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Glock 20 10mm - Emergency Must Sell

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Robert, you've been a member here a long time. I know you aren't looking for charity but I hate to see you sell your gun just to put food on the table. I will personally send some money your way to he

Had a great time in Ohio with family - I can’t begin to tell you all how grateful I am...what an amazing group of people you all are...thank you and God bless!!!  

2020 and Another Thanksgiving. Not a Thanksgiving as a youngster eagerly anticipating Mom being up and 5 AM to put the turkey in the oven and all the great smells of great food cooking…the rolls…

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Robert, I just sent by PayPal. Started to send a check, but saw your info and doing it faster this way.

I'm so glad to have a small part in helping out. May all this help to keep you safe and secure until things get better for you. May God Bless and keep you safe.

Once again, I'm so very glad to be a part of this forum/community/family. We may all be hated and feared by some in today's world; but I see men and women helping each other here. Time and time again I see this happen.  

This cannot be a bad group. Way too much love and support evident here.

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16 hours ago, RobertNashville said:

I don’t even know how to tell you how grateful I am for the offers of help...all of you are simply amazing.

if you are okay with Venmo I’ve set up an account - I think all you need to send money is my email which is RBArmentrout1954@1791.com

if by check my address is

Robert Armentrout

5094 Cornelius Dr

Murfreesboro, TN 37128

PLESSE don’t feel any obligation - I’m almost overwhelmed even with just the outpouring of offers.

God bless!


I don’t have Venmo but do have PayPal so if you got PayPal I’m in too



never mind. I see your PayPal. 

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2020 and Another Thanksgiving.

Not a Thanksgiving as a youngster eagerly anticipating Mom being up and 5 AM to put the turkey in the oven and all the great smells of great food cooking…the rolls…the potatoes…the dressing…and, of course, my Mom’s homemade noodles. I think I could almost live on those noodles alone.  The remembrances of aunts and uncles and cousins coming over for dinner and sitting at the “children’s table”!

Not a Thanksgiving where I’ve “graduated” to the adult’s table or no table at all as we couldn’t always seat everyone at the table…not a Thanksgiving where I was eager to get out of the house and “show” how independent I had become now that I could drive.

Not a Thanksgiving where I was on active duty in the  U.S. Navy; a sailor coming home with my wife with an obligation to go to “her” family dinner later (or perhaps earlier).

Not a Thanksgiving, now divorced and living on my own in the “big city” and making a pretty good life for myself and where Mom and Dad are obviously getting older and I come home for the day.

No…it’s none of those…now it’s a Thanksgiving where Mom and Dad are gone…where the family really doesn’t get together anymore for many and sundry reasons…I live out of state and now, one of the “oldest” of my family...these days I have my own "tradition" but even that will be a bit different this year for several reasons. Nevertheless; it's still a Thanksgiving that I am thankful for!

“Family” holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas are very different…the world is different…I’m different…but the memories; no…they are the same and those memories stay.

I am thankful for all my memories…I’m thankful for my relatives…my sister and brother (the best any “big brother” could ever ask for)…I’m thankful for my parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles who, even when they didn’t realize it, helped shaped me to be the man I became (and am still becoming)…I’m thankful for Thanksgiving when I was floating around the Mediterranean Sea on deployment and didn’t make it “home” for the holiday because being deployed helped me realize just how lucky I was to have a home where I could have gone had I not been deployed…I’m thankful for friends old and new. I’m thankful for my country and the freedoms we all enjoy because of the sacrifice of so many…most of all I’m thankful to God that he has ALWAYS remained faithful to me even when I, like Peter, would have denied him. To all reading this, I thank my God always when I remember you in my prayers. - Philemon 1:4

For the first time in several years I am heading to Ohio to be with my sister, brother and their families for Thanksgiving...I am able to do that, in no small part, due the the incredible generosity of so many of you here and I can’t possibly thank you all enough. I truly wish all of you a safe and wonderful Thanksgiving - this one will likely be the most memorable one of my life.

   Bob Armentrout

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34 minutes ago, FALCnR said:

I tried to send money via PayPal but I got this error message several times?!  Has anyone else had issues with sending him $ via paypal?



Looks like you're using the wrong e-mail address.

"for anyone wanting to use PayPal you can use either this phone number “615-682-2245” or this email “rbarmentrout1954@icloud.com”

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28 minutes ago, xsubsailor said:

Looks like you're using the wrong e-mail address.

for anyone wanting to use PayPal you can use either this phone number “615-682-2245” or this email “rbarmentrout1954@icloud.com”

 Ahh.  I cut/pasted his email and I see now that he had "1791.com" which is obviously incorrect.  Thanks for sharing his phone # that worked this time.

Edited by FALCnR
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6 minutes ago, bersaguy said:

Late to party but I'm in! I don't use any of the banking type stuff so will have to send a check. Just need to know where to send it!! I have learned long ago that this is the greatest bunch of people on earth right here. Please PM me if your address is NOT the one you posted.



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    • By TGO David
      SOLD!!!  Staccato P DUO Optics Ready 9mm 2011.  2019 Vintage with 4.15" Barrel.

