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    I agree, no way that happens in Tennessee. "Cannot remove the squatter by force" - my ass, you're leaving one way or another, either you'll walk or be carried, but staying is not an option
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    I have spent two months in Central America, which pretty much makes me a chupacabra expert. That Sir, is no chupacabra. I do feel it is the distant, not quite as lethal, cousin conecabra. I would still go to defcon 3 if I were you.
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    This is absolutely correct. It strictly states that if you got two of them in the past 10 years and at least one of them fell within the last 5 years you will be denied. One DUI/DWI will not cause you to be denied for an HCP unless it was a misdemeanor that happened recently. Regardless of your opinion, yes people do make mistakes. So by your calculations someone should have their life ruined because of a mistake they made earlier in life? Drunk driving does kill lots of people every year. You are right about that. I would love to see drinking and driving eliminated. But putting more people behind bars for life for just drinking and driving (and nothing else) will not solve a damn thing. Furthermore, there have been plenty of people put in prison for getting behind the wheel drunk and hurting or killing someone. There is no leniency granted to those people. Others are lucky and have a second chance to learn a lesson and not repeat the mistake. Sometimes they do it again and sometimes they quit drinking altogether. I for one, am one of those people. I received a DWI in 2005 right after I got out of the military. I went to jail, served 40 hours of community service, went to several classes, went on 2 years probation, and paid out about $7000.00 by the time it was said and done. A couple years after that I went on to get married, have a child, serve 7 more years in the reserves, and now have a successful career. I no longer drink alcohol whatsoever. Was it ignorant, stupid, and reckless? You damn right it was. But I learned from the experience and went on to become a productive member of society. If it were up to you I would be rotting in a prison cell. Sorry, but I do not share your sentiments on this. I took responsibility for this by taking the punishment dished out by the judge and not drinking and driving again. There are lots of people just like me out there. People make mistakes, YOU make mistakes. This world is not perfect.
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    I think it does. There are undecided voters out there who just want to be on the "winners team". Whoever gets the unofficial "win" is who they will vote for, because if this person or that person won, then surely he knows what he is talking about. These are people who just won't take the little bit of time to see who they mist likely align with. The issues are so polar opposite you have to be on one side or the other. If you don't already know, you are just lazy or shallow. It's kind of like when my son was five and Clinton was running. We asked who he would vote for and he said Clinton because his hair looked nicer. We've got a country full of adult five year olds.
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    I look at the Walking Dead as a soap opera for men with zombies in it.
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    See that flying out the window? That was your next invitation to come over and shoot
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    Too Funy http://www.youtube.com/embed/2-ckIv1tiaU
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    Darn right that's ridiculous! I paid MSRP for a gun (SR1911) once and swore I'd never do it again, let alone 33% over MSRP. I asked the guy about the price. He seemed to think they were such a hot ticket item that he could easily sell them for $150 over MSRP. Sadly, somebody will probably want one bad enough to pay his price.
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    I wear 5.11 pants and shorts all the time and the pockets are designed to accommodate small firearms like this. It's all in how you dress.
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    I don't. I am willing to bet I could pick up a paper every day for the next 3 months and it would be pretty hard to find an example of this. I do see where people are charged with DUI/DWI and set free with a fine, etc. But being freed after a "4th offense" is almost unheard of. My wife's cousin is in prison right now for his 3rd offense. Before that, he was in prison for a few years for his second one. I agree that some people get out of DWI's because they can throw a wad of cash at it and hire a really good lawyer or pay off a judge. But that is common with lots of other crimes too. As the old saying goes....money talks and........ If you want to rid the world of drunk driving maybe you should just advocate outlawing alcohol. Of course, then people would just make their own. Prohibition never worked. We can both agree that banning guns will not stop gun crime, right? Gun control will not reduce gun crime, right? Well, putting people in prison for their first DUI offense will not stop drinking and driving either. People will still do it. I would even go as far as to say that putting every first time DUI offender in prison will likely create lots more criminals. Once you have a felony record you can pretty much forget getting a good job. I believe education and proper parenting is probably the key to this, but there will never be a perfect solution. I guess we can just agree to disagree.
