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    My parents came in to visit today & surprised me with a gift with immense personal meaning to me. Today my mother gave me my grandfather's Remington 550-1, which he bought brand new in 1956 when she was only 4 yrs old. It's in new condition & he even kept the original hang tag from 1956. As you can see he took extreme care of everything he owned. That's how he lived every day of his life & I had a lot of respect for him. My grandfather was a veteran of WWII & served on the U.S.S. Mellette (APA-156) at Iwo Jima & Okinawa where he drove a landing craft. After the war he drove a truck for nearly 40 years before retiring & was an active member of our local American Legion, VFW, & the Shriner's until his death. He was married to my grandmother for 64 years, who is still active at the age of 95. Sorry to ramble, but he was a good man & it would take a book to describe him & his life. Sadly, he passed away Feb. of 2014 at the age of 89. This was an unexpected gift that will be cherished & eventually passed down to my children.
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    Did you just get back from a vacation on Mars? - OS
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    Colt Defender in 45ACP, stainless version. Less than 100 rounds. Comes with 2 factory mags, all factory accessories, Galco Summer Comfort IWB holster in black, and a box of Hornady Critical Defense rounds. Two small holster wear marks on the slide from being carried. $750 cash face to face. Shipping would be from my dealer to yours. Willing to travel a bit for the right deal. Would consider partial trades for G4 G19/23 or G4 G34/35.
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    I used to be a dealer back in the 80's 90's and sold a number of these Iver Johnson TP22's They are about the best 22 pocket gun I can think of since they have an outstanding firing pin block for chamber carry. As reliable as it gets. A wheel gun I really like is an old Taurus 22 I bore out to mag. Its a scaled down 5 screw J frame Smith in most ways.
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    A stainless Ruger SP101 3" revolver from a fellow forum member. It is destined to be my older son's 18th birthday present shortly.
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    UPDATE 10/15/2016 @ 9:00AM Central Hey folks. It's been a very long 24 hours. If you missed TGO, the feeling is mutual. We missed you too. Or I did. Actually I really just missed having a server that was functional. And as much as I'd like to not have to go through the past 24 hours again, sooner or later we're going to have to. So here's what's up: Our current web server is not performing up to par. It's slow and during times of peak traffic for us, it is downright unusable. If you have tried to use the forum any in the 8pm - 9pm Central time-frame over the past few weeks, you know what I am talking about. It hasn't been fun for any of us and has consumed 100% of my time which means my family has had to suffer through it as well. Yesterday I embarked on the task of figuring out what was wrong with the server. It's new and it should be performing better. What I found was a myriad of problems that soon made it obvious that the best way to fix it was to take backups of our files and our database, and then burn the server to the ground and start over. Scorched earth! That did not go entirely to plan. Our hosting company had difficulties delivering on a rebuild so, at around 11:00PM last night, I decided to just have them restore the whole server from a backup made several days ago. That process lasted until around 6:00AM today. Since then, I have been restoring our database and files to bring us current with the way the forum was right before I attempted anything yesterday. It appears that this was successful in getting us back online... but it doesn't fix the problem of slowness with the server. *deep breath* So what's next? We are going to have to move the site again sometime soon. I am looking at all options. One of them is just to move to a new server with the current hosting company. Another option is to leave this hosting company for someone else. Until then we will limp along. Please do me a favor and loan me your patience. I need it.
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    Colt Defender in 9MM, two tone version. Less than 100 rounds. Basically, flawless. Includes 2 factory mags, all factory accessories, Hogue wraparounds, and factory thin plates. This was my wife's nightstand gun, so it's been sitting in the drawer after function testing with several types of ammo. $750 cash face to face. Shipping would be from my dealer to yours. Willing to travel a bit for the right deal.
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    http://www.fkbrno.com/en/7-5-fk-system I wonder if they'll be available here.
