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    I have now been tobacco-free for 1 year. I had used tobacco products for the last 25 years, and I went cold turkey March 1, 2014. I think I have the addiction beat now. :-)
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    How do I opt out of being governed?
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    From Traction Control, here's an "atta-boy" to Para USA:  
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    This so far has been the Best way to end a week, First I got to come home after 42 days at Sea and be with my loving family, Then I Bought my Dream Motorcycle( Pick it up after my upgrades are installed) And today I got this Big Box from my Pals at Protech, The weather actually delayed my having this package earlier, The plan was to surprise you all by having them shipped out to you by the end of today, I will do my Best to have them all shipped by the time the mail is collected Monday
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    Me personally I would shoot and enjoy it. But I would also shoot a $4,000 mint condition Colt Combat Python. Firearms are meant to be shot and/or carried.
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    They should be delivered to me today, If all goes well they should all be shipped out by Monday afternoon
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      Lotta folks use saddle soap, mink oil, whatever on leather to make it more soft and/or supple. Good idea maybe for jackets and furniture, not so much for holsters.   - OS
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    Pics of the crash site: And later in the waiting room of the hospital:
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    Let me guess... you ordered one and got double of what you ordered. And the price you are selling it for is what it came out to with your shipping cost.
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    Why is it once you obtain fame and fortune you feel your opinions have any value to the general public? Is it the elitist lifestyle you live that makes you soooo much of an expert on anything? You don't really produce anything but 1 to 2 hours of entertainment. Your career is promoting a fantasy world and somehow your view of the real world is relative? Get a real job and shut the eff up
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    Got this cool little blade back from heat treat today, cryo to -300 degrees! The blade is SOO thin I'm surprised It didn't warp! It's gonna be a hell of a slicer! A little acid etch and a stonewash and there Ya have it! Now for the scales!
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    Im selling my PRE-ban SS109 penetrator snow shovel. Get it now before the price goes up. With current legislation they won't be making these babies for public use anymore! $500 firm. $625 firm
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    You're not capable of governing yourself, but you can vote for someone to govern you and millions of others.
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    I could be wrong, but the AR-15 was designed to fire 5.56...
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    Wait until to see the next two.
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    This could be a discrimination case for an NRA lawyer to take. It should happen for the principle of it, it is clear discrimination period.
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    Back when I was 6 years old I had an old man that lived next store to us and he grew huge flower beds and people would come from Chicago and buy flowers from him. In his spare time he took me fishing with old cane poles in ponds behind our home. As time went on he taught me how to catch night crawlers at night after a rain so we didn't have to dig worms and we put them in a worm bed that old man and I built. We fed them old bread , egg shells and coffee grounds.   As time went on and I turned 7 the old man taught me how to watch the time of the year that the baby painted turtles would hatch and I could catch about 100 or more that didn't get ran over crossing the road we lived on. When I turned 10 the old man figured it was time for me to move up to the bigger and better things and we began building cages all winter, getting ready for Spring. Then I got my training on another turtle. The Snapper which took a lot more teaching. Keeping all my fingers was priority 1.  A farmer about 3 miles down the road supplied us with chicken guts when he cleaned chickens and we would put turtle lines out in the ponds. I was having a lot of fun but was not aware that the old man was preparing me to become a business man. Once we got the snapping turtle down to a fine science he began to show me the business end of it all.     First thing we did was take a trip to town with my mothers help and made stops at both pet shops in town with the little painted turtles. I was able to sell all I had for 25 cents each which added up to $21.75 for 87 turtles. Then he had my mother take us around to several small grocery stores and we put up a small sign on their out side note boards that I had live snapping turtles for sale and my phoe number. In a few days I began getting calls from folks wanting to come and buy a turtle. We had 27 turtles in cages and I sold 12 of them the first week. Depending on the size, the small ones up to 12 lbs went for $4.00 and the big ones up to 20lbs for $6.00. I kept Turtle lines out to restock. Sent folks home with a big turtle in a burlap bag and  a smile.   Now comes the night Crawler business. We had a river that ran through my hometown and it was full of carp and bullheads and every weekend during the summer the African Americans would come out of Chicago to fish on Saturday and Sunday. They would buy their bait before leaving Chicago and paying top dollar for night crawlers. I went up there to the river bank with a buddy of mine and took 20 tin cans of night crawlers with 25 crawlers per can. I ask a few guys what they were paying for night crawlers and they said $.99 + tax for 10 worms. I told them I would sell them 25 crawlers for $.70 with a $.10 deposit on the can. If they came back the next week and bought baits from me and had the old can they would get the baits for $.60. In no time I had a really good bait business with one problem. Bait was getting scarce cause it was not raining enough. The old man laughed and said that was the only thing he could not help me with is Mother Nature. Well, that is why I have always said it is great to have friends in the right places. One of my friends parents owned a golf course and they watered in dry spells everyday. I got permission to go crawler hunting on the golf course as long ans I stayed off the greens. in 1 night me and two buddies filled a 5 gallon pail with night crawlers and I put them in the worm beds. Never has a shortage of crawlers again.     If it was not for this old man my childhood would have been a lot like most others. When he passed away I knew I had lost my best friend forever. In the peak months of Summer I made more money per week than my father did driving truck over the road. I was able to give my parents money to help with house bills, food and even bought school clothes for my 3 older brothers which were for the most part lazy bums. They might cut a lawn for someone for spending money but to actually work was not happening for them. I just wanted to share what my childhood was all about and I grew up never changing my outlook of being a hard worker. I look back at those days with great memories. Mostly I remember my old Friend Mr Gueson.
