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    Well it's finally done. I finally got moved to my new home. I now live in Gordonsville Tennessee and back in the country again after 20 years of city life. I forgot what it was like to need something from the store living in the country. It's not a 10 minute trip to grab a few things anymore. The nearest stores are about 12 to 15 miles away. So now I need to get back in the habit of when I go to the store I need to stock up instead of just grabbing a few things. I also am now living in a house I could have put my last house in the living room of. It's a journey just to make it to the coffee pot first thing in the morning!! The kitchen is also huge. Master bedroom is as big as both of the bedrooms in the old house. I have put all of my furniture in the rooms and they still look empty. Getting TV reception is an adventure also. I'm shopping a new antenna this coming week. Need something with more than a 50 mile range on it. Tommy said they are bringing Fiber-Optics lines down this road in about 2 months and I am sure hoping Spectrum is one of the servers on it. If it is I will be getting TV and Internet as son as they can hook me up. Tommy (SIL) says he just wants internet cause they don't watch enough TV to get it. Another thing is I have not got a good nights sleep since I have been here. Not use to it being so quiet at night. Oh well just wanted to bring folks up to date on whats going on in my life..................
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    I have been wanting a nice O/U for a while. I sold some guns and saved my pennies and bought this Zoli. Took her out and shot some sporting clays today.
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    Finally found a Python in what I consider good shape and I could afford. I've been on the Python search for quite some time now. Most of them I'd want to take home must have gold screws! Sorry for the lousy pics.
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    Not a good attitude. Whether you like them or not is immaterial. We should not give up any right due to the fault of one individual.
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    Picked this one up yesterday to replace the ECO I parted with to help fund a motorcycle purchase. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet but hopefully soon!
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    Funny how two states dropped us as soon as the 18 year old exception was added, even though the training stayed the same. Point being, there is no guarantee how other states will see this ... they might well simply lump all TN permits together as far as their decisions -- which might be to not honor them due to lack of training. I can understand how a state wouldn't want to put up with their LE having to distinguish between two types of permits on the spot, eh? Again, Nashville excels at doing badly what need not be done at all. - OS
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    SOLD I got this on a trade from a member here a while back and decided to sell it instead of taking it out to shoot. I was told it had only been fired a few times and it looks that way. No holster wear, grips look great, no blemishes, etc... I looked it up a while back and I think this one was produced in '79 or the early 80's? No lock! I'll be glad to send more pics if anyone is interested. No trades and will sell for $800 and includes original box, paperwork, wax paper, etc...
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    Okay, I’ve gotten some time to come up for air. I’ve reread everything here and will offer a few thoughts. Upfront, there will certainly be folks who disagree with me. Take these thoughts for what they are, and maybe use them to process your own church’s response. It sounds like you’ve got a good engaged leadership. First, this is absolutely Kingdom work. Scripture is concerned with three types of people over and over again - the sojourner, the widow, and the orphan. You might argue that a young drug addict doesn’t fall into any of these categories. But, he’s clearly an “other” who society has little use for. Jesus would see this young man and engage with him. This young man is Jesus’s kind of person. Second, working with folks like this is a long effort. It’s dirty. It’s personal. It can be life changing - for the people doing the work as well as the person being helped. When you decide to help - it will change the way that you see things. Things are rarely as simple as we like to try to see them. And working with folks with needs like these will change the way you see things. We’re a small church (150 on a good Sunday) and have worked regularly with 3 or 4 folks who’ve struggled with addiction and homelessness for years now - literally 8 years in a couple of the cases. There are rarely any clean breaks. We work towards that - but there are definitely systemic issues that make it tough. Be prepared for the long haul. Third, there are going to be some people who will be quite vocal in opposing working with this young man. The way I think about this is sort of like this - if this is Kingdom work - it’s very much at the border of the Kingdom. We’ve built our comfortable suburban churches to be at what we see as the center of the Kingdom. So, we rarely have to get our hands dirty if we don’t want to - and a lot of us don’t want to - so we’re really uncomfortable with it when we experience it. Think of a person who’s only ever bought meat neatly shrink wrapped at the