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    Personally, I think that both prosecutorial and judicial misconduct should be felonies.
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    Fine looking knives GT. To the buyers, you will not be disappointed!
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    I would like # 3 and #4. How do I pay you. and get my address to you?
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    Brace is like new. Tube, castle nut, and end plate are actually new. $75 picked up in Columbia. Sorry for the crap photo
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    Location is East Nashville, but can drive reasonable distance to meet. Wilson Combat EDC-X9. $2,200 for package. Not really looking for trades, but would consider partial ones to help get you there. I only shoot 9MM, 5.7, and .223....and 22LR, but I don’t need anything in that dept. I’m also extremely picky and have almost everything I need/want. Aimpoint Micro. Eotech. Brownells 180S upper. 9MM range ammo. This was purchased 7/3/18 and was manufactured on 4/25/18. I’ve definitely shot this one a fair amount. I’d estimate 2K-3K rounds, but I’m guesstimating. There are signs of wear on it from shooting and carry, but nothing from a drop or misuse- just light finish wear in places like the controls and edges on the slide/magwell. Quick review on the EDC-X9. I absolutely love this gun, but I’m not going to carry it anymore. I put some factory rounds though it that would not cycle in any other gun I owned because they were light "minor" loads and the OAL was too much. The EDC eats anything (never tried steel cased stuff) and shoots it all accurately. I was still working on accuracy with it during slow fire, but my double taps are around .12-.20 splits with 8" center mass accuracy at 7-10 yards. I actually made a video on how much I love this gun and why I carry it, which must have jinxed me... I actually stopped carrying it around the time I made that video because I have tons of Glocks and noticed a big difference on my draw, grip, and target acquisition with this gun after shooting Glocks all weekend. I went back to a G19 or G26 for carry as a result and this has been sitting in a safe, waiting for me to reluctantly list it here. Only modification made is an Ameriglo front sight versus the fiber optic, but both are included. Included: Pistol with Ameriglo Tritium sight installed Three mags (comes with two from factory) Two Grey Man mag holders- can be carried IWB or OWB Grey Man IWB kydex holsters Awesome pistol bag with two external pouches and 7 external mag holders- it does have a stain from the factory oiled rag on left pouch Stupid greasy oily rag that stained the bag Dog tag Allen keys and tools Fiber optic front (came on gun) 2 extractor pin/springs Spare recoil spring 3 spare fiber optic rods (one red, two green) Factory test target and checklist- check out that group!!! 8 additional mags I am willing to sell the package at a slightly lower price if you don’t want the 8 additional mags, but won’t sell those mags until the gun sells. Shooting portion at the end of the video. My Horrible YouTube video with awful audio
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    Undercutting the trigger guard changed my life. I use to have the same issues with my 19. Oddly not my 17 though. The hump on the 19 doesn't fit my hands right. I feel like you probably tried this though. On topic: I'm going to guess the rotating barrel from the German Glock.
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    Oh No-they say it's going to stop thousands of gun related crimes a year in Shelby County-where do they get their data from-thousands a year-I kinda think that's a lie and they know it.
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    Very timely as Knoxville's last RK show on city owned property will be at the end of this month. And as someone who has lived here all their life I can say with 100% certainty it will do nothing to improve the area around it.
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    Several years ago we needed a new water line connection for a new piece of equipment at work. It's a typical metal industrial building with 25ft ceilings and all the wiring and plumbing overhead. So the maintenance guy figures out which 2" water line he's going to T into, finds the upstream valve, closes it, and moves to the spot for the T commences cutting the pvc line. A moment later there's water spraying everywhere and he's 20ft up on a lift hollering for help. Another maintenance guy goes and gets another lift and finds the next upstream valve to close. He's Intentionally not moving real fast as we're all laughing hysterically. The lift gets about halfway up to the valve, beep, and comes back down. Dead battery. O So he goes and gets the only other lift, which is twice as big, and takes several minutes to maneuver into place and close the valve. During the 10 minutes or so for all that to happen, the first guy has wrapped his shirt around the pipe to control the spray and couldn't be any wetter if he'd jumped in the lake. After cleaning up the couple hundred gallons of water in the floor, the maintenance guys go look at the first valve. When doing the initial plumbing, someone ran out of unions and used a ball valve to join 2 lengths of pipe. Except they knocked the ball out of the valve so turning the handle did nothing. And who did the initial plumbing? The first maintenance guy as he worked for the contractor who built the building before being hired.
