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    My personal observation and opinion is that we are currently in a buyers market except for niche or highly sought after firearms. With sub-$500.00 AR's (some pretty decent) and many, many Police trade in Glocks and M&P's, and frequent "Specials" from online retailers the used gun market is very competitive, and therefore moving very slowly. We can see from our own Classified section that folks are looking for certain firearms as witnessed by the recent "bumping up" of 1-3 year old threads inquiring about certain firearms. Of Course it would help those folks if sellers would simply Close their ads after they've sold the item... but what the heck... But most firearms here, on Gunbroker and various boards are just moving low & slow. It's a phenomenal time for folks to stock up or acquire what they need or want. It'll change, sooner or later, always does.
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    Everybody needs a hobby, I guess. I've always watched people like the OP with a bit of amused curiosity at the amount of work they're willing to put into a return - kind of the same with travel hackers who are managing multiple cards for loyalty points or airline miles. I don't know that I've got the bandwidth to commit to the active management it would take. For most people, I'd be concerned about them wiping out their return and then some when they miss a payment or whatever. But, if this is your thing - good luck and Godspeed. A little extra money is a little extra money.
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    Lol you all act like the OP is doing some kind of VOODOO magic...yeah if you aren't disciplined (like he said his son isn't) you shouldn't do this...but for most people that have a brain and simple grasp of math its an easy way to make a few extra bucks...or heck skip the whole "CDs" and just hit up all the spend $500 get $150 back offers of which there are plenty. I think he was just trying to be helpful and some people on here are missing that point.
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    Absolutely it’s a buyers market. But the used market is moving slow because sellers are still trying to hold the line. I don’t blame them; I would do the same. We have all sold guns at what we paid, or sometimes more. Those days are gone for the time being. Most of my purchases lately have been new. I get really good prices online, so I can’t justify some of the used prices I see. The online dealers I use are flush with guns and the prices change considerably day to day. I’ve ordered 50 round boxes of Federal HST for what they sell 20 round boxes for in the stores here. I’ve been thinking about the M&P 2.0 Compact. But with low online prices and S&W offering a $40 rebate for veterans; the price for a new gun is lower than most used I have seen. Now the stuff that is no longer available is still on a wild ride. S&W Pre-lock revolvers, and some of the no longer available semi-auto handguns are bringing good money, but if you notice you see some of those sitting a long time. Some folks don’t even want to put a price on a gun, all they want to do is trade. I don’t think that not putting a number on it will help them get what they want; but if it works, good for them. But if they want to sell; I need to see a number in the ad. I have gun money burning a hole in my pocket, and have some guns to trade, haven’t bought anything in awhile and I’m having withdrawals. I gotta find a local FFL that will work with me on GunBroker and FFL’s in other states. I tried to get my own FFL; but that a no go in Murfreesboro. But keep in mind….should a Democrat beat Trump, or they gain control of the Senate; we will be in one heck of a tailspin. The absolute crazy left makes Obama look like he was on our side.
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    So my daughter wanted a shoulder holster so she could carry her Ruger LC9 and her knife without wearing a belt. This is what I came up with... it still needs to have the final adjustments done and the straps trimmed but I want her to were it a bit and find the most comfortable placement before she cuts the straps. The back lower strap keeps the holster and the knife/mag pouch from going forward when bending over.