grocery store suddenly having to slaughter their own meat. Many really aren’t going to like it. —- File this next part under the thoughts of a church of Christ guy who is deeply skeptical of some of the ways we’ve organized our churches today. What I’m about to say is likely to offend a lot of folks. Feel free to skip ahead. I’m deeply skeptical of the “security teams” that we’re organizing in a lot of our churches. We’ve organized these suburban churches that give us these curated experiences that make us feel good about our personal relationships with Jesus. But, do we see the Gospel in our churches? if we’re not careful - the illusion of security in our churches can become idolatrous. I think we really need to struggle with this more than we do. To go back to my Kingdom language from earlier, I think we see ourselves as being close to the center of the Kingdom. But, in reality we’ve created these cloistered, walled off churches and don’t realize that we’re way more isolated than we think we are. Jesus referred to folks like this as whitewashed tombs once upon a time - and I think It’s probably worth holding up mirror every now and then and taking a good hard look. The irony of it is, we don’t realize it - but we’re not fully experiencing the Kingdom either. There’s a rich seven course meal waiting, but we’ve convinced ourselves that the stale sandwiches we’re eating are as good as it gets. This young man is isolated in ways that are public. But, what we don’t realize is that a lot of us experience isolation in ways that are just as debilitating - but we suffer in private. One of the things that we’ve lost in the modern Western church is that historically there was no idea of personal salvation. Redemption and salvation was delivered through community. I’d offer for thought that by leaving our comfort and heading to the borders of the Kingdom, we might find that salvation comes to us all. Happy to discuss this further out of this thread. —- Back to this young man, I’d offer some pragmatic thoughts. 1. Let your safety team operate as sort of “congregational concierges.” I think we see shootings and want to see the outsider as an opposition force. But, in the Kingdom, everyone is welcome. This young man may in fact go to the front of the line at the proverbial wedding banquet. We need people on these teams who default to being welcome and generous. 2. This young man may not be in a place where he’s ready to accept help. He may not know that he needs help. But, if we figure that God brings people though our doors for a reason - then we need to see him and invite him into the Kingdom. 3. But, it’s okay to set some ground rules. Sort of a framework like - we’re happy to help - but you can’t be high at services. You cannot ask members for money. Appoint a point of contact (maybe a deacon) and funnel through that person. 4. Think about other resources in your congregation who might be able to help. For instance, you might have folks who would never volunteer for a “safety team” - but who work in other helpful spaces. In our church, we have nurses, a mental health resource, people who work in non profits in housing, and social workers. The value that they bring to the table is infinite. And, it’s great to see them use their professional talents for the Kingdom. 5. Consider outside help. We put something in place a while back where we basically subsidize counseling for our members. Specifically, any member of our church can go to counseling for $5 per session - which basically rounds to free. We pay $70 as a church to make up the difference. I see both the bills and the uptake in our church - and from a pastoral perspective, this is probably the best money we spend in a given year. You’re in middle Tennessee - so I could put you in touch with resources that could set something like this up. 6. Scaffold your help. This is a long effort and there is some fatigue that can go along with it. Have that point person or persons - but check in regularly and have your elders keep up with what’s going on. 7. Work towards reconciliation. This young man needs healing - and his family needs to be a part of it. He and they may not be ready for it - but it’s worth looping back on. 8. Know that the Holy Spirit certainly plays the long game and will work in ways that we cannot even fathom if we’ll just make room for it to happen. That was a long answer to your question - but know you’re doing Kingdom work. Certainly my prayers are with you. Happy to talk further if it’s helpful.
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    I saw this on the way to the Mennonite store this morning and thought I'd share.
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    So then it’s not about safety, it’s about revenue.
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    So life has been crazy busy this last year with my wife starting her fellowship at Vanderbilt Medical Center and the birth of our first child. What a wirlwind, so I have t been near as active here, but through all that my wife passed her board certification and is now a Board Certified Pathologist. She interviewed and has a contract with a physician group in Knoxville. Those of you that know me know we lived in Knoxville for many years, and as we have loved the past few years in Nashville we are excited to be heading back. We have a contract pending on our house here and currently searching on Knoxville. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers as we embark on yet another adventure and look forward to being an East Tennesean again.
