; avoidance is the best policy.
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    Hey folks, just wanted to post a friendly reminder; If you or your friends need any help, with anything regarding gps tracking, for fleets, side by sides, ATV's, trailers, boats ,motorcycles etc, contact me off list. We are based in Nashville, and service the mid south, and southeast and have many options that can help save money, recover stolen rolling equipment, and keep an eye on the kids while they're out and about. Of course were pro 2A, and like to work with folks just like ourselves.Ill be posting specials offered by service providers we work with so we can pass savings on exclusively to TGO members! www.gpsnashville.com Enjoy, and have a Happy 4th weekend! DB
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