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    On another forum I visit the idea of Credit Card rates came up and I wrote up a nice way of getting back at the rip off rates the banks charge on those CC's. I thought I would share the process with you guys since it worked so well for me back when a 12 month CD yield was over 4 percent. It's an easy game to play the banks! When I got a new CC offer of 18 months 0 % APR in the mail, I would apply and as soon as I got that card, I would put EVERY purchase on that card no matter what it was for the next 5 months or until its credit limit was reached (Back then it was around 3K). The monies that would normally have gone to pay for all those bills such as food, gas, & house bills would be put aside during those first 5 months of the new cards 18 month zero APR. At the end of those 5 months, you go and take out a 4-5 percent, 12 month CD with that saved up cash. During that 12 month period, the new CC is side lined and you pay for all your stuff as you normally would have. Once the 12 month 4-5 % CD finishes up, you with draw it and then pay off the total balance on the new 18 month 0 APR, sidelined card (I called it the plastic Mule). All done within that 18 month Interest free period, just pay the minimums. This leaves you with the 4-5 percent CD yield left over. I had made over a thousand dollars that way when CD's were high yield. Once they dipped to 4 percent, I quit doing it. I ended up with a lot of cards. Problem you run into is after you get all the different 18 month APR new card accounts from various banks, they wont issue you another "new" 0 APR card if you all ready have an existing account despite the fact that I don't use any of them. I have a S*** load of CC accounts that never get used. The banks add up all that floating credit and figure your credit rating from it. I NEVER pay banks interest on ANY THING Nada Zero, Zip..... and they have me at just over 800 credit rating. I cant wait for CD's to get up there again just so I can do em again, Im just going to have to close out 3 or 4 accounts so I'm eligible for "New" 0 APR's again. Today I only use 3 cards out of my stack. A Sams card that gives 5% back on all gasoline purchases (pays for the 50 bucks membership and more over the year). City DBL cash back 2% back on every thing bought. and a Synchrony CC that is also 2% back on everything bought. No annual fees.... just money back. Always pay CC monthly bill balances and turn the tables on them when CD yield rates get up there.
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    Don't hold out brother! What did you order? Inquiring minds and all that.
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    Has the war on drugs worked? Yes/no? Answer-No. Legal weed is in fact cheaper than illegal weed. Prices in the legal states have plumetted thanks to competition. Capitalism is awesome! These threads always show the people that actually love freedom and the ones that want government control. DeerSlayer, not directing this at you specifically. But you can't simultaneously say that "banning drugs will keep people from getting them" while also saying "banning guns won't keep criminals from getting them." They are one in the same.
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    Ironic parallels; states that legalize weed undermine a Constitutional right. Alaska is the only one that comes to mind where both are OK.
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    As it should be. Guns however increasingly aren’t. That’s not how it should be.
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    Well, if its any consolation, I guess that makes me a fossil too.
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    I wonder why when I put in for a home improvement loan a number of years ago, they gave me their lowest interest rate than they even quoted me because of my credit history? Completely contrary to what you guys are saying. I'v been told what you all are saying before, and have found no evidence of it with the few times I ever when to a Banker with my hat in my hands. Getting Wealthy is a stretch LOL..... Its not time consuming at all really, I put more time into researching a new gun by far. Once you pocket a couple extra hundred bucks for just doing what you normally do with just a slightly different routine, piece of cake. Oh well..... thought someone might appreciate a heads up on making a few extra bucks when the markets right. Then again, maybe not!
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    Seems every one thinks these gun manufacturers know how to build quality products because they have QC staff? The huge problem being over looked is like taking a machinist and then telling him, hey, your now a gunsmith or QC guy. Then there is the guy with a BA in Business Admin and hes put on the production floor as a forman. This crap happens all the time and it all leads to bad guns and CS. One of the worst repairs on a gun came out of Berretta MD. Absolute retards working there back in the 90's. 3 times I sent a customer's gun back to get a new barrel because of a factory gouge in the chamber wall so deep the fired casings were locking up in the little M21. You could actually see it visibly like a crater in there. After replacing everything on the gun including the grip panels the first 2 times around, The 3rd time they just sent a new gun.... WTF! Iv seen it in other manufacturers too many times. They hire folks that have little to no gunsmithing knowledge of how a firearm works in its full perspective. In 83 when I worked at Auto Ordnance producing the cheapest 1911A1 of its day, Management was purely administrative with ZERO mechanical understanding. So when I warned them the new casted barrels they wanted me to put into the production line were going to have a large failure rate, Management ( Fred Nichols) told me to just test the guns out with 5 rounds rather than a full mag of 7 because they were sitting on a pile of pre paid orders. I quit not long after that. You need God given true Gunsmithing talent in the QC room and management that puts those few folks in high regard making the calls on production. Unfortunately, that business model gets corrupted way too often in the gun industry.
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    It’s been going on for nearly 100 years now. Remember Prohibition and how that turned out?
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    That’s my guess as well and why not? I’ve yet to see a 9mm deliver 180 grains of devastation.
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    My money is on an M&P 2.0 Compact in .40.
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    My personal experience is with Ring. I have the doorbell on the house, floodlight/cameras on every corner, and a doorbell inside my shop (does a great job as a video camera on the whole interior of the shop and also a floodlight camera on it. $10.00 month monitoring fee and unlimited devices at the same address.