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    Just in case anyone needs to know. When you have a record expunged in Tennessee, the state MAILS the orders to TBI and they have up to 60 days to remove it. The mailing process is slow, as we found out. My husband called them on Wednesday to ask how long and was told that if the state had FAXED it, it would have been removed in hours. He told them he had a copy of the orders and could he fax and was told yes. He faxed them at 4:15pm with a cover sheet with his name and phone number. Then on Thursday morning he got a call at 8:15am and was informed that they got the fax and removed it. He asked about the FBI and was told they removed it the same day the state does! We wasn't sure, so he decided to wait 24 hours. Friday morning, he went to Academy Sports, picked out a Glock g43x and submitted the paperwork for the nics check. 15 minutes later he legally purchased his first handgun and skipped off out of the store grinning from ear to ear! Once in the truck, he scheduled his ccw class for this morning. Needless to say, after having a felony since he was 20 years old, 30 years later and he is no longer a felon. Thank you all for your interest and feedback. I hope this helps anyone in the same situation. The attorney we used is Daniel Horwitz in Nashville. Highly recommended.
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    Only substance in the entire article "banning a particular item will not prevent the next attack " Also "i" think fast food is a waste of money therefore we need to ban fast food. Who's with me ?
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    I was giving out school supplies to military families today. (About 1000 kids) A mom with several kids came in with a special needs son. He was obviously in sensory overload and mom was having issue taking care of him and her other children. The entire room stopped. You could see how uncomfortable everyone was and how some disapproved of how mom handled it. I've been in the same situation most of the times I'm in public with my daughter. My daughter is also blind so she tends to get excited easily. I always feel guilty for interrupting someone's night out and putting them in that situation, but I also want to make the most of the time we will have with her. If you see us out, please don't hold your breath. Your child can't catch it. You don't have to feel sorry for us. It's okay to ask questions. I'm not going to freak out. I only break down when I'm alone. I wish I would have hugged that mom and told her it was okay.
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    It dawned on me that at this very time exactly 75 years ago, the first of the Allied Forces were jumping into France. The amphibious landing crafts would land a few hours later. All those brave men will be heavily on my mind over the coming days. God bless.
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    Eh may see about moving this again. Leupold 1inch Rings included $775 in nashville
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    Over the last couple of weeks I have I have been able to pick up some nice revolvers. I got two Colt SAA's in .45 and a USFA in .44 special. The blued Colt is 1978 and the nickel Colt is either end of 1978 or beginning of 1979. Have not looked up the USFA yet. I love me some cowboy guns.
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    This. The FFL retains the form 4473with the buyers name and the gun serial number, but they don't give that info to anyone... unless they surrender their license (quit the business) and are require to give their records to the ATF. If a gun is used in a crime and the police are researching it, they contact the OEM who looks up which distributor got that one. Then they ask the distributor which retailer got it. Then they ask the retailer (FFL) who bought it. Then they contact you. If you no longer have it because you sold it to another person, you tell them that. If you don't have record of who you sold it to (an individual is not required to have any records) that's the end of the line. And carrying it on your person somewhere other than your property requires a handgun carry permit (HCP). There is no requirement to conceal it, but it's generally considered to be a good idea.
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    My Mom has been quilting as long as I can remember, now that she has retired she has been quilting full time. Here is one of her quilts.
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    This am, I ordered a new gun I've been wanting for a while. Walther PPS M2 RSMc 9mm. Has a Shield red dot sight with 4MOA dot. Should be here Thurs. or Fri. Anxious to say the least. Got zeroing to do. Sights co-witness with the iron sights, if needed. The dot stays on all the time & adjusts for light. We'll see how it goes, will take some getting used to. My old eyes, and tri-focal glasses, will, I think work better than with iron sights. Ordered from Lebanon Gun Shop, on Hartman Dr.
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    You are not justified in the use of deadly force to protect property. If someone threatens you with a gun you are no longer protecting property; you are protecting your life. The fact they have a gun means nothing; unless they use it or threaten you with it. My own personal test for the use of deadly force is very simple and would, I think, apply to most states. The use of deadly force would be justified if a reasonable person would believe they were in immediate danger of death or great bodily harm. Keep in mind that what a “reasonable person” believes doesn’t mean anyone cares what you were thinking; they don’t. It means a jury will decide if they thought what you did was reasonable to them. You can’t shoot someone and know you won’t kill them; so that is not addressed in the law. Shooting them assumes deadly force. Part of taking care of your family means staying out of prison and not financially bankrupting your family with a criminal trial. You probably don’t own any property that is worth risking that. Now having said that let me add this… I was a Police Officer in a time where we could shoot people committing or fleeing forcible felonies. Those times are past and you, nor the Police can do that anymore. We need that changed back. Our laws need to protect the victim; not the offender.
