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      There... since we are talking about Dick's, I fixed it for you.
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    I have had the TGO lower sitting in the safe look at me every time I open the safe. I was at the show this weekend and found a builder there that built me a pistol upper for $275 otd. So I figured it was time to use the lower. I headed to another vendor that had complete blemished pistol tube and buffer for $20. I did not pick up a LPK because I figured I could find one for the same price at a LGS. I was running out of time so I passed on that and went home. I had some free time so I went to my new favorite shop and picked up a RRA LPK. I got home and was a little tenitive to start on it because I had 4 kids to take care of and I usually only have 15ish mins before the Screams of daddy start. This was my first ever lower assembly, I figured it would take me longer my first time. I started by following a write up on how to assembly it, before I knew it I was done! I did learn 2 things: 1 take off rings before starting. 2. ARs are insanely easy to build! I can't wait to start the next one. I will have pics up in the next day or so.
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    Two of my favorite things combined! http://drivenbybacon.com
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    I would have flagged you if I'd seen your ad. Sorry I missed it.   Congrats on $100 for reselling to people so desperate/foolish they paid your prices. Maybe if folks like you keep it up we can have a manufactured 22lr crisis for years to come.
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    I'm not trying to put anyone out of business or judge anyone who still shops there. I just choose not to spend MY money at any place that chooses to screw over their customers at the drop of the hat. Think of it as a positive. I guarantee you will never have to compete with me to purchase an item at Dick's or CTD.
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    I'll buy from Dicks, CTD, S&W, Ruger, Troy, whoever. My firearms bucks are predominately apolitical -- if they're selling weapons or weapons related stuff at all, I can only see it as a overall plus, the more the better.   I'll let other folks attempt to put all the places that don't live up to the nth level of their 2A expectations out of biz.   - OS
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    My wife went to the bring up the garbage can one day and as soon as she touched the handle, a pack of wasps swarmed her. They were all around a pine tree we have, so i figured they were just near the area, so I went to check it out. I started to grab the trash can and "Did you check that door for heat?" popped in my head. So I booted the can.    For record, i can run faster than I thought...... they made a nest the entire width of the can under the handle.   I came back with two cans of 25' stream wasp killer and had myself a shootout. My neighbor came outside laughing because i was in the street shooting them out of the air while back pedaling away.   Didn't get hit!
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    Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I think that to be 100% legal when selling someone a firearm in TN, you need to do two things: #1 - Ask the buyer if they are legally allowed to own a firearm in the state of Tennessee and/or if they are a convicted felon #2 - Ask them if they are a resident of Tennessee   Legally, you do not have to actually see their DL or HCP, just ask them if they are a resident of TN.....but just to cya,  it's a good idea to ask to see their DL or HCP anyway.   Anything else, like a bill of sale, is up to you. Personally, if the gun I'm selling is one that I picked up privately and did not have to sign a bill of sale for, then I will not require a bill of sale when I sell it. If it's a gun that I bought new from a dealer or one that I had to sign a bill of sale for, then I will require a bill of sale when I sell it. 
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      It's all automated now by the NSA. In fact, we're all on a list for viewing this thread.    "The NSA: Finally a government agency that listens." 
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    Am I the only one who noticed that the S&W model 19 was the best all around gun in its day, and now the Glock model 19 is the best all around gun in its day? Something about that model 19, no mattet who makes it
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    That is a fair price. Glad you found a good deal. They seem to be fewer and fewer these days.   Unfortunately I hold a grudge for a long time. As far as I'm concerned Dick's can choke on themselves.
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    http://www.amazon.com/Zombie-Cajun-Sauce-Gourmet-Basket/dp/B00G6I14Y6/ref=sr_1_1?s=grocery&ie=UTF8&qid=1408384953&sr=1-1&keywords=hot+wing+sauce   During checkout use "DOLLAR12" as the discount code and it knocks the price down from $24.95 to $1.00 + shipping (unless you have prime then I think shipping is free)   No clue if it's any good or not, but for a buck + shipping, its worth a shot if you like hot sauce.