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    That's it!! Thank you! Steve McQueen popped in my head, but I wasn't sure.
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    Just hang the target upside down and fire-away. I think the range Nazi is full of
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    Robert, I concur completely. I honestly can't tell you what draws me to the 1911 other than nostalgia and just the feel of one in my hand. My brain tells me there are far better choices for a defensive handgun, and therefore every day I carry one of those far better choices instead of a 1911. However my heart tells me that the 1911 has history... a pedigree... and is as American as baseball and apple pie, so I constantly lust for others to add to my collection. It's not like I'd carry another even if I buy it, but something draws me back to them time and time again. Heavy, short on capacity, and not necessarily the most tolerant of neglect. A more elegant weapon for a more civilized age, perhaps. Love me some 1911's.
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    Right, that'd never happen in Nashville. THere's a lot of starving bands in music city. Just invite one to crash there for a while. "Sure, you can set your drum kit up in the living room, we love Death Metal at 3am."
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    I've shared this story before but perhaps it's worth sharing again. I've owned many 1911s and still do...I love them...I used to carry one, however... in the Spring of 2011 I took the two day "Fighting Pistol" course from Tactical Response...by lunch time the first day my very pretty very expensive 1911 that I carried almost exclusively was choking VERY badly...it was having a malfunction with about every other shot. I shifted to a much more expensive 1911 and finished the rest of the first day and all of the second day with no problems. However, shortly after that I started carrying a G31 (or sometimes a G20 or G21). Given that, per FBI stats, most civilian defensive gun fights last three shots and three seconds and 3 yards; most any decent, functioning 1911 including the one that failed me would probably get the job done. After all, my original gun for the course didn't start to fail until after about two solid hours of many, many rounds. But, I decided I could not longer, in good conscious, trust my life to one and shortly after that class, started carrying a Glock (I'm not saying that a Glock is the only alternative but it's the brand I've settled on). I've had a occasional (very occasional) malfunction with a Glock but none of the Glocks I own or have owned have ever given me any qualms about taking them into even a protracted gun battle should I ever unfortunate to have to be in one. Taking that into consideration along with the extract capacity and I doubt I'll ever go back to carrying a 1911 again; at least not very often...I still love my 1911s though!
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    There are statistics that prove those of us with permits to be more law-abiding than the average citizen. Not individually, but as a group. With that in mind, it seems to me that the risk of being shot by a law-abiding permit holder are far lower than being shot or attacked by the average citizen. I'm sorry, but I just don't buy the story that disarming someone with an HCP is for the officer's safety. Not at all.
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    This.^^ After reading the last few pages, I see one issue no one has brought up.......if an officer is asking me to hand over my weapon that is legally holstered and loaded, COULD that not be misconstrued by any officer or backup officer at any time that I am now imploring defense of myself causing the officers to believe that I am now intending harm to the officer? Think about it guys, GUN-COP-ME with a gun in my hand, I sneeze (making a sudden action) the officer misconstrues the action and draws his weapon thinking I'm trying to shoot him and now he's shooting me........Just seems like disaster recipie for both parties. Seemes pretty ignorant for an officer to do such a thing with a legal HCP holder that got pulled over for a "rolling stop" at a stop sign. Accidents happen and every situation is different. I don't want to get shot for sneezing while attempting to hand over my weapon that the officer shouldn't be asking me to see just so he can run the S/N. I have officers in my family and I understand where an officers mind is during a simple traffic stop. The officers feel uneasy anyways as they all want to go home at the end of the day. This just seems STUPID for an officer to do on a simple traffic stop....it's just upping the tension for both parties. The legal HCP holder should not have to do anything except get his traffic ticket and be on his way. I feel it's just safer for both parties.....your opinions may vary. BTW......the few times I've been through "road blocks" at night and shown my liscense and HCP, I've never been questioned or hassled. Most officers would perfer NOT to handle or even see a weapon at a traffic stop or road block and I question the motives, judgements and profiling of an officer that does so. Don't care who you are or what department your from, you're putting added danger to a simple traffic stop in asking for the persons firearm loaded or unloaded.........