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    This past week I moved from VA to TN. Prior to my move, I was offered a deal I had to take. My final act as a Virginia resident was a deal I worked with a gentleman to find a new home for this beautiful, unconverted gun. Bluing is beautiful, grips are beautiful, couple nicks here and there. Nice plum color on the loading gate. Serial number 31610. Overall, very pleased with this one. This particular Old Model Flattop configuration is rare and not your average Ruger. Very excited to take this bad boy out!
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    This came from an estate I'm helping the widow sell off. I'm not a big fan of wheel guns but for $450.00, I couldn't say no. Bill
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    Wanting to get rid of 4 Kahrs. P40, P45, PM45, CW9. $600 for all four. 615-512-3903 text or call. Buyer beware- I can say with with utmost confidence that these are the most non-trouble free and unreliable guns I have owned. I’ve tried to be patient and forgiving and really want to like them. But they don’t make it easy, and I’ve had enough. Before I take the band saw to them I figure I should try to get at least something out of them. I feel guilty selling them, but if you’re willing to take on their unique idiosyncrasies and have the patience to turn them into productive, useful members of society, more power to you. FTF sale to TN carry permit holders, cash only, meet in Nashville. Some of their peculiarities include : P45, bought new in December. I have approx. 1,000 rounds through it. Installed a new slide release retention spring because out of the box the slide release was working its way loose while shooting. Since replacing spring, the slide release stays put and it has actually cycled a full magazine of fmj without a malfunction. But sadly, anything other than hardball causes a ftf on 2nd or 3rd round every time. After some feed ramp polishing and range time I figured it might come around, but not so. Guess it needs somebody more patient and knowledgeable than me. Which isn’t saying much, I admit. Plastic case and 3 mags. Soo, moving on... the P40 was great until about a month ago it started dropping mags whenever it wanted. I’ve tried shooting left handed, shooting with thumbs out, shooting with somebody else’s hands, and mags still drop with each shot. Almost as aggravating as the P45 ftf’s. I’m guessing that a new mag release might solve it but it doesn’t really have enough rounds through it to warrant replacement parts or repairs so I’m over it. Plastic case and 2 mags. The CW9 has been pretty good, once in a while has a ftf but not often. Just enough to make it less than 100% reliable. 2 mags, no box. The PM45 has actually been surprisingly reliable. I kind of want to keep it but figure it’s an outlier and someone else deserves a chance to experience a trouble free Kahr. Plastic case and 3 mags. So there you have it. A dysfunctional family of four if ever there was one. I wouldn’t buy them, I’d spend my money on something worthwhile. But if you have $600 burning a hole in your pocket give me a shout.
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    Let's at least be honest ...it is NOT a "buy back" because they never owned them to begin with. Call it what it is....giving you back some of your tax dollars you already paid in to the govt to try to appease you for taking your property and further limiting your freedom. Call it what it is.