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    I work for a cell phone company and one of the demo phones got stolen.  Any other time, I would have been deeply upset. Hell, I might even try to beat the bastard. But allas, today was the perfect day. A group of people came in while we where busy and after a while left in a hurry. While security cameras help, this next bit threw me in a frenzied laugh. One of the suspects left "selfies" on two separate phones. And They where good too. Got all his tattoos and facial features without an issue. Even the metro officer shock his head at this. I cant wait for this guy to be caught. BTW, even tho this sucks and is a terrible incident, Im awed at the sheer idiocy demonstrated by the perpetrators. They even left a coffee mug. 
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    Thieves aren't usually known for their high I.Q. numbers.
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    Don't care for motorcycles at all, but a bacon powered one may change my opinion completely.
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    Short answer. You hand me the money, and I hand you the firearm. If I do not know you to be a felon, and the gun isn't stolen, and assuming we are both of legal age, we've pretty much covered the legal bases.
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    My new found love for my Kahr PM9 has made me want to try other models so my CZ collection is going to miss this rare and excellent member. This CZ 85 compact was a limited run from CZ in 94 and it has the low production number of 55. This is what the P06 came from. It is chambered in .40 s&w and has a steel frame so the recoil is very minimal. The finish is outstanding with only a little wear on the take down pin. It comes with the factory case and test target It has the two factory flush fit mags and it absolutely loves HD rounds! The only feed problems I have ever had was with flat nosed target rounds but I guess that is understandable because the mag springs are the old factory ones and probably could stand to be replaced. I have recently replaced the recoil spring with a WOLFF and that is the only modifications that has been done to it. The WOLFF spring was in a kit so those unused springs are included along with the original. I am looking to trade for a Kahr PM.40 or 45 and prefer the all black model but am open to the stainless CM models as well. I will also like to try the Kahr MK'S. The only non Kahr I would be interested in is a XDs in .45 I put a trade value of $450 on it and can add cash or ammo for the right trade. $400 cash takes it. [attachment=10824:2.jpg] [attachment=10825:CZ.jpg] [attachment=10826:3.jpg]
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    Another easily made explosive is TATP. It is also EXTREMELY detonation sensitive. There are plenty of cases of it being detonated from walking across the dust on the floor. I personally would never think about trying to make it but the ingredients are found in almost any store.
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    This HK P7 was a German Police trade-in in excellent condition. I carried it one summer and then had it re-finished by CCR (experienced P7 shop) in Cera-Hyde House Black because I got tired of having to wipe it down every day to protect the bluing. Look at the picture labeled "P7 - Original" to see condition before re-finishing. Includes two magazines, the operator's manual, all tools, box, and an aftermarket assembly booklet. Have left handed holsters available for very reasonable price. It's first USA owner was a Drug Enforcement Task Force Officer that used it as his off-duty CCW. I bought it from him. Very limited use and I have fired less than 100 rounds. $1,200 face-to-face (Nashville area). P7 - Original Current condition
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      Oh, it's not a bad deal, really. And I'm sure lots of folks appreciate the heads-up from you. It's just that some of us have an axe to grind with Dick's for various principled reasons, and even if they were selling pallets of .22LR with no limit, they wouldn't get a penny from me. :rant: However, I don't frown on other folks who choose to shop there. It's a personal choice... not putting you down at all.   Sorry if the snarky mini-rants de-railed the thread-- hope you can snag as much 9mm as you need.
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    Yes we do. They were in a fight in the car, the officer was injured and a shot was fired inside the car. That is not in dispute. I just could not care less if the thug was throwing up his hands somewhere between round 2 and round 6. If anyone decides to open carry in a protest against Police, I don't want to be anywhere around. One nutcase cranks off a round and bodies start dropping.
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    Ok. In the meantime, I'll go ahead and drop the price another $10 to help entice you!  :devil:    Now $65 shipped!  