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    I quit going to the RK shows at the Ag center years ago.Deals to be had were rare as hen's teeth so why should I pay $10 to go see the same things I could at Gun's & Ammo or Classic for free?
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    Are y’all really going to rehash this again? That is the inevitable result of bringing up Zimmerman.
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    Yes, and they should actually fall out when you hit the eject button.
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    Apparently Agricenter management has already made the decision. The politicians just want to take credit for it. The Agricenter management has a very long history of being anti-gun. Years ago they cooked the books to make the old County shooting range look like it was loosing money just as an excuse to shut it down. Truth is that range made a good profit. Honestly, I don't know how gun shows have stayed there as long as they have. But I have no doubt that RK will find another venue. I remember back in the 70s and 80s gun shows were often held in the large meeting rooms at big hotels. I'm sure somebody will be happy to make that money.
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    Ancient history. No need to rehash this or any BS lawsuits filled about it. They're just trying to stir up race issues again. We've all known for quite some time that the justice system has nothing to do with justice. Its all about winning. Both sides will coach witnesses, tamper with evidence, pull dirty ticks and flat out lie to win. Its not right, but that's the way it is.
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    So do we have room to imprison the majority of Congress?
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    I agree , you will not be disappointed. Me, I’m disappointed that I missed this round.
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    https://www.targetsportsusa.com has Federal HST in both 9MM & 40S&W for $20 for a box of 50. You have to put it in your cart to see the discounted price. Sale ends 2PM on the 7th.
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    IMO, if that is true, which should be proven quite easily, the lawsuit should go through and they should be made to pay for it. The process should not be rigged, for, or against guilt. So when a prosecutor presents perjured testimony or causes a witness to perjure themselves, they should get disbarred and jailed.
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    Bloomberg for President! That will fix the market.
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    As far as I know, 100%.
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    Which was why in the original post I trying to set the direction that this thread isn't about Zimmerman's guilt or innocence but rather this lawsuit itself and whether or not there is any truth to it.
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    That was a dark time for the country and for this forum. I don’t want to go there again, it will serve no purpose, so…peace out.
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    Fast cars, women, and rock and roll music all encourage crime rates to increase (common sense), but we don't seem to ban them. Freedom, and all, has its costs.
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    My thought is that I already have more guns than I need or can shoot. I've told my sons that when I'm gone to pick some they want to keep and sell the rest. They need the money more than the guns. However, of late I've been thinking that I'm the one who knows all the details of my collection. It would probably be better for me to go ahead and thin the herd rather than dump that problem on them. But, I'm in no hurry. I'll wait until I'm in worse shape and the market is better. Even then I'll probably get a couple of tables at a gun show and try to sell a bunch of them at once just so I don't have to drag it out.
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    The standard recoils spring for a .45 acp 1911 is 16 lbs. I like to run the Wolff 18.5 lb springs in mine. The guns just seem to run better with them. I'd say try that next.
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    I’ll toss in a Colt Woodsman or a High Standard for your consideration.
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    If that's what he told you, he told you exactly wrong. I'd strongly encourage you to verify this with him, to be sure there was no misunderstanding. Also, insist on looking at your completed background check paperwork, to see how your receiver was classed. If that paperworkv does say "rifle", don't build a pistol of any kind at any time with that receiver. Also, as a point of clarification, you can start with a pistol, build a rifle, and then go back to a pistol.
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    Nicotine is a "drug" that's killed millions. Should we outlaw that too? Alcohol is a very powerful "drug" that's killed millions. Should we outlaw that too? If so, how would you expect a different result from the last time that we tried that?