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    I just wanted to pop up a thread about a very positive experience I had at Shoot Point Blank indoor range in Knoxville yesterday. I also didn't want to drift a thread started by @Ronald_55 and that @peejman and others had posted in. I've been shooting there (Shoot Point Blank) for several months. I went the first time based on a coupon I received in the mail for a free 1/2 hour range session. I became a member as they offer a 50% discount for prior military service. That, and the fact it's only 5 miles from my front door made it a no-brainer. The facility is extremely well stocked, the staff are courteous, and professional. The ranges are safe, RSO's sharp, polite, knowledgeable, and professional. The range is well ventilated and well lighted. With my membership I can shoot any gun they have for sale. I just need to purchase ammo from them to shoot in their gun. Fair enough. You can shoot long guns as well as handguns there. As a member I am eligible for one free transfer per month and one free class they offer per month, and my range time is unlimited. So, I was already very happy about my membership there. I recently picked up a .22 LCR and just last week replaced the front sight with an XS Orange Dot sight. My wife liked the looks of it and wanted to go shoot it with me yesterday. Holy Moly...did you read that? My wife wanted to go shoot with me! I jumped at that opportunity as it's been several years since she asked, and I learned loooong ago not to be pushy about such a subject. I've been married 31 years and plan to continue along that path! So she tried my .22 LCR (heavy trigger, but she wanted to try). She also shot a .38 S&W and .38 LCR. The double action trigger pull is simply too much for her. We went out to the desk and spoke with the saleslady. My wife handled several handguns, they not only allowed, but suggested she dryfire them. We checked out a S&W 380 EZ because it fit her well (as I already mentioned, no charge as I'm a member) and paid for a box of their ammo (Magtech). My wife shot all but one magful, which she graciously allowed me to shoot LOL. She loved the EZ 380. We bought her one then and there. Not the one she shot, but a new one that has a thumb safety because she liked that aspect. Excellent customer service all the way around imho. Now I gotta start handloading .380 again. I ordered her some practice ammo and a couple of extra mags from CDNN when we got home. Life is good! Happy wife, Happy life as they say. I just wanted to let folks know that there does exist quality facilities that do promote positive customer service and shooting experiences. I have no business affiliation with Point Blank, I'm just a very satisfied customer.
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    Sounds like Nashville needs a new mayor and DA. Nashville is turning into a liberal cess pool,
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    Up for sale is a classic. A Series 70 MKIV Government Model 1911. This gun was made in 1980. I have other 1911's that I shoot and this one just sits in the safe. Time for it to find another home. I do not have the box and it comes with one magazine. $900
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    This has been on the back burner since Christmas. Finally got a chance to work on it and get it finished, I think it turned out pretty good. The holster and belt are from the "Hand of God" Rig from 3:10 to Yuma except I didn't want the same tooling and it is lined, the belt is also lined but with the rough side out so it wont slip around. The bullet loops, Holster loop, Chape, and billet are dyes a deep brown and the rest is an oil finish I also added conchos. I really enjoyed making this rig and plan on doing a cross draw holster for when I get my other pistol. Thanks go to my wife and kids for getting me the pistol for Christmas and to GT for the knife.
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    You are, of course, free to do as you wish in your listing. However, it's quite likely that you requiring the ability to take a photo of someone's ID is throwing up a wall against any potential buyers. There are a number of reasons I can think of that a buyer would not want someone taking a picture of their ID. If, for your sake, you really, really want to "cover yourself" in terms of liability, might I suggest you offering to pay the $20-$30 fee at an FFL? You may gain some interest by doing that.
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    The enemy we know rather than one we don't. Change in the NRA is a definite need. Scrapping it totally would be a disaster for us and the country. jmo
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    Sold Too many purchases lately so putting this one out there since it's just sitting right now. This one started out as a Ruger Mark III 22/45 Target Model that was transformed by Turnbull Restorations. This gun originally had a polymer lower that did not have grip panels. I bought another Mark III and swapped the lowers so that I could add wood grips to better match the gorgeous Turnbull finish. Grips are cocobolo that look great in my opinion and really take the looks up a notch. I bought this one new a few months ago as new old stock and have not even chambered a round much less shot it. Comes with plastic case, paperwork, gun lock, picatinny rail, the wrap around Hogue grips that were on the donor gun I bought and 3 mags. Feel free to PM with any questions. $450 Will ship for $25
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    We took our first born daughter to a horse show last evening. Didn't get home until 1:00 AM. Got up this morning and opened the curtains, which overlooks our back yard. There sits a large track laying loader. It appears my son-in-law and grandson have decided to build my shooting range in the back yard today. We have 3 acers of land, and in the far left corner, of my back yard, we have a perfect place to put an earthen berm to shoot into. I have several large boulders that need to be moved and some large rock crevasses that needs to be filled, with dirt, so we can have a 100 yard range, and a substantial berm to absorb the bullets in order to provide a good backstop. My last wood backstop lasted 25 years, but is toast now. I guess grandson will clear the area, with the loader, and SIL will haul several large truckloads of dirt today. Oh well another $1,000.00 down the tubes, but will have an excellent firing range afterwards, that should last for years. Son in law's dad has a construction company, and thankfully, I do get the family discount. There is a side note to this venture, grandson wants a good 100 yard rifle range to shoot his Weatherby 06 that Pop Pop laid on him last Christmas. I want to put up some popper plates, square metel plates, and a good backstop, with a very smooth area in front of the berm, so we will be able to move and fire safely. All my family likes to shoot when the come for a visit. We have 4 girls and 6 grandchildren so we can burn some ammo on an outing. Looks like we are in for a busy day.
