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What was your first car?


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6 minutes ago, MacGyver said:

I found it for sale down in Florida under a tree - my dad loaned me the $1500 I needed to buy it, and I worked all summer long to pay him off and get that thing back in good running order.

I still miss that truck.

Things I don't miss - having to yell at your date to have a conversation and continually smelling like exhaust.

I'd straight out buy another truck with kick vents though.

I always wanted an FJ, or a pre-78 Bronco, IH Scout or Scout II. If you find one nowadays, you'll be paying $25,000+ for a beater and $35K+for one restored or in good condition.

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Very first of many cars and trucks was a spotless 1964 Chevy Impala 4dr, 283 V8, auto, P/S, factory below dash A/C.  It only had 28K miles on it and still had the clear plastic seat wrap on it when I bought from a little grandma for $300 in 1975.  First day I drove it to school all the rich kids were razzin' me about while standing next to their Trans Ams, 280Zs etc.  I just said "Yeah, but Daddy didn't buy mine."  I never heard another word about it.  Other memorable cars that I wish I still had included:

  • 1976 L82 Corvette
  • 1967 Catalina 2+2 Tri-Power, 4spd., 428 CI, NASCAR production.
  • 1975.5 455 Super Duty Trans Am, 4 speed. Mid year production, very limited numbers.
  • 1970 Cougar XR7, 351 Cleveland convertible.
  • 1965 Mustang 2+2 Fastback, 4-speed, 289
  • 1955 (Late) GMC stepside.
  • 2006 Mustang GT
  • 2007 Mustang GT
  • 1970 Mustang Mach 1, 351 V8, auto.

Making this list brought back a lot of memories and surprising, I never wrecked any of them.  I have had many other vehicles but these were my most enjoyable.


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14 minutes ago, Ronald_55 said:

My Dad had a 69 Super Beetle when I was a kid. I think first car I remember. Mom had a 74 Beetle

My Dad literally had 12 Beetles between the time I was born and was maybe 7 years old.  Going to Jimmy Payne’s VW dealership in Memphis was how I grew up, lol.

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1979 Ford LTD, black vinyl top and 351 under the hood. Carburetor would stick in the cold and be wide open. Idled at 50 mph once it slammed into gear. Think it broke a motor mount. Gas gauge didn’t work either. Baby blue too. Wonderful for a 16 year old according to mom. 

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33 minutes ago, Garufa said:

My Dad literally had 12 Beetles between the time I was born and was maybe 7 years old.  Going to Jimmy Payne’s VW dealership in Memphis was how I grew up, lol.

That's awesome. Did he just trade in constantly or collect a few at a time?

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31 minutes ago, Erik88 said:

That's awesome. Did he just trade in constantly or collect a few at a time?

Constantly trading them back in.  Dad was a bit OCD but VW’s of the era were hit or miss.  You either got a good one or a total lemon.

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My first car was a ragged out, beat to piss 1989 Ford Escort. I only had it for about a month as I managed to fall asleep at the wheel and roll it four times side over side. That began a quick succession of super cheap POS cars from buy here, pay here lots. It was a long while before I ever drove a decent car. 

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Boy I feel old with what you guys had for first cars.

My first car was a 1949 Crosley Station Wagon that I bought for $100 when I was 13. I spent the next 3 years rebuilding it mechanically. Had it tore down to just a frame on a pair of saw horses then cleaned and painted and assembled. Never got beyond a rattle can paint job for the body when it went on the road to drive the last of my high school years. Here is the hook, I still have it. Rebuild mechanical a second time in the 70s and it is on jack stands in my shop waiting for me to get to a third rebuild.

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I learned to drive in a gold 1963 Jeep Wagoneer with three-speed on the column.  Some years later graduated to a black 1964 Plymouth Valiant with the slant-six engine and push-button automatic trans on the dash.  Fun cars.  Neither was fast but I'd love to have either one of them again.  The Wagoneer had 4wd with manual locking hubs and would drive anywhere.  Had a weak heater, though.  The Valiant was a reliable as a stone.  

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18 hours ago, peejman said:

First vehicle I drove was our 76 Chevy van, two-tone green. Great for a teenage boy's self esteem.  🙄   And all that stuff you're thinking about a mattress or hot tub in the back....  yeah, no.  

The first car I bought myself was a 98 Saturn SL2.  Great little car, fun with the 5-speed. Wish I hadn't sold it. 


18 hours ago, Ronald_55 said:

My Dad had a shag carpet, moon window silver 60's van that needed fixed up. At 14 I started talking about fixing it to drive...  mysteriously my Mom decided it needed sold...

They wrote a song about those, Chevy Van, in 1973, by Sammy Jones! 

17 hours ago, MacGyver said:

1977 FJ40.  Man, I loved that old truck.


Man, I love those things!!! You won’t find one for $1500 now! 

I bought my first car 1979. It was a 4 door 1970 Plymouth Satellite, gold with an imitation alligator skin vinyl top, a 318 V8, factory am/fm, air and mag wheels. Got it from the Used Car manager in Maryville. It was his wife car. Picked up for $1000. Wish I still had it! Loved that car. 

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First car was a 1970 mustang fastback 1 owner car I still have. Restored it in the 90s with my grandfather finished it in 95. I still have it and always will. The lady that owned it since new drove by my grandfather’s office and saw his 66 mustang sitting outside ( my brother has that car now) and asks if he Southern interested. Got it for $500 no rust and numbers matching. We restored it together no amount of money can get it. I also have his 76 F 100 he bought new.

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1st was a 76 AMC Gremlin I inherited at 16 from my 19 year old brother after he got killed on his motorcycle. Then a 71 Cutlass Supreme Great Car! Then after working at a Chevy Olds dealer for several years in their body shop I bought a 79 Rally Sport, 350, possi n 4 speed. I pealed off the decals and painted it my way.  Had this car for 10 years.


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1993 Mercury Grand Marquis. My dad was a firm believer of a big car. I remember being extremely exited when I got it. I also remember being ridiculed for driving a "grandmas" car.  Jokes on them. I had power everything, leather everything and a nice 4.6l V8. 

Too bad it was governed at 95 😐


Still dont know how I ended up with a crossover.

First the 93

Then a 99 silverado

96 Ram

91 silverado

02 cavalier

92 F250

03 altima

04 RX8

68 Bel air (Unfortunately, I sold it after 7 years of torture)

01 Miata

06 VR6 GTI

99 BWM 328i

96 bmw Z3

91 Miata

91 RX7

06 Mazda 3

16 Mazda 3

and now to the 17 crosstrek.

I had a LOT of those cars at once too. I miss the GTI and the RX7 the most. Followed closely by the miata.


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