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    There is valid reason to think that prohibition and crime are linked. And then your last sentence has as much to do with it as anything. If actual crime is prosecuted and properly punished, crime rates will drop. We need massive criminal justice reform. Start with getting rid of THOUSANDS of laws. An easy way to tell will be is there a victim, other than the state. If the answer is no, then its not a crime, delete it from the books. After that, start actually punishing people convicted of a crime. Give public defenders a chance to actually familiarize themselves with cases and the ability to mount a proper defense. Prison reform also needs to happen. Every prison should be self sustaining. How they make that happen, I don't care. But the prison system should never cost law abiding citizens.
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    Let's just take those first couple a step farther and anyone that does 1 mile per hour over the speed limit also has NO regard for the law and is probably gonna axe murder everyone they meet.
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    I believe that we as humans have a moral obligation not to infringe on each other's liberty and sovereignty. Your chosen occupation does not exempt you from that.
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    I hate to see that so many fellow old farts are wanting to dump out of their guns. I wouldn't mind selling a few that have overflowed the safe. I probably won't do that until I can get a decent price for them. Now, if a Democrat gets elected president, I may even make a couple of holes in the safe.
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    My trigger finger. Every Glock that I've ever had, (22 when I was a cop, and a 20 & 29), makes my finger sore where it moves across the trigger guard. It only happens with Glocks. I still have my 20 because my 10mm is my "fun" gun. I carry my Slim 9 or P320 and have no issues like that.
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    imho Aholster makes the best pocket holsters I've ever owned, and I've owned several. Their website advertises a 20% discount this weekend, but if you are an email update subscriber you get a 30% discount. I have their holsters for 2 J Frame/LCR size revolvers (Left and right pocket) and for my S&W Shield 9mm (Left and right pocket). They are a Tennessee company and offer Vet, Mil, and LEO Discounts as well. Good folks imho. https://aholster.com/black-friday-sale/
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    Just so I'm clear, you're good with the ATF raiding a guys farm, ruining his life, and stealing nearly half a million dollars over 1/2 once of the devils lettuce? That's not even why they raided his place. That was just the ONLY thing they were able to pin on him after what was clearly a b.s warrant to begin with.
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    Glad to hear there was no injury save a bit of furniture. Good on you for sharing. It really is a good illustration of how one can be cognizant of said rule, but how concentration or focus on a tangent can make you miss something obvious. Appreciate the confidence to share the story!
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    No, it wasn't a murder investigation. His business partner was murdered but that has nothing to do with what happened here. ATF spokesman Richard Coes said the justification for the search was "that [Myers] was using explosives and getting paid for it via YouTube."[23][24] According to Myers, the case was originally tried on the state level but it was appealed to the federal courts due to the state's justification for searching his home was that "he was wearing shorts." The Federal courts prosecuted on the grounds that illegal drug possession while owning a firearm is a federal offense. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/FPSRussia
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    Got my personal best this afternoon at 3:00. It was raining steady with 12-14mph winds so the rain was falling diagonal across the field. After passing countless bucks, I could not pass this one up. 4.5 yr old chocolate rack 9 pointer. I’m sure blessed today and so thankful. All the work this year was worth this two minute long encounter with this big feller.
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    Back when I was working for a big 3 automaker in the maintenance dept. we had 'Walt', a millwright who was always doing something that HE thought was funny. He filled a balloon with acetylene and a touch of oxygen, now this was twice the size of a basketball, and waited for someone to come out of the supervisors offices that were right across the aisle from the work shop. I don't know what he set up to touch it off but he was some distance away and could only see that someone came out of the office and he set it off. OMG it was one of the biggest BOOMS I ever heard and this thing was not but maybe 5 feet away from the superintendent of the dept. when it blew. The man jumped 3 feet in the air and then fell all over himself trying to stay on his feet. He had to have thought he was a dead man. And no, Walt was not fired.
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    I saw it within a few minutes of GT posting it up, I went into my gun room for about 5 hrs with no 'puter so I couldn't see them anymore. I was hoping they would go fast, and was right. Buyers will be pleased.
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    Just in case you need it: http://buonappetitosecretrecipes.blogspot.com/2008/01/little-hat-soup.html?m=1
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    ALWAYS delete your browser history!! lol
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    The geriatric's caliber of choice!
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