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Tables to mount a press on ?

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I've been reloading a few years now and have my press and powder measure are mounted and bolted onto my dining room table. It sounds funny but we never eat at that table and it's just a place to put things on and holds groceries and things. We are now moving into a different house and I'll finally have a garage to myself. I am trying to find a small table or something that doesn't take up much room to mount my press and powder measure on. The garage isn't very big , just enough to hold 2 cars but I want something easy to move but stable enough to use the press. My press is a single-stage press so it's not huge. Do you fellas have any good ideas or is there something out there made for what I just described ? I'd like it kinda small but stable enough for me to pull down on my press handle and the table still be nice and stable. Any ideas and information is appreciated. 

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I just built a table frame out of 2x4 lumber, put a 3/4" thick plywood top on it, and then put a cheap countertop with backsplash from Lowes on top of that.  I drilled through the countertop and plywood, ran my bolts for the press through it, and voila.  Rock steady.

You can tie that to the wall in the garage with some long decking screws or lag bolts and it absolutely won't rock or tilt while you're cranking away on the press.

The backsplash on the countertop keeps primers and casings from rolling off the back of the table, too.


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I used this with 2 single stage LEE presses mounted on opposite sides for years.  I don't load the big magnum cases, 6mmbr is the largest, but I've never had an issue with stability, etc.


wait for free shipping if possible as it's on the heavy side but still easy to move/slide around.  I leave mine set up in my cave all the time but it slides easy on the area rug. 

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If it needs to be able to move, one of the tool chests from harbor freight would work.  Put a double layer of 3/4” plywood on top and put your supplies in it.   Bolt the press though the top.  That being said, immovable is always better than movable if any loading for accuracy is involved. 

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They make some folding hinges that you could mount across a couple studs and get some collapsible legs and you could build yourself a pretty solid bench that you could fold out of the way when not in use.  I used some to build a miter saw stand a few years ago and it has held up pretty well.  Could use 3/4" plywood as the top and build some shoes with bolts to mount your press to the top if you were still worried about it.

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I have an old office desk that's built like a tank. It is probably 40 years old. Takes 2 people just to move it. I've almost gave it away several times but it is perfect for reloading. 

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1 hour ago, tercel89 said:

Thanks for all the ideas guys. It's a new house and at this minute I don't want to start drilling things into the walls. So that's why I'm trying to keep it mobile like a table.  

I moved into a new construction in 2021. Took a week to start hanging storage rail on the garage walls.  Just do it!

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42 minutes ago, jhc77 said:

I moved into a new construction in 2021. Took a week to start hanging storage rail on the garage walls.  Just do it!

LOL . I'm just nervous I guess. Heck I was even nervous to lean my fishing poles against the sheetrock walls. 

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Look at this kit. You can spec the size you want. You supply the lumber. I have an old countertop for the top of mine.

2x4basics 90164MI Custom Work Bench and Shelving Storage System, Black


I actually have a single stage I was using to deprime bolted to a board and c clamped to a bar stool kinda like this right now. Push it into the corner when I am done. Used a similar set up for a small vice to hold things I was filing a while back. 



You could achieve similar with this bench grinder stand






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If you go for a plywood top I’d get a 4’x8’ 1/2 inch and have Lowe’s or Home Depot cut in half. You’ll have ~1” top.  I made mine from a large packing crate.  Made it in the late 60’s.  Still going strong.

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On 8/17/2023 at 9:26 PM, tercel89 said:

LOL . I'm just nervous I guess. Heck I was even nervous to lean my fishing poles against the sheetrock walls. 

Dad and I built a bunch of wall shelves and a work bench in my garage before we moved in.  It's way easier before it's full of stuff. I can assure you the garage will be full of stuff (not cars) for a while after you move. 🙂

My bench is similar to David's except I used cabinet drawers under the counter top. I got the cheap white stuff at Lowes and it works fine. It's reinforced with plywood under the counter top. 


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