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I was going to say something not so nice,  but my better senses have kicked in.  I would like to say that I am at least glad some of you have got it, but I’m not.  For those of us paying for all of this and getting Zero, my condolences. 

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5 hours ago, hipower said:

Have I missed something this morning? I'm sort of confused. Yeah, that's normal for me; but this thread is making it more so  this morning.


4 hours ago, krunchnik said:

I just checked mine also and zero movement up-just the same old down-drats!

It's being disbursed between now an the 15th; not all at once. You might be a "Tail-end Charlie'!

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2 hours ago, Hozzie said:

For those of us paying for all of this and getting Zero, my condolences. 

Is what it is.  I'm not getting any this go around, only got a bit less than half last time.  But if that money keeps people from having bills go into arrears or makes it way to local businesses who could use it, I'm good.

I'll bet it's funny for some to see what side of the makers vs. takers spectrum I'm on. 🤣

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8 hours ago, RED333 said:

I bought a still, gona make hand sanitizer, then trade it for plastic.

Until they reversed themselves, the FDA was going to make that expensive. I can't believe they even floated this idea.

Distilleries that made hand sanitizer amid a shortage earlier this year were shocked to learn this week that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) was slapping them with a $14,060 fee, but in a reversal Thursday night, the Department of Health and Human Services directed the FDA to cease enforcement of the fees.

https://www.foxbusiness.com/economy/federal-government-reverses-course-distilleries-sanitizer-fee#:~:text=But on Tuesday%2C the FDA,(CARES) Act in March.

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My disabled friend called today. The money was in her bank account this morning. I'm happy for her. She's one of the people that actually needs the money.

Nothing for me yet. I got the first one through the mail. So I expect it to be a while yet. 

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On 1/1/2021 at 4:42 PM, Links2k said:

It’s funny watching all of the “fiscal conservatives” bragging about their welfare. 

Not to worry. Anyone that's a productive member of society will eventually pay a lot more than $600 back in taxes.If they would only deal with Covid instead of throw all the pork into the bill it wouldn't bother me so much.

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4 hours ago, gregintenn said:

What are you going to do with your welfare?

I won’t be getting anything. I’m good. If by chance I do, I’ll probably donate it to AOC , Omar or get Pelosi’s garage door cleaned. 

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21 minutes ago, Links2k said:

I won’t be getting anything. I’m good. If by chance I do, I’ll probably donate it to AOC , Omar or get Pelosi’s garage door cleaned. 

Don't waste your donation with ol Nancy's door, word is the city came out and cleaned it up real nice

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26 minutes ago, jpx2rk said:

I saw a news clip where the FDA (IIRC) was fining some or all of the distillers who made hand sanitizer during the great shortage of 2020 for some dumb gooberment policy

I heard that as well...about 10 posts right before yours.  😀

Stupidest damn thing I’ve ever heard.  The fee was “allowed” under the CARES act to further bolster government coffers for regulation.  It’s insane.

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