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    I know some of you could care less where your guns are made; but many of us do; this discussion is for those members. Buy American, Hire American, America First. More and more we see guns in the bottom feeder category that are American Made. Lets face it, until the last few years the only decent American Made gun that is low cost and wasn’t (arguably) junk was the Hi Point. We have come a long way. The thread about the Stoger and the Canik (both made in Turkey) being under $300 made me think that we have better options for less money; even American Made options. So if you like to buy cheap guns, and want to buy American; now is a good time. Even prices on some of the top quality, best sellers in the Industry have dropped. The SCCY CPX we routinely see selling below $200. It’s currently made in Florida with the company in the process of moving to Tennessee. And it gets good reviews Kel-Tec PF-9 right at $200 and the P-11 just over, and made here. Diamondback at just over $200. New models like the Remington R51 (brought back after a bad start) at just over $200 and the Mossberg MC1SC at around $300; we shall see. Ruger EC9 at around $250 and Security 9 and SR9 at $300. MOSSBERG MC1SC at $300; we shall see. All the Highpoints at around $175. They have a big following… bless their heart. And even Smith & Wesson Shields at $250 and Full Size models dropping below $300!! Proven performers.
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    Just remember politicians are not friends of our Constitution!
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    Yeah, believe it or not, I have a thing for mouse guns. Little .22 & 25 acp pistols that'll fit in your shirt pocket. I don't know why I'm so fond of them. But under certain circumstances where deep concealment is required, I have carried one as my primary.
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    So I have a bad habit of buying guns, sticking them in the safe and not shooting them. About 1.5-2 years ago I picked up a mid-60's Winchester model 70 in .375 H&H. I finally put a scope on it and took it out yesterday to sight it in. I am not very recoil sensitive. This was my fist time shooting .375 H&H and it thumped me a little more than I was expecting. My shoulder is sore today.Got her sighted in and back into the safe she goes. If I get lucky and get an elk tag this is the gun I will use. About 2.5 years ago I picked up a Montana X2 in .300 Win Mag. Scoped her and got her sighted in yesterday also. I love accurate rifles and I really love this one. After shooting the .375 this one did't seem to kick at all. Clover leafed my last three shot group at 100. Should have taken a pic but didn't think about it. It was a little warm yesterday but it was good to get out and shoot some.
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    My experience with gun grabbers is that they entice you with compromise on what they cal 'reasonable', then you compromise, and they keep pushing and taking. They dont want us to have guns period. Everything is a step towards that for them. I dont care one bit about bumpstocks, but that was a step...
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    I'm against red flag laws on principal. They tend to supersede due process, to say nothing of actual investigatory work (though I acknowledge resource limitations in that area compared to the problem). It won't take long before they tie some connection to medical databases, especially the VA. At that point, any veteran who had combat action, and/or claims PTSD is on "the list". No thanks.
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    This and NO! Our justice system needs a serous overhaul If one isn’t to be trusted with firearms, one should not be free to roam in public, and damned sure shouldn’t be allowed to vote..
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    Social Media is the is the real epidemic. The amazing thing about this is there is ZERO mention or focus on that fact that all of this whackadoodles post up on social media before they go do this and their AGE. Outside the Las Vegas shooter, they are all young social media addicts who are clearly insane. Its so simple. Shut down Facebook, Twitter, and related social media platforms and this pretty much goes away. Or at a minimum, shut them down in the US. The overnight shooting, again we see the same pattern and the left media chomped at the bit to throw out '.223 high capacity rifle 'with addition high capacity magazines at the beginning of the article before getting to actual pertinent details. As awful as these events are, their emphasis says they do not care about the event, rather that they can promote their anti gun agenda. It should also involve getting media to stop sensationalizing it and adding their bios. They should never be allowed to put the persons name or details. If these whacks saw that they don't get notoriety.
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    It is demonic forces. No I am not kidding. Just look at some of the news headlines from around the state. Things like folks beating toddlers to death, starving them, men beating their pregnant wives or girlfriends and killing her and the unborn child. The devil and his demons at work. Look at some of the mugshot pictures and tell me they aren't possessed. Granted alcohol and drugs may be involved, but they look demonic to me.
