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    SOG announced a month or so back that they were closing. They ran a firesale of sorts on whatever odds and ends that were in the warehouse for a few weeks, website went down a few days ago. Like other sellers of milsurps, as their supply of surplus dried up, sales tapered off to nothing. Many of these older milsurp dealers are closing, Samco a few years ago as an example. There will almost certainly be more, AIM has managed to transition their store into a seller of modern arms, Classic Firearms is slowly doing the same. The Milsurp market is now almost wholly from secondary sources, the age of massive imports of WWII and earlier firearms is over ...
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    Go see it. It's good.
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    Wow, God still has plans for you.
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    New in the box Sig P365 with 2 ten round mags. Will throw in 3 boxes, 150 rounds, of FMJ practice ammo $480.00 Available in the Nashville area
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    If you have a chance, the cool springs theater got remodeled and its fantastic. Full kitchen and everything. Last time I went, I relaxed with two martinis.
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    We went and saw it today. Good film. Definitely not an action packed movie but worth seeing.
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    I'm glad you're still around.
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    Complementary bump. Guys, I have no dog in this hunt, but this is a Very Good Deal. The hex receivers have more value than the round ones.
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    Being dead is an interesting topic. Back in 76 I had a 19 year old brother that had a hi way head on with a dump truck that was driving with no lights on at night. My brother was on a Honda 360T SS. I was there & saw it happen & needless to say, it was a horrific mess. The very next day, I walked into his room to see how he left it and .... there he was! He was sitting on his green chair with his knees pulled up to his chest, left arm around his knees and crying out, "it was stupid!" "so stupid" "I can't believe I did something so stupid"!!! All the while he's hitting himself with his right fist. Flat out crying in tormented anguish. The thing is, I could partly see the chair threw him as he agonized. Being only 16 at the time, I freaked the F out and bolted for the CJ5 my Dad had for plowing snow and I was gone until late that night. For any one who doesn't believe in ghosts.... think again.
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    We tell our kids that we don't care what they decide to do. If they are a PHD or a McDonald's fry maker as long as they are happy and can live on what they make. My parents thought college was my ticket to a better life. It has helped with what I ended up doing. I know guys that barely graduated high school that are probably happier than me though. They are happy with how they live and the cashflow it generates. To each their own.
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    I used to buy from them as well...
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    Back in my FFL days (25 years ago), SOG was one of my major suppliers. I use to buy Chinese SKS $19.99 each. One Labor Day weekend, I purchased I think 100 SKS a few days before with free shipping, sold all but a few for $39.99 that weekend. SOG was good to deal with back then.
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    I agree w/ owejia, unless it was stored under extremely harsh conditions it should be fine to shoot. I've shot mil surplus ammo from the 50's that was fine. Mil ammo tends to look tarnished (compared to commercial ammo) even when it is brand new. The brass has the discoloration on the shoulder/neck from annealing and they don't polish the brass. As long as there's no actual corrosion (blue/greeen/white deposits) forming on the brass that will feel noticeably more rough than "normal" brass, I'd have no problem shooting it.
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    We haven't even met and already have two things in common..................being retired and guns . My number is heading out to both of you.
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    If the rubber seal on the can is still good and if the ammo hasn't been underwater for extended period of time, I would not have a problem shooting it. You can vibrate it in corn cob or walnut media to polish the brass if tarnish is very bad.
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    I have been dead and sent back 4 times in a 1 hour time frame. When that truck smashed me between it and a brick wall back in 1978. I died twice in the ambulance on way to hospital, died again in the ER and died again during an emergency surgery. I was told about the one in Surgery cause I was sedated when that one happened but in the previous three times I heard the people working on me say "wer'er loosing him" and a second later everything was calm and quiet. Then all at once I was back again and could sense a sigh of relief in the EMT's and then about 3 minutes later it happened again and it was the same and then I was back again. And we had arrived at the Hospital and tech said "lost him twice for about 1 to 1.5 minutes," so I knew how long I was gone before being sent back by GOD. I don't know how long I was gone in ER or Surgery but was told it was touch and go both times. I spent some time thinking about those 1.5 minutes and what I felt and all it was was peace and quiet. I thank GOD every night before going to sleep for looking out for me those times and every day since then.