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    On Sunday, September 25, 2016 I will be moving the TGO web site to a newer web server. When I do this, there will be a complete service interruption of a few hours. This move will change our site's IP address which means that you all will slowly begin regaining access to the site as your Internet provider's DNS servers update with the new address. If that sounds like Greek to you, just know that it could take anywhere from 1 to 24 hours or so depending on how aggressively your Internet provider updates its records. We have zero control over this, unfortunately, so there is no way for me to speed up that process. Why is this happening? Web servers, much like your computer at home, run an operating system that eventually becomes "end of life" and requires replacement. Think about when Microsoft retired Windows XP and told everyone that it was time to upgrade to Windows 7, otherwise they would stop supporting you. Well, very similar in this case also. Our current web server has taken care of us since 2011, but it is time to move to a new one. I have already moved a few other web sites to the new server and it is doing fine, so I predict no problems with moving TGO. However, TGO is undoubtedly the largest horse in the stable so I am going to be taking extra care to move it. While some performance improvements are possible as a result of this move, that is not the primary motivation. The real improvements for performance are planned for after I get us moved. More on that is to come. I'm going to go through withdrawals! A lot of us will. Be sure to keep tabs on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed while the move is underway. I will post updates on both of those places as I can while I work. If you don't already follow us on those two social media outlets, you can click below and then add them to your bookmarks. TGO Facebook Page TGO Twitter Feed So when exactly does this start? I am not sure of the exact start time yet. You'll know when you see the site go offline and our maintenance notice go up. Just check back in a little while after that happens and you'll eventually be able to sign back into TGO and participate in the forums. Thanks for your patience!
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    I have been here the whole time. HRC will most likely be elected. That will begin my long period of civil disobedience. I will no longer take the US government seriously, or look to it for any improvement... ever.
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    I just picked up an old Taurus 22 with a couple of S&Ws the other day. Nice gun.
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    Has the wheel been reinvented...again? Folks, we reached the pinnacle of smokeless metallic cartridge design years and years ago. Phasers, lasers, and rail guns is where it's at now. Let me know when I can get one.
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    About 650ish @ 100 yards. This was two shots at 300.
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    As in past it will happen overnight. If Don wins no change but prices may not go much lower as they are there. At some point if HRC look like she is going to win or wins there will be a big rush on Guns,parts& ammo and in a few days everything will be wiped out. You seen it happen with Clinton Obama and even W Bush. From what i seen it is the mass of first time buyers in a panic and this one may be longer lasting. If can stock up on what you may need very soon. Look what happened with the gas shortage last month in Mid TN people ran out and filled all their vehicles when they did not need to and created their own shortage. Human nature can be strange.
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    Sold. Thanks for the quick and easy transaction, CSP.
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    Real fans don't jump ship.Whole lot of crowing from the Bama Bandwagon fans (those who are not from Al or a graduate of UA).Most of those don't even watch the games anyway.
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    I'm a Bulldawg fan I was thinking of jumping ship but there are way too many Vols fans in the water right now. Lol
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    Mine has already gone deep into public. No incidents yet.
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    So what do we need now? Win out, A&M beat bama, and LSU beat Florida.
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    That was my first thought :-)
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    5 boxes of Super X 12 gauge 3 inch magnum in BB loads...........
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    100 yards in some strong wind.
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    Just got ATF approval for importation. Should be here soon.
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    http://www.tnwfirearms.com/product-p/asrx-cplt-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx.htm Well it might look somewhat toyish but it's sure a lot more sturdy looking then the Keltec Sub 2000, but then the Sub 2k isn't available in the 10mm.
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    Whew! I thought this was going to be about puppies.
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    Liberty Fatboy Jr 48 Gun Safe + 240 rounds of PMC .308. All delivered this past Friday.
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    I have for sale a pre-remington Marlin Revelation 30-30. It is the model 200. Marlin made these as store models for Sears. Hard to find them in this condition. $375 takes it home. I will be coming through Knoxville Thurs late morning.
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    A lever 410 sounds pretty kool. Not sure what I'd use it for, but I like the idea.
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    I like the gun but I'm really envious of the cleanliness of the bench... I'm so pressed for time it always looks like a pig sty...
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    Just picked up another action for a rimfire build.
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    Last thing I ordered was a Brownell's upper lapping tool. http://www.brownells.com/gunsmith-tools-supplies/rifle-tools/receiver-tools/ar-15-m16-upper-receiver-lapping-tool-prod20220.aspx
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    Anyone on the fence about this should just do it. Every time I see another Dan Wesson 1911 come up for sale on TGO, I am inspired to go pick up my own DW and admire it. The Valor is perfect for anyone who doesn't want the Picatinny rail of the Specialist. Go ahead and buy it and tell your significant other that I said it was alright.
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    SIG SAUER 9mm MPX Pistol, 4 magazines (all gen 2), flip-up sights, SIG SAUER factory SBX kit (Stabilizing Brace). I am in the Hendersonville area. Looking for TN HGCP or sign a bill of sale. $1400
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    I'm with Garufa. Look around at most people.....If something that catastrophic happens lack of meds and medical care will kill more Americans than lack of food will. Then disease outbreaks and loss of sanitation will take a whole lot more.
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    If you find yourself in a position that you need food with that kind of shelf-life you won't be around long enough to eat it.
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