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    Using a "money is like drugs in various forms" analogy, some senior members of the NRA are at full junkie status. Making a lot in salary is like weed...feels good, tends to become a lifestyle enhancer, an individual may or may not be sated based on their personality. Making a lot of salary, and being able to decrease your taxable income by running expenses that brush legitimacy through a corporation is like cocaine...much more of a rush than weed, but leaves you wanting more. Making a lot of salary, and having personal expenses taken care of (or at the least a lifestyle funded) in a way that never even hits your income before expense reduction or equalization...that's the heroin right there, and you're always after the perpetual high. Going back to a mundane life of the first two options, no matter how much better you have it than the small-folk, is to be avoided like the plague. No surprise to me that WLP is ready to go to the mattresses to keep his status and what it enables. Wouldn't bat an eye if call girls are brought up before it's all said and done...certainly it's about the only routine thing left in a situation like this. I will concede that the NRA needs to pay some folks a high salary. For those living in the DC Metro area alone, you need to pay commensurate to the market. For top level people, you need to pay them in the ballpark for their sector of work, though working for a cause like the NRA should count for something (you would think). But that only enables the weed stage as described above...the NRA has ventured far into cocaine and heroin, and that's going to take a lot of institutional willpower if they want to take the road to recovery. NY State may throw them in a metaphorical detox before they get to that point, however. Having bashed the NRA for their behavior, I'm not really shocked at this because it was always about the money to me. But just how fast and loose they are playing things is a bit surprising. I expected the usual stuff like using an expense policy to fund vacations, generous vehicle mileage, or even organization vehicles assigned, things that you are far more likely to sign off on when it's not your money at stake. Seems there isn't even a modicum of adherence to some guiding rules for their own protection. I mean, seriously...paying the President of the organization through the PR firm is flabbergasting. Non-profits are always going to be under a microscope with financial accounting, and that's a good thing. If they didn't see this day coming, they were idiots. This isn't a private partnership taking expenses at the depletion of their own payouts, it's a non-profit using money raised from the public because [INSERT BOOGEYMAN HERE] is coming for your guns.
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    I guess making people pass a driving test to be able to legally drive on public roads is an unreasonable imposition too? If people who have no interest in learning how to properly handle and use a firearm want to "bare arms" on their own property they are not really a danger to anyone but their own family (and maybe their next door neighbors). But if they then decide to carry out in the world then they now will potentially effect everyone out in public "down range" from them. If they don't know how to safely handle a gun on a "one way square range" is it really a great idea for them to try to learn it on the fly on a 360 degree "hot range" which is what the outside real world is. Fortunately we do not see many instances of accidental discharges reported (but how many people actually report that though?) but I do know of one in Chattanooga where a young woman was killed when a negligently discharged bullet came through the wall of her apartment and hit her. And before anyone thinks they are going to "question my commitment to the cause" I have carried a gun on my person on a daily basis an average of about 360 days a year for the last 26 years (before some people on this forum were even born). If I'm awake I'm armed unless I have to go through a metal detector or unless I am outside the US in a country where I can not take my gun. I have actually used a gun to defend myself in public. I'm a founding member of my church's security team. I've spent 20 years working in the firearms industry. I am an NRA member, I'm an NRA instructor. I am a TN Handgun Carry Permit Instructor who started teaching the class in 1999. I have voted against anti gun candidates in EVERY single election since I turned 18 in 1990 and I not only shoot competitively as a hobby but also teach people to shoot and to defend themselves with firearms while working for a nationally recognized training company for the last 15 years. And before you even say it ...no... "profit motive".... is not the reason I suggest people actually learn how to safely and effectively handle firearms before they carry them in public. It is simply what conscientious adult humans do. They do not potentially willfully, arrogantly and ignorantly endanger themselves and others out in public. I get it. We all want the 2A to be an absolute written on stone tablets handed down from on high never to be infringed with law of the land. But the other side of that is the old "with power comes responsibility" thing. IF you are going to carry loaded guns in public you really should also be civically minded enough