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    I have the Goal zero Nomad 20 with the power pack. The power pack consists of rechargable AA batteries. You can charge the power pack by day and then plug your phone, tablet, etc into the charged power pack, or you can just use the recharged batteries in something else. It works good. I got it for extended backpacking / remote hunting trips, but it serves double duty for a power outage. https://www.amazon.com/Goal-Zero-Nomad-Solar-Panel/dp/B00GU64KV8/ref=sr_1_3?ie=UTF8&qid=1544976611&sr=8-3&keywords=Goal+zero+nomad
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    Sounds good . Any time works for me I'm retired. I'll pm you my cell
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    I didn't like the book. It's just too depressingly accurate. I haven't read the last installment either. I've been depressed enough lately. I don't need any further help in that department. But the book(s) are a great wakeup call for anyone concerned about life and living during and after an emergency or disaster event. Jamie...thanks for the info on the lanterns. I just ordered one to check it out.
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    If something doesn't get great reviews I usually really like it. I plan on seeing it in the theater as well. I'll give it a couple of weeks so it won't be crowded. Lol
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    You, bigun and I should have our own little meet and greet someday
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    @Dirtshooter I agree 100% with your post. Our infrastructure repair and updating has been at the bottom our Elected Officials "To Do" list for some time now. The preparations we make and skills we learn (speaking of my family) are to only improve our day to day life situations and lessen our dependency on institutions and the 3 day JIT delivery systems in place. Even living in a subdivision we are still able to garden, therefore we've learned to can, dehydrate, and freeze (yes Virginia you need to prepare food for the freezer LOL) foods. I was just out this morning setting up our new Honda eu2200i gennie. Sweet and quite little sucker. Much quieter and easier to run that the work site Coleman Vertex we had for 18 years. We lost power for 9 hours last month due to winds. While I didn't mind a day without power, I love to read and we have several propane stoves and heaters, it'd still be nice to pop in a DVD if we choose. And going to the basement pantry to "shop" is kinda convenient. So while I hope, and Pray,a wide spread disruption isn't in our future, I hope to be able to maintain our lifestyle as close to "normal" as possible. Just my ever devaluing $.02 worth.
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    Well I finally retired after working 40+ years. I have had crappy jobs and good jobs, but I will tell all of you that money isn't everything so don't be miserable get to searching for a better job. I worked for a really good company that was sold to Halliburton, then it became crappy, I told my boss I was doing 3 people's jobs and getting paid for 1. Finally I quit and about 1 month later he called and told me he never realized the amount of work I had done or the stress I was in. It was because he wasn't having to deal with it. Seems like we are never appreciated until we are gone. When I got a vacation I had to work like a Hebrew slave the previous week and the weeks after to catch up. It wasn't worth the 2 or 3 days of rest. Now I work for my slave driving wife and get no pay. So ya'll have fun at work while you can!! LOL
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    That's some pretty good shooting with irons. I doubt I could do that.
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    This one for sure had my attention when I saw the trailers. I think we also discussed it in another thread as well. Will probably wait for it to come for home release, but still plan on popping it to the front of the list when it does.
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    I find myself in the same pleasant predicament. And with .22 LR as well. It's not a bad place to be actually. I think I'll set the next panic buying spree (or two) out...
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    My dad died about 90 seconds. He said he was "aware" he had passed away and even though it was tough to describe, it was the most peaceful feeling he's ever had.
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    Great looking Mosin-Nagants for sure. I would think anyone that has been wanting one and not bought one by now would be jumping all over one of these and maybe a box of ammo................GLWS
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    The simple, but sometimes not so easy, solution is to push back. Don't answer those after hours calls. Make them leave a message and then decide how important it really is. Most of it can wait until tomorrow. Train and empower others to handle the simple stuff. Don't fuss if they mess it up, reward them for doing something instead of nothing. Go to disconnected places for vacation. No cell service, no wifi. I read somewhere that it takes the average American about 4 uninterrupted days to really relax and start enjoying a vacation. And you start dreading going back to work 2 days before vacation is over. So on a typical 1 week vacation, you get 1-2 days if you're lucky. I've got enough work to do that I could work 100 hrs/wk for several months and likely still not get ahead of the curve. But I'm not gonna work that much so some stuff simply isn't getting done. If management doesn't think it's important enough to allocate or incentivize the available resources, then they must accept the delay. It is what it is. It causes me some stress because I don't like being buried with work, but work isn't priority 1. I'm working through it to the best of my ability and that's all I can do.