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    If I'm not going to shoot it, I don't need to pay for it. A good picture is as useful as an unfired gun.
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    In this day and age an NFA background check should not be instant. The background for NFA transfers is no more in depth than a standard check. It isn't like they are doing a credit check or even local checks, just a criminal history check at the federal level to make sure you are not a felon. The reason it takes so long is because there is a line, not because the checks take so much longer. Or at a minimum make a frequent flyer program for those who transfer more than once a year. Or for trusts make it instant because you cannot do a background on an entity like a trust or business. And as far as the $200 stamp cost for any NFA it is discriminating against those with a reduced incomes. Anyone, regardless of their financial status, should be able to own the best weapon to protect themselves without the additional costs associated with anything NFA. And by limiting availability they have increased the cost of machine guns to a point only the super rich can afford them, again denying the average person the ability to use a machine gun for self defense if they feel that is the best weapon to use.
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    Who is going to earn the money that is given to everyone not earning a basic income?    :stunned:
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    ^^ saw the same thing.  I find it hard to distinguish between what is real and what is money-making, click-generating half-truth crud.
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    I re purpose old wine bottles into new storage devices for my new honemade wine. :D
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    Is that the same snow shovel the troops use in iraq?
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    It's not just old, but a bad fit to begin with. Here's a G26 in a soft Remora. Notice how much more of the firearm (esp. the trigger guard) it covers than the one in the OP. I have no issues with using the soft Remora holster.
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    Ouch, that's got to smart a bit.  Seems like more of a PMCS issue than a soft holster issue though.  That indentation looks to be old, should of been replaced some time ago.  
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    I think we should challenge the notion that civilians cant have AP ammo in the first place. I suppose they would have us believe criminals dont have armor (LA Shootout). Of course, the purpose of the The 2nd Amendment is to guard us against tyranny. Tyrants usually have armor.
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    Well after being in the safe for what seems like forever, I finally got around to building my TGO rifle. New build specs: -CMT tactical Billet upper and lower special Tennessee gunowners edition -Ares Armor Nickel Boron (NiB) BCG MK1 MOD0 -UTG PRO Model 4 15" Rifle Length Super Slim Free Float Handguard -Timney 668-S Competition Solid AR-15 Trigger 4lb -Daniel Defense .625 Clamp Low Profile Gas Block -Seekins Precision Billet Magazine Release Button -Anderson Manufacturing A2 / Rifle Length Reciever Extension -Anderson Manufacturing Rifle Length Buffer - 5.2oz -JP Tuned and Polished Buffer RIFLE (A2 style) Spring JPS-OSR - Magpul MOE Fixed Rifle Stock -Magpul MOE pistol grip -Yankee Hill Machine Rifle Length Black Gas Tube -BCM gunfighter charging handle -JP Enterprises Thread Protector TP1/2X28 .750B -Green mountain rifle barrels M16 A1 5.56mm 20" 1:12 twist 20" Barrel -CMMG lower parts kit -PSA upper parts kit
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    That's when you tell him that your AR is none of his business.
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    And everyone calls Glocks bricks!! :rofl:
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    He hunt? What about a youth sized .223 or .243? Gettim deer & coyote hunting.
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    So what do you get for the guy who has everything?
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    I got this picture of "Leroy" today as he was returning from the woods to his den under my heat pump. One of my favorite birds.... Dave
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    But it is another step to confuse, and scare, the masses like everything else the have been doing lately. It was not a mistake, it is proof they were going to ban it no matter what kind of responses they got during the comment period. Before it is all over is and done with the administration will support the ATF's decision to ban it because it is yet another step in limiting firearms. And all we will hear from now on is that it is banned even if it isn't. Already had people on another board tell me it is illegal to own and I will go to jail for possessing it.
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    It probably depends on how much you will lose on the cost of the lens if you F it up. If you are unsure of your ability, have a professional do it.
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    There are NO fish in the   Duck river, only people in canoes drinkin and havin fun.   All the fish have been moved to the Stones, Elk and Bufffalo rivers
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    here ya go [URL=http://s896.photobucket.com/user/redintn/media/repop%20lead/DSCF1268_zpsltgdvms4.jpg.html][/URL]
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    Come on! Everyone knows the Glock 7 is a porcelain gun made to go through metal detectors and costs more than most make in a month.
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    This is a modified wharncliff I made for my daughter in law to her specifications. It's made from 1095 5/32 " thick carbon steel professionally heat treated to RC 59/60. It has a blade length of about 4 1/4" with an over all length of 8 1/2". It was twice etched then lightly sanded with 800 grit to reveal the details. The scales are Australian redwood burl mixed with alumilite. Still need a sheath....I'll get to it soon.
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    If you shoot anything like me, a shotgun loaded with buck is a weapon of mass destruction, normally things you didn't intend to shoot ...
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    Sometimes the people watching can be worth it, sometimes not. It's about the only reason I will go to one anymore.   :rofl:
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    Well, it is unanimous. All firearms sold and in new homes and all three members were great folks.Enjoyed meeting each of them and they all said they will be posting more soon................. :up:  :up:  :up: 
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    Grizwald the basset hound Khloe "The Boss" is a chihuahua/maltese/yorkie mix They love to go for rides. Grizwald was too stubborn to have the back seat to himself. Keeping daddy company while he replaces the heater core.
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