      THIS is the one that started it ALL for Staccato in 2019.
      It was July 2019.  The gun media was ablaze with the story that the US Marshals had adopted a double-stack single-action 2011 from STI in Texas.  Suddenly having a 1911/2011 style gun was cool again and we would see the Staccato series of guns burst onto the scene and quickly become the gun to have.  Six months later STI would rock SHOT Show by announcing key "influencer" partnerships with some of the biggest names in the firearms training and media world by putting the Staccato P in their hands and changing their company name from STI to Staccato, after the family name of the new 2011 which had propelled them to fame.
      I bought this gun in August 2019 right after they were released.  It has been the crown jewel of my collection since then and, because of that, has never seen a single day of carry.  It has purely been a range toy even though it's capable of so, so much more.
      Why the 2019 Year Model is So Special.
      Of note, in 2020 the Staccato company released a second generation Staccato series and the model P gained length and weight.  The barrel went from 4.15" to 4.40" and overall length grew to 8-inches.  The barrel also went from the black DLC coating on this one to plain stainless with DLC being an optional $100 upgrade.
      The 2019 model included the Dawson Universal Optic (DUO) mounting system as well as the iron-sights only cover plate, whereas the 2020 series began calling it the Dawson Precision Optic (DPO) system and the optics plate is now a $200 upgrade.
      In exchange for cutting the DLC finish from the barrel and removing the optics plate from the base configuration (a $300 reduction in parts) Staccato reduced the price by $200 and pocketed the other $100 as profit, I guess?   Viva capitalism!
      With the 2020 lineup, Staccato also introduced the C2 DPO which is a hair shorter in the length than this 2019 Staccato P.  This puts the 2019 Staccato P right in between the 2020 models C2 and P, which is probably why it had to go away.  In a world where this gun with the 4.15" barrel exists, there is no compelling reason to choose between the C2 and the new P.   It had to go so that consumers had to make a choice.
      OH... and this 2019 model readily and easily accepts the 2020 model grip, including the shorter 16-round grip that the C2 comes with.  You literally can have your cake and eat it too.
      What You'll Get When You Buy This
      Total round count through this gun is right around 800.  It has been flawless and it is as precise as a laser.  It doesn't just look good in photos, it makes you look good because of how damn accurate and balanced it is.  This is truly a "GRAIL" gun and needs a home either where someone will run it like the tool it was meant to be, or do what I've done and just enjoy it as an extremely capable centerpiece.
      Included in this sale are:
      2019 Staccato P DUO Package (All Original)
      The gun you see in these photos. Excluding Red Dot Optic and Weapon Light.  Sorry.  Those are shown for illustration only.
        Dawson DUO Optic Mounting Plate Dawson DUO Iron-Sight Only Plate Leupold Delta Point Pro Mounting Gear Two (2) 126mm 17-round Stainless Magazines (original) One (1) 144mm 20-round Stainless Magazine (original) Tactical Slim Magazine Well (original) Staccato Premium Soft-side Zipper Case (original) Staccato P PVC Patch for Case (original) All original paperwork including original decals Original "bicycle style" gun lock You can see the 2019 Staccato P Specs Here Retail price for the above was $2500 Also included...
      Dawson Precision Tool-Less Guide Rod / Recoil Spring Assembly ($60) Dawson Precision Recoil Springs, Three-Pack, Multi Weights ($10) 10-8 Performance Mainspring Housing Pin for use without Magwell ($10)  
      The Brass Tacks...

      You are getting all of the above for $2200.  Price is firm.  You can see how the math works out to nearly a $400 reduction in price, not to mention the fact that you can't get this gun anymore except on the secondary market.  It is, literally, a collector's item if you wish to use it as such.
      To replicate this package today, a Staccato P DPO as configured would be $2700 including the DLC finish option and the DPO optic plate.
      $2200.00 CASH sale only.  No checks.  No trades.  No partial trades. Local sale only.  If it doesn't sell here I will list it on GunBroker for a higher price. Face to face meeting in Williamson County, TN near Franklin or Spring Hill. Daylight meeting. Well-trafficked, very public spot of my choosing. You will show me a valid Tennessee carry permit as proof of residency and eligibility. I can provide a bill of sale to you for insurance purposes if you so desire.  
      These photos are of the actual gun.  Trijicon RMR and SureFire X300U light are not included.  Photos shown without those items installed are the most current photos, taken today (March 7, 2021). 
      The only thing that has been altered on any of these photos is that I have erased the serial number digitally so that you don't have to worry that your new gun has been made famous or "put in record".   Minimal wear marks on the mag well, as expected, are shown as they really are.  Minimal wear on the accessory rail from the SureFire light is shown exactly as they are.  Nothing has been hidden.

      The following photos were taken previously...

    • By Beltfed
      Culling the herd.  M1 Garand, Springfield,  late war with correct barrel (I believe).  Pictures tell the rest.  Prefer FTF in Knoxville area.  If buyer needs M2 ball ammo I will sell him/her 242 rounds of ammo head stamped AI (Netherlands), boxer primed, non corrosive with some en bloc clips at $0.90/round.
      $215.00 for ammo if desired.
    • By 221 Fireball
      Enterprise #10 cast meat grinder, hand-cranked. All parts there, nothing locked up, works.
      $30 FTF Rockvale/Christiana area
    • By FUJIMO
    • By gr8smiles


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