to learn how to use and safely handle them. Not just so that you are far more likely to actually effectively hit the bad guy in a lethal force incident but also so that you are far less likely to hit anyone OTHER than the bad guys.... or not hit yourself or others accidentally from a negligent discharge while handling the gun. (We saw something a while back where some guy shot and killed himself holstering his pistol while sitting in his car. ) I come down on this side of the argument. People have an absolute GOD GIVEN natural law of nature right to defend themselves. Period. On the other hand if they are using projectile weapons that can kill or wound people outside their physical reach they REALLY need to learn the safe handling of the weapon and proper use of it. On their own property they are far less likely to endanger others. Out in public now everyone within range of the weapon is potentially in danger if the carrier does not know how to safely handle the gun they are carrying. Part of being an adult is recognizing the world does not revolve around us and that other people are effected by our decisions and actions. As such it is imperative that we (as defenders of the 2A and frankly just as conscientious adults) learn to safely handle objects that can cause crippling injury and death if we are going to carry them and possibly use them out in public. What I'd rather see than this watered down sad attempt at "pro gun legislation" is a 2 tiered system where a minimal amount of safe gun handling is covered and a minimal accuracy standard is required for the "basic permit" and that might be only $25-$50 ....or heck maybe even free ? (not sure how that unfunded mandate would be carried out). Then have a REAL enhanced permit that requires a bit more training that really is actually ENHANCED where you can carry ANYWHERE (signs or not) and go about your daily life without having to worry about whether it is OK to carry here or there or in this business or that business or in this park or that. At a bare minimum they should remove any legal penalty for carrying past signage for people with a permit. The signs have never stopped the bad guys from carrying so why should the good guys be disarmed if the bad guys are not and if the location is not providing armed security and limited access? If businesses don't like it they can still "trespass" you if they ask you to leave and you don't. THAT would be an actual PRO 2A piece of legislation.
  48. 7 points
    Are you looking for full, commander, or compact (Officer) sized 1911’s? 9mm or .45? Rock Island Armory offers all three sizes in both calibers for under $500. They are generally excellent pistols and a great value.
  49. 7 points
    Ok here is what they found. She had an artery almost totally blocked and the doctors did an angioplasty balloon repair to re open the artery and start the blood flowing back to her heart muscle. They will do a follow up in 2 weeks with another arteriagram and if it shows signs of any changes they will stint that artery at that time. I found out doctors have two options when they do this procedure and as best we can tell the doctors did not stint it this time when they could have performed both the angioplasty and stint at same time. I was dissappointed to hear that, but they are the doctors making the decisions. She is at home now with Tommy staying with her. Weak but out of pain. Prayers are still appreciated
  50. 7 points
    Free time has been pretty scarce lately, but I carved out a little recently to assemble this pistol build chambered in AAC 300 Blackout. I still haven't had a chance to get it to the range to sight it in, but plan to soon. My objective was to build something better than the Springfield Saint for around the same money or less. I wanted a pistol so that it would be legal to have in the vehicle anywhere in the US that allows pistols, and wanted 300BLK to take advantage of the cartridge's nature to burn all powder within an eight to nine inch barrel, with good ballistics for social distances (and then some). Being that I wanted a firearm that I could travel with and not worry with alerting the BATFE as would be the case with a short barrel rifle, I also skipped building this as something ready for a suppressor. There is no point in avoiding red-tape in one area, only to induce it by traveling with a can. Before assembling the upper receiver, I locked it into a vise and then squared and lapped the upper receiver face with a Brownells lapping tool to make sure that it would mate flush with the barrel extension. Here's a list of the parts that I used: Palmetto State Armory lower receiver with Magpul MOE grip, SBA3 brace, and nickle plated trigger and hammer assembly Aero Precision upper receiver with forward assist Toolcraft black nitride bolt carrier group Ballistic Advantage 9.5 inch barrel (300 BLK) Black nitride gas block, low profile, 0.750 inch Black nitride pistol length gas tube VG6 Precision Gamma 300BLK muzzle device BCM MCMR M-Lok Free Float Handguard - 8 inch Radian Raptor charging handle Geissele Super Precision mount for Trijicon MRO Trijicon MRO, Red dot. Minus the MRO and mount, making this an apples to apples comparison, I came in at around $750 which is definitely cheaper than the Springfield Saint with a mixture of components that I feel provide an overall higher quality firearm.
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