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I'd say something about beating a dead horse, but this ones at 128 pages and showing no signs of slowing down. People have expressed appreciation for posting links outside the main media sources. So theres this to chew on:




The US Center for Disease Control (CDC) is altering its practices of data logging and testing for “Covid19” in order to make it seem the experimental gene-therapy “vaccines” are effective at preventing the alleged disease.

They made no secret of this, announcing the policy changes on their website in late April/early May, (though naturally without admitting the fairly obvious motivation behind the change).

The trick is in their reporting of what they call “breakthrough infections” – that is people who are fully “vaccinated” against Sars-Cov-2 infection, but get infected anyway.

Essentially, Covid19 has long been shown – to those willing to pay attention – to be an entirely created pandemic narrative built on two key factors:

  1. False-positive tests. The unreliable PCR test can be manipulated into reporting a high number of false-positives by altering the cycle threshold (CT value)

  2. Inflated Case-count. The incredibly broad definition of “Covid case”, used all over the world, lists anyone who receives a positive test as a “Covid19 case”, even if they never experienced any symptoms.

Without these two policies, there would never have been an appreciable pandemic at all, and now the CDC has enacted two policy changes which means they no longer apply to vaccinated people.

Firstly, they are lowering their CT value when testing samples from suspected “breakthrough infections”.

From the CDC’s instructions for state health authorities on handling “possible breakthrough infections” (uploaded to their website in late April):

For cases with a known RT-PCR cycle threshold (Ct) value, submit only specimens with Ct value ≤28 to CDC for sequencing. (Sequencing is not feasible with higher Ct values.)

Throughout the pandemic, CT values in excess of 35 have been the norm, with labs around the world going into the 40s.

Essentially labs were running as many cycles as necessary to achieve a positive result, despite experts warning that this was pointless (even Fauci himself said anything over 35 cycles is meaningless).

But NOW, and only for fully vaccinated people, the CDC will only accept samples achieved from 28 cycles or fewer. That can only be a deliberate decision in order to decrease the number of “breakthrough infections” being officially recorded.

Secondly, asymptomatic or mild infections will no longer be recorded as “covid cases”.




You can't tell you're being played?!?!?! Seriously?!?!?!


I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I'd like to talk to you about, and I just heard about a crazy deal on this bridge in Brooklyn, you're not going to believe it!

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10 hours ago, mikegideon said:

The main reason I got vaccinated was so I can use the Kat Timpf quote, "I'm vaccinated, so f#ck off". 

I have one better than that, "I have had the CHICOM FLU so F&%K OFF!!!

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I've recently found three website with information you can't find on mainstream media. They are lifesitenews dot com, thecovidblog dot com, and childrenshealthdefense dot org.  I suggest everyone check them out. 

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ReeferMac, I just want you to know that I share every concern and feel the same as you.  These mRNA vaccines were developed in 90 days, maybe less. Pfizer, for example, started their COVID vaccine program in January 2020, announced clinical trials in March and gave the first worldwide doses to four Germans on April 29, 2020. In June 2020, we will have a database of exactly 36 people worldwide who have had the Pfizer vaccine for one year.  

My concern is that you cannot look at short term side effects and extrapolate what the long term side effects will be.  It's a guess... a roll of the dice with the lives of hundreds of millions of people on the line. Let's hope there are no long term side effects. 

The 1984-like Newspeak from public health leadership turns me off. 

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29 minutes ago, Garufa said:

Does anyone have anything new or different to offer after 3,180 posts of the same people saying the same thing?

😅So you think we’ve sufficiently covered “It’s a scam” and “Everybody’s gonna die”?

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  • Admin Team

If you separate your kids from the community they inhabit - then it’s unlikely to be a priority.

Kids generally have strong immune systems and are low risk for serious disease.

But, for most of us, we can’t separate them from the community around us - and don’t want to. We go to church around older people.  They go to school with older teachers.  They take piano lessons.  We hang out with friends who are immunocompromised.  We’re a part of a larger community.

So we vaccinate because while it’s low risk to our kids, we care about the community around us. 

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30 minutes ago, Omega said:

So you're ok with this?  Are you getting yours vaccinated?  

The key word from the above is "urging"; not "requiring" like some colleges are doing. If I had youngsters it would depend on their overall health. If our kid had asthma or some other condition that would put him/her at risk then hell ya I would get them vaccinated. My wife and I didn't get vaccines for other people's sake; we got it for ours, and that would have been extended to our children when they were young.

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Just now, E4 No More said:

Source? Because I can find nothing saying that that was in schools. (...it was the late 1940's)

Hell, there was a SCOTUS decision in 1922 upholding vac requirements in public schools.

As far as Boston and MA, just to cite a couple:




- OS


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Do folks here know ANYTHING about who works the FDA reveiw board???  Decades ago, I learned about how back then, the going rate of a pharmacutical Co to hire one of the "active" FDA reviewer's was running $250k. It was in a "consultant" position and happened to run on an annual basis. There is no such thing as quid pro quo among the FDA employees who bring you legal drugs. Its gotten way, way worse since I last researched this.  I dont trust anything coming out of these bureaucrats any further than I can spit. Problem is there is a whole lot of naivete out there. Madona hated her song "material girl" and wished she never sung it but its so indicative of our society especialy where easy money is at hand with a wink & a nod.  Right off the top of that sooo unbias news room, Google, we get....

Corruption at the FDA: Former Chief Sued – American Free Press

This can go on and on.....

An FDA Whistleblower's Documents: Commerce, Corruption and Death (madinamerica.com)

Just so we dont break stride with the topic at hand.....  

 12,184 DEAD 1,196,190 Injuries: European Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 “Vaccines” (healthimpactnews.com)

The Uncle Sam, I learned about in school who rallied our country during War and was the American mascot so to speak around the world is gone. His biblical history.....

"Samuel grew in wisdom and became a prophet. Following a great Philistine victory over the Israelites, Samuel became a judge and rallied the nation against the Philistines at Mizpah. He established his house at Ramah, riding a circuit to various cities where he settled the people's disputes. Unfortunately, Samuel's sons, Joel and Abijah, who had been delegated to follow him as judges, were corrupt."


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3 hours ago, Quavodus said:

So......., when do the people that got vaccinations turn into zombies?

I'm feeling a bit zomibi-ish this evening.

I'm also not at all confident in the death totals listed in the chart above. Just recently the government (CDC) has begun to distinguish between "death FROM COVID" and "death WITH COVID".  Somehow I doubt we're ever going to see an accurate accounting of this disease.

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