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What Big Bore AR-15 to build


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If you had a built lower, and a stripped Aero Percision XL upper, what would you build it into (think big bore) and why. Assume you already have a 5.56, a 223 Wylde, and a 300BO. 

And, second to this, how would you deck out the build? Assume it would be custom Cerekoted at a minimum one color. What color would you do? And if you did more that one color, how would you do that.  

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Not sure.

Just want to build something bigger than I have. (I think I have BR Flu)  

suppose I could end up hunting with it. 

350 Legend with its straight walled casing is appealing for those areas that don’t allow necked casings. 

Is the 350 Legend considered a big bore round ?



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16 hours ago, Snaveba said:

Not sure.

Is the 350 Legend considered a big bore round ?



Compared to a 5.56, yeah.

Compared to a .50 Beowulf, no. 😁

But it's really cheap to shoot, barrels & mags are widely available, ammo's everywhere & inside of 150yds, I'd put it to work on anything huntable. Winchester hyped it as having far better  ballistics than it realistically does, but a 180gn pill around 2200fps will pretty well knock anything ass over teakettle.

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35 minutes ago, Snaveba said:

What about 450 Bushmaster?

Built one several years ago.  Ammo and reloading component selection is good.  Basically the same as the others without the " exotic cache ".  


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So I have 458 SOCOM, 450 Bushmaster, and 50 Beo in an AR platform. I reload for all of those so availability is not a huge concern for me but for a someone who does not reload it makes a difference. 450 Bushmaster and 350 Legend are far more commercially available.

If you are not limited to straight wall or never hunt in a straight wall state my heart would lean toward 458 SOCOM and stick with Tromix barrels and bolts. Don't bother going cheap on the barrel or bolt. You won't easily get it to feed, chamber, and extract smoothly without putting in work on the cheaper options. 

Reality and common sense says 450 Bushmaster though. A good bit of commercially available ammo including lots of hunting specific options. Good short range knock down power in a fun package. If you really like the round after shooting it in the AR there are more commercially available bolt action or conversion barrels available for a nice light brush/hunting bolt rifle. That is the route I ended up going. Now I don't shoot the 450 Bushmaster AR all that often and use my bolt gun in it instead. 

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I'm partial to the .458 only because of pure coincidence.  Was available, i tried it and still enjoy shooting the big thumper.  Without doubt, it will cure your magnum fix.  My first one came from a Wilson bundle that i built up and it was a good package.  They usually have ammo in stock also.  Here's a link for the 250 grainers.

My bud runs a 450 Bush and i'm not sure he enjoys it as much as i do my 458.  Guess it's a personality thing.  If you are a glutton for punishment, 40 rounds of either will have you chanting nicely. 




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On 11/28/2021 at 12:35 AM, Snaveba said:

I am leaning towards 450 Bushmaster. Looking at an 18” barrel, possibly with a match style hand guard.  What muzzle device are you running?  

I would look on-line and find a comparison between the "big three", 50 Beowulf, 458 SOCOM & 450 Bushmaster. I did, and now own a .458 SOCOM along with a can full of ammo, mostly from Precision One outta Charleston, SC.

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11 hours ago, deerslayer said:

350 Legend.  It's just a cool round, plus ammo has been available all along.  

Totally agree on 350 Legend availability.  Not a lot of users... yet!  It is catching on though.  Folks are starting to realize the 30-30 power in an AR.  Biggest hangup i had in the beginning was the mags.  Went Duramag after that and found they work flawlessly.  Yeah, technically, not a "big-bore" BUT it's bigger than a .223 with way more umph.




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