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Who here has already begun decorating for Christmas? (2022 Edition)

TGO David

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As relates to Christmas decorating, I think the pandemic changed things around my house and they will never go back to the way they were.

We used to be the kind of family that waited until the weekend after Thanksgiving to decorate the house.  Especially if it meant putting up the Christmas tree.  That all went right out the window in 2020 when we, like a lot of people, arrived at the period of time between Halloween and Thanksgiving and said, "You know what?  We need some holiday cheer.  Screw it!  Let's decorate for Christmas!"

And we did.  And no one died because of it.


Fast forward two years and here we are in 2022.  We started decorating the house this past week.  We have artificial trees up, decorated and lit in three rooms of the house.  (I may have had a tree-buying addiction in 2020 and 2021 also.  Don't judge me.)   My wife and kids also hung most of the lights on the exterior of the house while the weather was warmer last week, although they aren't lit yet.  But they will be soon if this frigidly cold weather persists.  I mean, why have low temperatures in the teens if you're not going to call it Winter??


So, who else is going for the gold well ahead of Thanksgiving this year?   Anyone else brave enough to admit it?   😄


Hell, I might just get a wild hair and put up TGO's Christmas decorations early too!


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We haven't yet, but have noticed quite a few people have been doing it earlier around here lately.......I saw some people take down their Halloween inflatables and replacing them with the Christmas ones the day after Halloween.  Holiday cheer is always a good thing though and if it makes you all feel good more power to ya.  Happy Holidays!

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I got fed up with the commercialized greedfest known as Christmas many years ago. I have no grandchildren yet.  I live alone.  Plus my late wife passed away in December. I don't decorate at all. BAH! HUMBUG! 🤬

And a Pox on anybody who decorates before Thanksgiving. 🤨

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Wife got the tree out and in place yesterday but no ornaments on it yet.  Light are on tho, and a few other "items" are starting to show up.  We/she went thru old xmas stuff last week while I was cleaning out the shed to make room for more "stuff", so it's coming, I know.  


Got the ornament boxes down from storage today, wife went out to the shed to get some other ornaments and "it's starting to look like Christmas" here.  She also mentioned she may take it all down before Christmas as well.  LOL

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Ours is done, but we don’t do much at all thank goodness. My wife literally puts it all away day after Christmas. I’ve never been a big fan of the commercialism of Xmas but love the aspect of getting together with friends and family. Most of all I hate the cold and snow, come on Spring!

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We still have a half rotted jack-o-lantern on the porch.  My wife got the Thanksgiving flag out, but I think that's only because it was in the box with the Halloween stuff. No other Thanksgiving decorations yet.   Just too busy.  I suspect we'll skip them and go straight to Christmas. I may end up getting Christmas stuff out day before Thanksgiving since I'm off. But all I'm allowed to do is assemble the tree and put up the outside lights. 

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My wife loves Christmas even more than I do and last year she put up the tree before Thanksgiving, and nothing bad happened.  This year we're in a new house and we have room for two trees, and they're both up already.  Outside decorations probably going up in the next few days.

I understand that some see the holiday as a commercialized greedfest.  We choose to see it as a celebration of friends and family, an opportunity to reflect on the many gifts we have been given from above, and a time for fond recollection of Christmases past.  Plus, some years I get a new gun.  Life is good and we are richly blessed.



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