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    The Sigma was the gun Glock sued them over and that was 18 years ago. It was a nuisance case by Glock and was settled out of court. As anyone that has shot an M&P can tell you; it’s no Sigma or Glock. As a matter of fact I’m guessing that right now Glock is wishing they had left S&W alone about the Sigma.
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    I tried calling yesterday but the person I talk to regularly was out of the office. I will try again on Monday to get a verbal opinion on it. But of course that will have to be followed up with a letter. Dolomite
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    I think you just watched a shark being jumped.
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    It's hard for the democrats to have honest debate about Iran because of the growing thought amongst liberals and which is prevalent at Foggy Bottom that it is only a matter of time until Iran gets a nuke, so we should just accept it. The thought goes along the lines of, "we normalized relations with the Soviets, Chinese, Indians and Pakistanis after they got nukes. Why can't we do the same with Iran?" This is clearly a dangerous thought, and makes the assumption ayatollahs are rational actors. There's a second thought that I'm hearing a lot of out of academia right now as well that assumes that if America can have nuclear weapons, then anyone else should be entitled to them as well It's a dangerous world we live in. God may have created all men equal, but it's foolish to assume every man has your best interests at heart.
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    Found a Buick - wouldn't start, though... Near Ely, MN, Boundary Waters Canoe Area SE of Fourtown Lake, June 2012 (edit typos)
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    HCP 101 is following TN law, which does not require informing that one has an HCP, or is armed. The traffic stop scenario shown in the newest state video is quite lame and also does not properly represent TN law. But as a LEO, you surely know all that, eh? Like, take out a couple of rounds? Or check the online user manual? Do you check all other items in sight that may have serial numbers also? Computers, smart phones, watches, chain saws? Or only further inconvenience HCP holders by checking firearms? Gawd help the poor sap that may have been to the range with a bunch of guns. I'd opine that your overall safety would be better enhanced by not having a firearm handled at all, by driver or yourself. - OS
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    in my opinion the 28 days later zombies would be more of a possibility
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    Im old enough to remember this right here: http://www.political...sm-scandal.html ... Biden was not thought to be a serious political candidate in 1988. He removed himself from the demorat presidential primary race as the result of the plagiarism thing. He graduated 76 th in a class of 85 --- hardly a stellar performer... . A clown named Dukakis won the demorat nomination in 1988 and lost in the general election to none other than George H W Bush. By the way, Bush won in an electorial landslide. http://uselectionatlas.org/RESULTS/national.php?year=1988 Joe Biden is a bufoon who has never held a real job. He is the ultimate political insider; and symbolizes all that is wrong with the demorat party and political machine politics in america in general. He is a fitting pick as VP for the first "affirmative action" president. Neither one of them has any notion of anything other than they are the "best and brightest". Folks like us delightful rustics (...read that folks who really have to work and provide for their families without a "quid pro quo" insider deal...) are simply too naive to make the big decisions; and we should leave the "great questions of the day" to them. This, my friends, is the "real" joe biden: .A real political operative. The "best and brightest". Remember, there is election in november; choose wisely. leroy
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    Nor are we required to declare a gun upon a traffic stop.
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    I carry my 1911 locked and cocked everyday and my only safety concern is being pulled over, having a cop disarm me and have a ND with my pistol because he is nervous or not familiar with that weapons system. There is no reason why an officer in the state of Tennessee should be disarming a HCP holder unless there is a good reason. It says it right there in the TCA.
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    No it does not. It implies no such thing. People make mistakes? Yeah, stupid people make the mistake of drinking and driving. There's no mystery to alcohol. It's no surprise what happens when you consume it. There's no ignorance of its effect amongst human beings. If you're stupid enough to and reckless enough to endanger other peoples lives by driving drunk, personally Id like to see them be charged with attempted murder and any fatality from a crash should carry charges of premeditated murder. Thinking its "just another mistake" that people make is what's wrong with people in this country. No one wants to take responsibility for their actions. It's pathetic. I drink like a fish.....AND I STAY HOME WHEN I DO. Period. No exceptions.