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    Something smells....your thread was about exercising the right to open carry at a demonstration against police brutality. Not whether Officer Wilson was justified. I addressed the brutality part, nothing more. And in a very open non directional way (ie I even included smurfs). There was no mention of Ferguson or anything else. Simply the fact of the matter that if someone is doing or intending to do harm, they made the choice and anyone (you, me, black, white, doesn't matter) has the RIGHT to defend themselves or others. As far as protests, if it was happening outside your home or business, would you want a strong force to stop/contain it, or a meek, timid group to politely ask them to leave. The violence begins and ends with a choice. Those folks can choose to act stupid and loot, riot, shoot, throw stones, bottles ect. Or they can choose to peacefully assemble. They chose wrong. It's funny how your thread took the route I believe you wanted it to go...there are several other threads here on Ferguson, your opinions on whether that was a justified shooting or not might be more on topic there. As this was started as a thread regarding open carry protesting. Bottom line is play stupid games, get stupid results.
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    Person A attacks, endangers, engages, advances harmfully toward person B. Whether person A is a cop, daughter, son, husband, wife, family member, smurf, whatever, and person B defends his/herself and person 1 pays the penalty of death or bodily harm, that is not brutality. Person A made the choice, and has to live or not live with the results.
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    If I thought there was a legitimate police brutality problem in my town I would. The timing leads me to believe this is a reactionary protest from the events in MO. If that's the case I think they would be well advised to remove their heads from their butts and start protesting thuggish behavior and attacks on police officers.
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    I had to pick something laughable out of this crap going on...so here it is.   I would wager that upper 90% of the people down there voted for obama twice. Everyone knows how he stands on guns whether they want to admit it or cover it up. If guns are not allowed for the citizens, that leaves one option for safety <dramatic pause> Cops! And they hate them! LMAO! I feel like I'm reading a comedy that has nothing funny in it. Willing to support someone who wants to take away something black people were not allowed at one time, just because he's the same color as them (well half of him anyway). Unbelievable.
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    I would like it not to matter.  ... bottom line.  Be a good person, do good things.  Volunteer and help out kids, elderly,... and generally those that can't help themselves.  If you become well known for the good that you do, it will be harder for ignorance to hurt you should you ever have to defend yourself against threat of death or serious bodily harm.   Carry what you legally and rightfully own according to the applicable laws.  ... If you ever do have to use it, you will find yourself downwind looking right at a big, brown fan - no matter how you slice it.... but hey, you're still alive to see that brown fan and smell the "roses".   -Peace
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    Build me a 300 Blackout Pistol and Arm Brace. :rofl:  :rofl: :rofl:  
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    The cop had been beaten in the face and a round had been fired inside the car in a fight for control of his weapon. If that had been you (as a cop or protecting your family) and you were shooting to stop the threat would you not be outraged if someone suggested you could have used a taser? If you had thought about that a couple of minutes longer, do you think you still would have asked that? If you were protecting yourself or your family from an attack from a thug and you emptied a 15 round mag into him most here would support you. I know I would. I simply do not care if somewhere between round 2 and round 6 the thug was trying to surrender. Now the Feds and the Governor have made it clear they do care and they now have an agenda…. And it’s wrong.
