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Handgun carry in a horse


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I think you can open carry some old azz black powder guns. But I’m not sure because I have no desire to do that.

But carrying a modern handgun on a horse would require the same permit required to carry without being on a horse. Unless there is some wording in the vehicle carry statute that would allow it on a horse. I don’t remember seeing that.

EDIT: I thought you were asking about the legalities of it. If you weren’t, disregard these comments as I have no idea what kind of gun you should carry of a horse. One that won’t scare the horse would be my guess. 🙃

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Classic old west gun fighter, Josey Wales style....  One .44 on each leg. Another gun belt with 2 more .44's across the front of the saddle. Shoulder holster with a .38. Saddle scabbards with 2 lever guns and a shotgun. Good to go.  :)  

Or whatever you're inclined to carry.  I would think you'd need reasonable retention so things wouldn't bounce away. 

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11 minutes ago, loadedp3at said:

I have carried both. Just wondering because there have been both mentioned in history. I was asking (with proper permits) what today's riders prefer and what caliber? 

I don't know how likely it is, but if you did have to shoot with a semi auto from near or on/ in the horse, I imagine having hot brass get caught up against the horse somehow would make things exciting...

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It would depend entirely what you may expect to encounter. Big, small, two legged critters? Arm for what's out there where you're going.  

Personally, I'd go with a good .357  or .44 caliber large frame revolver with a 4 to 6" barrel in a good OWB holster with a secure strap of some kind. 

Also, a long gun wouldn't be out of the question. They do make saddle scabbards ya know. ;)

But, as mentioned, make sure the horse is agreeable. It would be a real shame if you had to shoot, only to have the horse throw you and break your neck.   Even if you dismounted first, at the very least, you'd probably be going home on foot.  Horses ain't real fond of sudden loud noises.  They tend to run away.  :rolleyes:

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The basic 1911 and 1911A1 were both designed so the Calvary could shoot them from horse back. Supposedly, you could rack the slide by catching the military grade rear sight on the pants leg and pushing down. Not something, I’d really recommend doing bough, for a couple of reasons that come to mind. And you won’t do that with a set of Novak or today’s sights.

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I'd recommend something long and thin, preferable in stainless so it's easier to clean.  Maybe a mare's leg with plenty of Vaseline.

Interesting way to carry concealed.  Not too sure about how quickly you could get to it or how the horse would react.  Certainly nobody would suspect you had a gun IN the horse.  In the interest of putting it crudely, I'd suggest a mare.

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My daughter just had me to order her a Belly Band, for her Ruger LCR ,from Cross Breed holsters. She carries for 2 legged predator's. She visits a lot of off road trailheads and sometimes there are only 2 or 3 women.  They rode in Franklin TN yesterday in the park there. She has her HCP and does not care to open carry. 

We will see how that works for horseback riding. 

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I would think make, model, and caliber would be determined by the shooter's purpose and skill, and that the holster would be the more important question.  As a guy who used to ride often and who's been thrown from a horse before, my two biggest suggestions for any gun you carry horseback are: 1) the gun should be absolutely drop safe; and 2) attach a lanyard to the grip.  Also, a gun with fixed sights would be a good choice.  (If you get thrown and land on your weapon, no risk of adjustable rear sight piece breaking off and making it harder to aim.)

When I was a teenager I had a mare cut and run half a mile through thick woods one time with me hanging on.  She came up on two legs and tried to buck me every time I reined in.  If I'd dropped a handgun that day, I would never have found it again.

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