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    Meh, just don't see it going down like that to be honest. It doesn't seem to be "their" way. Anyway doesn't really matter to me, I only buy the occasional gun to keep it out of criminal hands. They get trades for gas cards with the local pd about twice a year.
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    Laugh all you want. It'll be too late to laugh when your guns are locked in the trunk of a police car and you're standing on your front porch with a handwritten receipt in your hands. . . .
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    If not the chupacabra it might be some retarded meth head.
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    DEAR LORD!! I read the calguns document and they ban every freaking thing!! I would say screw moving there!!
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    man they need something like this over here in E.Tenn. I might have to contact some of the local ranges and plant the idea ( INCEPTION!!!)
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    If they think I am shooting less than 100 rounds out of a fully auto then they better tell me up front! I'll probably use my pistol and their AR and shotty. At least I can squeeze off a full mag of .40.
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    ATF has ruled many times that the attachment (temporary or permanent) of a shoulder stock to a handgun makes it a Short-Barreled Rifle, and requires registration and payment of the $200 tax. There are some exceptions to this rule for Curio & Relic firearms like the Mauser Broomhandle, Luger, and early Browning High Powers with stock attachment lugs. Adding his butt-pad makes the Rossi Mare's Leg into a firearm intended to be fired from the shoulder. It's a silly law and a perfect example of why ignorant politicians should not write gun laws. But, it IS the law and this fellow has created a Short-Barreled Rifle.
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    I would also like more info on what to expect. I frequent the range but have never attended this event. I spoke to them on the phone about it. If you buy tickets in advance it is $15 per person ammo included. You can shoot their guns or your own. From the video it looks like you go down the line shooting different weapons but they said they have changed it up. In addition to that you can pay another $25 per person for a VIP ticket which will let you shoot some fully auto weapons at special targets. I will definitely be opting in for this.
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    So, you believe JMB designed a POS that has lasted 100 years, that more companies manufacture than ever. Wow. How's cousin Kwik?
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    1911 vs well.....anything else?...................Didn't know there was anything else. As with trucks, boats, women ect. Everyone has their own preference. I fell the .45 is tops in the carry pistol category. I'm sure some people concur and some will not. A lot of people would not own anything Glock. If you feel comfortable with the 1911 platform then thats the one you should go with.
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    i will be behind a big stack of primers
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    I carry with one in the chamber because when I tried to get 2 in the chamber they wouldn't fit.
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    It all ties back in to the ak pistol thread. If a LEO does not know the law and makes it up on the fly .... there are serious problems with the system, whatever else is going on. Comply now, get the police report tomorrow, get your law and facts straight, and take it to a lawyer or write an editorial on it. Getting into it on the side of the road is a losing strategy every time. As to the topic, I carry deep concealed and ready to go.
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    Unless I carry my sp101 and then I have 5 in the chamber!
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    The A Team never carried ARs.
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    It might not be as much an etiquette issue, but one of the local ranges doesn't allow headshots in order to prevent damage to the target carrier. Maybe it was a range rule at the place you took your class at.
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    If I'm paying for the ammo, targets and range time I will shoot at what ever part of the target I want. If a particular range has a problem with that I will take my business elsewhere. Pollitical correctness disgusts me.
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    Ummm...... my HCP instructor was quite fond of consistently well placed headshots... and when I shoot at my range I often spend a few magazines on the Mozambique Drill--- 2 center mass, 1 head shot --- no problems at the range where I shoot. I like to see that ragged hole in the paper head. Head shots stop threats more often than other shots. But I know Miss Manners runs some public ranges. And I think she is married to the Range Nazi. And they work for OSHA- and they are members of the Politically Correct Society who think that the Second Amendment is about skeet shooting or something ...and...
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