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    There’s a reason you only hear good things about the MGW.
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    Will not be in Nashville anytime in the foreseeable future. Appreciate the comments. It's amazing. Regardless how good a deal is, some folks always want more.
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    I have seriously begun to question how many of you TGO regulars actually go to the range and shoot your guns, and how many of you just buy them to let them sit at your house. Or worse yet, how many of you just come here to talk about politics because politics and guns see to be inextricably linked to one another. So, let's have some fun related to guns. The next time you are at the range, take a photo of what you're shooting and what your targets look like. It doesn't matter what distance. You don't even have to disclose it. If you want to stand right in front of it and pull the trigger for the tightest group possible, that's fine and you don't have to tell a soul. At least you're out shooting! To start us off: This was a recent outing with one of my old faithfuls. This M&P 40 was produced in 2005 and is one of the earliest production runs of the reborn M&P line from Smith and Wesson. I have owned it since it was new and it has about 10,000 rounds on it now. It has attended six combative pistol classes and has never failed me. Not a single time. Never a failure to feed, fire or eject. I have put a seemingly endless combination of sights on it over the years but it currently wears Ameriglo Hackathorn sights. I haven't even replaced the recoil spring on it yet. No sign that I need to, either. This grouping was shot at about 15 yards and is two magazine's worth (30 rounds) of 40SW.
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    Wreck of the SS City of Adelaide off the coast of Magnetic Island in Australia
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    2nd that. I did it on a Model 686. I used Happich Simichrome.
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    Bersaguy, my wife and I talked this over and here is what we came up with. We get wasps and even a rare scorpion inside our house in winter. It's possible she got stung, didn't know what happened herself, and was afraid to go back to that location or even to go into the house. That could also explain why she was off her regular eating for a while. Other than carbon monoxide or a gas leak, we couldn't come up with anything else.
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    I went with the American. Thanks everybody!
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    Why do you think they moved to TN.....
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    David’s guest on the Shooters Nation podcast two weeks ago carries one and she really likes it. Her name was Avery Skipalis. She is a Navy and civilian firearms instructor and spoke highly of it.
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    I am a guitar guy, with an expensive collection. The used American will hold it's value much higher. Used MIM Fenders sell of $300 regularly, with some folks thinking they are $500+. They aren't. The fit and finish of the MIA will be much better than the MIM. The MIA will also use much better components than the MIM. I own a lot of Asian guitars, I think all of them are to be honest. Korea and Indonesia are making some really solid instruments these days, and I have a few Chinese axes that aren't bad either. Something else to take into consideration is an amp. An amp affects the sound as much as the guitar. Cheap amps are cheap. Even more so than a cheap guitar. A Fender Mustang is a good low budget option, because honestly, a good amp costs as much as a good guitar.
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    I signed up this afternoon. Watching a show right now. If you have an ad blocker on, it comes up and asks you to turn it off, but if you ignore the message it stays up for the time the commercial would run and then the show starts again, much less annoying than the commercial.
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    I’ll trade you my Miroku trap for your Franchi.
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    Update: I have a friend that I called to come and see how she reacted to him. Back when I first got Darby it was a rocky start. I got here on Wednesday and had my heart attack on Saturday and after William got me to the hospital I asked him to take care of Darby and he promised he would. He fed her everyday in the evening. He came over a couple times a day and took her out and played fetch with her and some nights he would take her home with him to spend time with his two small house dogs then bring her back home. She still loves him to this day and when he stops by she won't leave him alone and keeps taking toys to him trying to get him to play with her. She even brings him a dog biscuit that she has hid someplace and gives it to him. Well it took a little of William working with her to coax her out of the Jeep but she finally gave in when he walked over and picked up a couple sticks to play fetch. She seemed to be relaxing while playing so when she got ready to quit he threw a stick and she didn;t go after it so Wiliiam and I came to the front door of the house and she stopped about 20 feet from the door and laid down. William walked out and petted her a few times and walked towards the house and she acted like she was going to come in and got about 10 feet from the door and sat down. William took her short leash out and hooked her up and she followed him in the house. After he left she seemed a lot less stressed but I was not going to let her get back stressed so I took here for a walk out around the yard and instead of coming back in the house I took her for a ride in the Jeep to a park ad we walked around a little, back in the jeep and go gas it up. Then come home like normal. Let her out and she jumped out normal and came in the house and began eating her breakfast I have put down earlier. She is acting like nothing happened. Ate supper and chased squirrels out in the yard and right back in the house. I have no clue what was bothering her this morning at all the way till noon or a little after William left and we went for the ride. William said the wind was howling late last night I didn't hear anything but Darby is really scare of thunder storms but normally when they start I can find her in the bathroom laying on the bathmat. That is her safe place during storms. She picked that when the first thunderstorm happened when she came here to live. Thanks to everyone that offered advice and showed concern. I don't guess we will ever find out what it was but I sure hope it never happens again.
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    Proof of some range activity..... My Certificate and Turbo Pin #8
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    Mother's Mag Wheel polish and a rag.....do it yourself.
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    Just Google what you want and view images for search results.
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    I sure am glad somebody finally said this. Open letter to California boy... https://bearingarms.com/tom-k/2018/11/19/open-letter-rep-eric-swalwell/?fbclid=IwAR2DuQv6XoxcDUTK7kRyYXVebryyoOjCin_r4ajt2_Wgf-I0BQ56T8ELA3s
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    I have sold lots of stuff in my life...even Kirby vacuum cleaners... all sales jobs are their own special kind of torture
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    Highlands near Kinlochleven, Scotland.
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    I have this idear, sorry Doug but you are now an alien, not from south of the border but like in the movie "Body Snatchers". Your dog knew something was wrong.
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    Ok I'll join in, I will have to scan the one I really want, if I can even find it. This is what Santa does for those that are really naughty
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