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    Ad removed by TGO Dept of Revenue. All ads must be placed in the appropriate Trading Post area. That benefit is reserved for Benefactor members. We appreciate your cooperation. Mgmt.
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    I'll take it. PM incoming
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    I bought this from a member on here a few years ago. I had it listed previously, but the sale fell through. It’s about 95 percent.. very attractive gun, excellent condition, especially for its age. I’ve ran 2 boxes of 38 through it, and one of 357. It shoots great. The only reason why I am selling it is because I buy guns with the intention of carrying them in a rotation. I do not own a safe queen, but this gun had become just that - so, it’s better off being in someone else’s collection. Price is $600 firm, the exact price I paid for it. Bill of sale and valid TN license required. Must be legally able to possess a firearm. Must meet in Nashville or Ashland City. The only trades I am interested in are Walther PPK/PPK/s chambered in .380 or .32, Beretta Cheetahs, or possibly Beretta 92FS guns. Thanks so much, and God bless.
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    I’m dull. I like real estate and mutual funds.
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    Can't be. She's not that smart. She married me.
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    As the chart shows, I had a good run at this during that 7 year slot of 94-2001. https://www.depositaccounts.com/blog/historical-cd-rates.html Gez guys, this is easy stuff. Today, the easy money with CCs are those "spend 3K worth on this introductory offer in 90 days and get a 2-300 dollar bonus" . Yup. Iv done a few of those just to not be bored I guess. The surprising thing to me is a credit card company will keep your card in good standing for like 3 or 4 years before they send you a letter closing the account because of no activity. They are like hungry Wolves waiting in the wings to slam some dude that just made the "wants" mistake and couldn't pay his monthly balance. It amazes me how much money they are willing to throw away on these bonus offers only to find a new payment slave. Sadly, my son is one of them! He's probably up to a bout 20K in CC debt by now. We don't talk about it any more. I think he has Oniomania.
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    That’s just what she lets you think.
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    Money has to be stored somewhere...it doesn't sound rational at all but many state and larger institutions are required to store X amount of dollars and the FDIC doesn't insure anywhere near the amount of money they have on hand. Edit: this is in reference to 0 and negative yields.
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    Could anyone share the rationale of putting money into an investment vehicle with a negative interest rate? It seems to me one's money would be better off in a gun safe.
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    As soon as the FED lowered the rate a few weeks ago, I put some money into a few 12 month CD's at Ally. I got 2.5%. Not a huge amount of money, not a killer interest rate, but it's something. Something to mention is that even though the money is "locked in", the penalty is 60 days worth of interest. Which means, if you can make it 60 days into the CD, if you absolutely, 100% had to get that money out, you'd break even at the 60 day mark and come out ahead any point after that.
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    Not that. She never does anything on line outside of her work office. And their system bans ANYTHING even remotely firearms related, or that is deemed non-work related. So I'm safe there. lol
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    When European and Asian bond yields are in negative territory, US treasuries at 2% and below, and the Fed beginning another rate cutting cycle, I don't think you're going to see any 4% CD's in the foreseeable future. Having said that, I have no credit cards, no credit score, and no debt - I like it that way ...
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    I’m jelly of whomever had the funds to grab this.
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    Went a little crazy in terms of time and money. Really turned out to be real functional, and looks pretty good in person. Haven't deployed it yet. Top is to laminated layers of 3/4" birch plywood, with a top layer of Formica, and edge trimmed with red oak. Everything is coated in satin poly. The whole thing breaks down and will fit in a trailblazer. All the take-donw hardware is machine threaded.
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    Dang man, all this talk about gun buying made me order a new one today. But I wasn’t panicky.
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    I foresee the TGO Department of Revenue shutting this thread down.
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    I’m not sure what’s going on here, or what you’re trying to say, but that image is hilarious. Oh, the problem was remedied for him alright. Speaking of which, I wouldn’t expect a reply from him.
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    So you're cursing people after you made a mistake, and demanding for moderation to keep you from making more mistakes that are easily remedied by just looking at the post dates?
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    Then stop being a snarky #### and moderate the goddamn ad.
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    and just like that this post got on the FBI's radar lmao
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