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How did you end up on TGO


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I had this crazy idea that folks there were enough folks who cared about firearms and the Second Amendment in Tennessee that a forum might actually get off the ground.  Who knew!  :D

That's exactly right! My son pointed me over here. Smart kid, that boy, gets it from his old man. :)
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I don't remember. Like a lot of other stuff. ;)


Seriously, I guess I found it Googling around about the time I first looked into getting an HCP. Lurked for a good long while before I decided to join and dominate the conversation. :)


- OS

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You know, I can't really remember. But I think it was around the time of the David/Rabbi era. Seems like I was told about an online gun forum that had gotten pretty interesting over some disagreements between them. The morbid curiosity I guess brought me in. Never did find out what went on, but stayed around because I enjoyed it so much.


Also because I was pretty much homebound at the time with cancer issues. Real glad I stayed around.

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TGO David tricked me, said he was giving away free house cleanings and car washings for joining. Been waiting 8 months and still no dice! ... Should've known not to trust someone standing in front of a qwik-e-mart selling priceless coins for $20 each

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I was in Tn on vacation visiting my folks when I google "Nashville shooting range" found two things, CHMR and TGO. Been members of both ever since. Stuck around Charlie's on account of the fact that aside from being the best bargain around, he is one hell of a guy. My brother called me several times in Ca to say that Charlie was asking on me and sent his best. Stuck around TGO because it was immediately apparent that David had created a true community. I've been a member of several forums and for the most part they are essentially popularity contests. Whoever has the highest post count or the snappiest one liners gets his questions answered or his answers taken as gospel. Not at TGO, everyone's thoughts count for something here, and that's impressive in and of itself. Add to that the fact that folks help each other out on a regular basis and what we have here is a true community. I've had the privledge of meeting several folks on here face to face and every time I've walked away feeling as though I've made a friend.
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Guest Lester Weevils

Tis a long story. About a year after being kidnapped into service on a whaler, while rounding the cape we encountered a fearsome storm lasting many days. When weather finally cleared the sky was too overcast to find bearings. Becalmed for weeks in antarctic waters. Supplies ran short. Finally the ship drifted toward a chain of small antarctic islands. The spyglass showed thousands of walrus and penguins on every beach.


I accompanied a landing party to slay meat and collect fresh water ice for ships stores. Wind and fog arose while we were ashore shooting walrus. It dragged the whaler's anchor and began blowing it out to sea. Vainly attempting to row the longboat back to the whaler, we lost sight of both the islands and the ship in the fog and dark. Next morning when the fog lifted, marooned in a longboat we could see nothing but black sea, horizon to horizon.


After drifting the antarctic ocean for several days surviving on nothing but fish and walrus blubber, the longboat was captured by a powerful current which irresistibly drew us into a narrow high-banked river gorge thru the ice-bound landscape. The strange river flowed for hundreds of miles straight into the antarctic mainland with ever-increasing velocity.


After some days we reached the south pole and were sucked down a torrential waterfall. Finally finding ourselves in a strange underground kingdom populated by dinosaurs, cavemen and psionic lizard men. Actually the lizard men were friendlier and more civilized than the cavemen. The lizard women treated us especially well. After a few months one realizes that lizard women are quite beautiful and sexy, and they are excellent cooks, seamstresses, distillers and dancers. The lizard people have advanced science, receiving internet signals via a giant shaft drilled hundreds of miles down from the surface.


This deep shaft had been drilled by a consortium of human web filter software companies. WebSense, WebPurity, DynDNS, CleanFeed, NetNanny and more had pooled funds to drill a hole to the center of the earth. All banned content requested by users trapped behind nanny filters, is routed down this vast hole in the ground. This is the web filter companies secret technique of consigniing the first amendment to the very pits of hell.


After much web browsing of unadulterated Nanny Filter blocked content, we finally discovered TGO to be the most pleasant and edifying feed rejected by WebSense as gun-related and therefore too evil for delivery to surface mortals. TGO remains the best way to keep up with affairs in the surface world of man.


Your gun laws break our hearts in sympathy. The lizard people cherish the right to bear arms and they would consider gun laws immoral, if they were even capable of understanding the concept. The lizard people's advanced science provides us with a cornucopia of well-designed destructive recreational devices with highest standards of workmanship. From flintlock muskets up thru auto-repeating slug-throwers. All kinds of blasters, needle beams, disintegration rays, molecular disruptors and paralysis oscillators, to name only a few. After all, it can get boring at the center of the earth. There isn't much to do at the center of the earth except plink at dinosaurs and cave men with exotic weaponry, browse TGO, and be pampered by harems of beautiful lizard women!

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