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I know some of you could care less where your guns are made; but many of us do; this discussion is for those members.

:usa:Buy American, Hire American, America First. :usa:

More and more we see guns in the bottom feeder category that are American Made. Lets face it, until the last few years the only decent American Made gun that is low cost and wasn’t (arguably) junk was the Hi Point. We have come a long way.

The thread about the Stoger and the Canik (both made in Turkey) being under $300 made me think that we have better options for less money; even American Made options.

So if you like to buy cheap guns, and want to buy American; now is a good time. Even prices on some of the top quality, best sellers in the Industry have dropped.

The SCCY CPX we routinely see selling below $200. It’s currently made in Florida with the company in the process of moving to Tennessee. And it gets good reviews

Kel-Tec PF-9 right at $200 and the P-11 just over, and made here.

Diamondback at just over $200.

New models like the Remington R51 (brought back after a bad start) at just over $200 and the Mossberg MC1SC at around $300; we shall see.

Ruger EC9 at around $250 and Security 9 and SR9 at $300.

MOSSBERG MC1SC at $300; we shall see.

All the Highpoints at around $175. They have a big following… bless their heart.

And even Smith & Wesson Shields at $250 and Full Size models dropping below $300!! Proven performers.

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Yeet Cannon! I might have to get one. 🤔

Some other cheap, American made pistols are the Ruger LCP and LCPII, and the Charter Arms line of revolvers, many of which can be found for under $300.

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If you are not in a rush and not picky about looks or exact model you can pick up some good U. S. Made revolvers on the used market. Either locally or like @A.J. Holst mentioned. 

I think H&R and Iver Johnson revolvers usually come in priced under their worth. Just older style models. I have an Iver .38 S&W top break that is solid. 

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I can say I've got a Hi Point JHP .45 and its never gave me any problems at all. And I have put about 500 rounds through it with not one hiccup.   I can't say that for some of my other guns. I gave $175 for it out the door. I'm looking forward to the new Hi Point.

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2 hours ago, DaveTN said:

That RUGER WRANGLER at $199 has to give Heritage a sinking feeling. I suspect the saving grace will be that the Rugers will be hard to get.

If Heritage spent an extra $20 per gun and passed along at hard cost, could they improve them enough to give Ruger a sinking feeling?

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1 hour ago, A.J. Holst said:

If Heritage spent an extra $20 per gun and passed along at hard cost, could they improve them enough to give Ruger a sinking feeling?

I doubt it. I’ve not seen and held a Ruger Wrangler yet, but I’ve seen and held a Heritage. I can’t imagine Ruger making anything that low end, but I guess it’s possible.

Maybe we’ll get sub $200 Smith & Wesson revolvers. :woohoo:

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24 minutes ago, Quavodus said:

I wish SCCY would make something like a .40 cal. They are real big on 9mm.


14 minutes ago, Chucktshoes said:

So is the buying public. 

I’m sure they will. They just came out with the .380. So after all the wives & girlfriends have the .380’s and 9mm; the company will be wanting to sell to the guys also.




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28 minutes ago, DaveTN said:


I’m sure they will. They just came out with the .380. So after all the wives & girlfriends have the .380’s and 9mm; the company will be wanting to sell to the guys who refuse to let go of an obviously inferior caliber that started out as a bastardization of a good caliber and has shown itself to not be terribly good at anything really also.





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