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    This was just built a few weeks ago with all brand new parts ... Was on an upper for 30rds ... Lower is in great shape - Honey Badger Lower (non-blem} $90 - CMMG LPK $60 - ALG Defense Trigger $45 - Battle Arms Ambi Safety $55 - Spikes 6pos Buffer Tube Kit w/T2 Buffer $69 - Spikes Gen 2 Billet Trigger Guard $20 - Magpul MOE Grip $15 - Magpul AC0S-L $80 Total Build Cost $434 (Without transfer and BG Check) Price: $265.00 Shipped/Insured without stock or $335 with If you are a TN resident I can ship directly to you with a copy of your TN DL
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    The problem is additional cost of buying commercially available targets.   Commercially sold "tannerite" is ~$5 a pound while the components to make your own is well under $1 per pound.  Last time I bought some AN, which was about 4 years ago, it cost me $17 for 50 pounds. The aluminum powder is $5 per pound. So for $12 you can make 20 pounds of exploding targets. That same 20 pounds is $170 through a popular retailer.   Another HUGE problem I have is the unnecessary regulation of things that should not be regulated at all.   If I can legally own the firearm to shoot the exploding target then the target itself should not be a problem. No matter how heavily they regulate it, or how illegal they make it, as long as it is used as fertilizer it can get into the hands of those who are going to do harm using it. It is perfectly legal to make your own explosives, regardless of what the ingredients are, so until it is proven that I should not be allowed to buy it then I should be allowed to buy what I want and in whatever amount I can afford.    I am tired of legislators, and lawmakers, deciding the best way to protect myself from myself. These are the same people who tell me what I can't have yet demand that they are allowed to have the same items I can't. There are all kinds of things that are regulated that should not be in any way shape or form. I should be allowed to ingest anything I want in my own home yet those who control us only allow us to have the freedoms they give us permission to have. Our freedoms are being taken away daily in the name of protecting people from themselves and this is just another instance of taking yet another freedom from a law abiding citizen. BTW, if they made the sale of AN illegal to the general public the criminals intent on using it will still be able to steal it or obtain it legally with a few, easy to obtain, licenses.   I would like to hear about the last time "Tannerite" type of explosives were used in the commission of a crime. I am not talking about those who were arrested for exploding a target deemed "too large" by LE either.
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    I traded my Glock 36 for the Glock 19.  I don't care about the "grip angle isn't right for my ultra-sensitive feel." or "The trigger isn't good enough for my special finger." FTS. The Glock 19 is a true classic. It has never ever failed to fire.
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    16" truck? You can't fit much in one of those.   :D   Glad you got it taken care of.
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    And your tone of cop bashing should expect to be answered in kind. But you know, you're right. I defer to your extensive experience as a shooter. Obviously if you were in the same situation you would have performed flawlessly in every way possible.
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    I have been in a few cases over the years were I exchanged gun fire with another person or two and when you have in coming all you can do in return is send out going in hopes that you strike your target before they strike theirs in some cases and yea, you do have a few rounds in that type of situation that may go astray but when you fighting for your life that is the farthest thought from your mind unless you do have enough time to get a look at what may be behind the person trying to kill you. At that point you might and I say might change or alter your technique and maybe you won't. #1 is you and or your family.................jmho 
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      40 only sucks if you have dainty musician fingers  :rofl:
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    Two friends have opened a range in Chapel Hill. They charge a yearly rate and have separate pistol and rifle ranges going out to 1,000 yards. Coded gate access and full surveillance video.   They also offer several classes from intro to firearms on up.   http://www.strategicedge.us/gun-range
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      I probably should change my username, as I swear by the 19. Brass to the face is the only occasional issue I have.   It's a global standard, parts are easy to come by, magazines are quite reasonable compared to other makers' goods, and you get rid of one at a very predictable price if the need should arise. What's not to love?
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      Well, to be fair, the guy was 30 feet away from him at one point. He could have drawn a taser. That being said, this department doesn't have dashcams, they may not even have tasers.   Also, I'm not saying the cop did anything wrong. 
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    :up: http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/aug/17/police-guns-detroit-crime-race-cost-issues    
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    Birthday party and I've got a piñata !
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    It's funny how nobody wants to develop their own loads anymore. When I was learning to reload, it was fun to experiment with different loads till I found the one my gun liked. Now I see this on all kinds of gun boards. People asking for the best load for their gun.   My opinion. Start with the suggested starting load and work up till you find one that you like.
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    Buy her a bus ticket to Michigan and live happily ever after.
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    The optimist in me said "Sweet, five silver stars."  The pessimist in me just realized "Crap, that means I don't actually have any stars."
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    I like the Timex Expedition series of watches. I have a GShock, but the band is uncomfortable.
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    If you don't see anything making it illegal when you get there, keep your gun concealed. Don't ask, don't tell. Asking questions will get you a no answer most of the time even though something is legal. Most people don't want you carrying, especially these government types, so they'll give you a no answer. Best to stay low key and conceal and don't let people know.
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