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    As a child my parents saw a "skill" I had. I can look at a machine and see how it works, and better can "see" what is wrong when the machine is not working correctly. My parents feed that skill with books, models, erector sets and the like. I have always did the work of service and repair, to this day I love my job. So I do not have the "tired of being tired" thing. My issue has been management, bad or indifferent. I am early for work, do not lay out and do good work, stay late at times as well. This is where I get into trouble, when I need a day off or need to take off early I do, it rubs the boss the wrong way and I get into trouble. That said I just had an yearly eval, got a 2 dollar plus raise and an extra week of vacation. Enjoy your job and never work a day, or find a skill that you enjoy.
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    I was in that exact same place at my previous job. Took me years to get out of there. Do I love my new job, no, but I work less hours and don't take it home. I have occasion to come in for special tasks on weekends, but that is maybe a few hours every couple months. I was working 60-80 hours at my last job. Can you guess my pay setup.?....yep salary. Now I am hourly if I do OT work. It is hard to change because you have to find time and energy to look for jobs, apply, and interview. It can seem like a deep dark hole. My family had stopped including me in activities. They just assumed that I would be working. That was one of the big reasons I started looking for a new place. The other was my health. I could see how fast it was going down under that stress.
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    When I was still in the "work force", it got to the point where missing one day of work for a legal holiday on Monday for example, it seemed like that Tuesday after the holiday was hell trying to get caught up. I got to the point where I dreaded the holidays that fell on Monday, much less taking a couple days or even a week off for vacation. Sure someone else did my job while I was out for vacation, (but just the bare minimum), and then having to deal with all the related issues from a half azz job being done when I returned. I dreaded the vacations as well. Today's "management" believes that one person can do the work 2 or 3 year round since that one person has done it when the other 2 or 3 were out in the past for whatever reason. Burnout is a very common thing, but everyone needs the job/paycheck for what ever reason they have. Not many people truly "like" their job and enjoy going to work, it's just gotten to "try and survive another day". I don't miss the work force days at all, and enjoy doing things on my own schedule. LOL
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    This. I think my expectations were set too high for One Year After. Still I feel kinda obligated to complete the series...so maybe I'll throw it in my Prime basket.
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    Back in 2003 Hurricane Elvis taught me some powerful lessons. I'm not exactly the bunker and beans type either. But, if it came down to it, I can survive for a couple of months on what I have. So I can outlast most of my neighbors who will be starving in a week and moving on to greener pastures. That is if I can manage not to get murdered for my supplies.
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    I really enjoyed One Second After. How did I not know about One Year After?! I’ll have to get it and The Final Day. i’m not really a prepper either but I am prepared
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    I am reading the follow up One Year After right now. Good stuff. I fully think every person and family should be prepared for "normal" emergencies such as floods, blizzards, and short term power outages. Having basic supplies like extra blankets, flashlights (or lanterns ), ready to eat foods, and non-electric alternate heat is not being a "prepper", but just being prepared. I know a bunch of people that would starve if they had to survive on the food in their house for more than a day or 2. I mean mystard and batteries are all that is in tgeir fridge. Now for the larger calamities such as an EMP strike, social collapse, or a pandemic each person has to decide for themselves. I personally hate not being prepared for things like taking notes at a meeting. So you can guess, I prefer to prepare for larger issues. My family does not share my concern. It is "crazy talk" according to them. Even though I am not a "bunker and beans" type of guy. I watch for older manual tools around and have tried to collect a few just in case. If I can find them at a bargain, then it does not affect the family budget. If things did happen, I want a few more options than a hammer, screwdriver and shovel. Especially with no power, rebuilding woukd be hard. While I try to plan ahead just like we do by buying insurance, I also hope we never need it, just like insurance.
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    Well I'm not exactly encouraging anyone to be a "prepper"... I thought it was interesting to see that even .gov and our Military recognize the EMP potential still exists and really haven't taken many, or any, steps to protect our infrastructure. At least to my knowledge. And...I like having lights inside when it's dark outside LOL
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    The big question is what’s your attachment to live sports?
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    Meh... more people for me to take what I need from around here. Plus, my bed is pretty comfortable. *jokes* =p
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    No, but my Google-fu is strong
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