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It happened in 1977

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34 minutes ago, BlessTheUSA said:

"Summary of star wars movie launch."

So for some reason you think I'm promoting a movie launch of something that happened like 41 years ago that most everyone has seen like 10 times. :bellylaf:

However......if anyone else feels I'm using "clickbait" to somehow fool you into looking at something I am promoting either here or in any of my past posts let me know and I'll delete this post.

And if you (BlessTheUSA) see a post from me in the future just don't click on it cause heaven forbid I don't want to waste your time. 

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I was an avid reader of science fiction at this time, and what people may not recall is that the novelization of the film was published before the film was released.  I'd just read the book when the movie came to town.  Went to the movie with my future ex-wife and a couple of friends, one of whom is now deceased.  Time flies....



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2 hours ago, BlessTheUSA said:

Can you please not use click bait titles?  Thanks! 

He's not using click bait titles. When I click on one of GT's "It happened in..." threads, I know for certain that I'll be reading about something that happened during some year in the past, such as 1974, 1977, etc. GT's titles are not deceptive click bait, but rather are very brief history lessons. 

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Went and saw it back then. I was just the right age too, 13 or so. Like Christine Blasey Ford I cant remember how I got there or who I went with😎.

“Just basic memory functions and also just the level of norepinephrine and the epinephrine in the brain that sort of, as you know, encodes — that neurotransmitter that codes memories into the hippocampus and so the Trauma Awesome Movie-related experience is locked there whereas other details kind of drift,” Ford said.

 Anyway If the rating was ok went with my friend on Bikes, If not my brother took me. 

My older Brother took me to alot of Vampire Flicks and other scary ghoulish stuff too. Lots of scantily clad girls!!

Saw a string of low budget Star Wars knock offs afterwards including TVs Battle Star Gallactica. The genere got old quick for me.

Lost all interest in Space dogfighting/ shoot em up movies by 17 and never watched any of the Star Wars sequel/prequels all the way through in later years.

My favorite kid movie memories were this,  the Planet of the Apes Sequels and the original POTA, (the best one) I saw on Television Movie of the week probably. Still love those!

Sci Fi now to hold my interest doesn't need non stop action. In fact it's better without.

The original Blade Runner was just the right balance of action and storyline for example. Remakes of movies like "The Last Man on Earth",  "I am legend" suck IMO.

Just because you can easily do great CGI effects doesn't mean you have to overload the screen with them. All these super hero movies are guilty of that I think. Too bad because I love Sci-FI.

Anyway thanks Grand Torino! Good Thread.




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Went and saw it back then. I was just the right age too, 13 or so. Like Christine Blasey Ford I cant remember how I got there or who I went with😎.

I took my boys to see it but wife declined and went to her mothers instead and I do remember how were got to the theater and back. In a Dodge Ramcharger!!

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30 minutes ago, OLDNEWBIE said:

Sci Fi now to hold my interest doesn't need non stop action. In fact it's better without.

If you like sci fi you should be watching "The Expanse."  First two seasons are on Amazon.  Be aware there's some action.  But also some pretty far-out imagining of what first contact with alien life might be like.  One of the stars is Thomas Jane, who played the title role in the original "Punisher" movie and the short film "Dirty Laundry."  I liked "The Expanse" TV show so much I read all 13 books in the series.

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I enjoy these threads, like Bersaguy said, they tend to stimulate more thoughts and recollections of an earlier and simpler time in my life that I otherwise would not have thought of.  Keep it up GT, thanks for the memories...wait...seems like i heard that somewhere before.

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I have every Star Wars DVD movie they have released so far and the Original Trilogy movies are still in original box and celophane wrap never opened. When we went to see ET wife went along cause we went to see it at the drive in instead of indoor. I also have it on DVD. I get them so the kids that borrow them to watch with the Grand kids and then I get them back to save for future generations to watch.

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I remember it! I went with my girlfriend at the time. Loved the movie and a few months later married the girl. :D 

I've always been a big fan of Star Wars. I've seen all the movies. Liked most of them. But the last few haven't been as good as the first trilogy. Rogue One was pretty good, but Solo just didn't work for me. 

I grew up on comic books and "B" sci-fi movies. Still love the stuff! I'm also a huge Star Trek fan and do watch The Expanse. I guess I'm just a certified Sci-fi junkie. :D

I also like these "It happened in..." posts. Brings back a lot of good memories. :up:

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