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    Got her finished up today [URL=http://s1371.photobucket.com/user/amendment2customcoating/media/SBR%202014/WP_20141127_16_08_30_Pro__highres_zps16fe5bdc.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s1371.photobucket.com/user/amendment2customcoating/media/SBR%202014/WP_20141127_16_08_17_Pro__highres_zpse6e18c30.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s1371.photobucket.com/user/amendment2customcoating/media/SBR%202014/WP_20141127_16_07_40_Pro__highres_zps1d8e4b86.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s1371.photobucket.com/user/amendment2customcoating/media/SBR%202014/WP_20141127_16_05_17_Pro__highres_zpsd4e54d8d.jpg.html][/URL] [URL=http://s1371.photobucket.com/user/amendment2customcoating/media/SBR%202014/WP_20141127_16_04_37_Pro__highres_zps8720520e.jpg.html][/URL]
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    Give more than you get. You will get more than you need. This works for the good and bad you do in life.   Some call it Karma, some call it "Pay it forward". Some call it "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you".   The longer I live the more I see things in a clearer light.
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    I told my niece about what you guys were doing last night at Thanksgiving dinner. She was amazed and couldn't believe that a bunch of strangers wanted to do this for her!  Her youngest little girl is 9 and she said "Yay!!! Now we can have chocolate ice cream!!!" :D So my niece and I went to Lowes today and checked out what they had in the store. They actually have some different stock and different prices in the store than what they show online. We looked at the 18 cu. ft. Frigidaire that they had for $468, but it was pretty small....especially the freezer and I decided that it just wouldn't be big enough for a family of 6. We found a Frigidaire 20.6 cu. ft., the last one they had, for $586. It's actually a pretty nice looking fridge....glass shelves, reversible door, a nice size top freezer. At that time, I already had $515 in total donations, so I went ahead and bought it and set up delivery (free delivery) for Monday (that was the soonest they could get it there).  So it was $586 out the door with my brother-in-law's 10% military discount. Between then and now, I received another donation, making the grand total $565!!! Then, I got a pm from another member telling me that he would cover whatever amount was still needed! Unbelievable!!! I am absolutely amazed at the generosity that you all have demonstrated!!!  You guys are absolutely the best and I want to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart. This family had a big need and you guys came through in a big way. ;) My niece and her family are so extremely grateful to all of you, and she told me that she wants to come over on Sunday and write a thank you post to you all!
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    Mayonnaise and sour cream.  I loathe both of those vile substances.   Other than that I can tolerate just about anything....other than bacon flavored this, that and the other.  Bacon should be delivered in fried strips and eaten that way.
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    Why be an asshole to a complete stranger?  Maybe just try saying, "No sir, it's a 9mm" and be done with it.  Or try concealing... but I mean, you're carrying a gun roughly the size of a framing hammer so it might be harder to do that.  :D
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    Talking about a certain person I know very well. Oh well, everybody has their hang-ups about alot of things but it doesn't matter, if I don't want to eat a certain food then no is no and don't get your drawers in a wad over it. It's my personal opinion or hang-up or whatever anyone calls it that chicken or turkey absolutly doesn't belong in any kind of tomato based food, it's just grose to me. The only exception is chicken and BBQ sauce and even then I would rather have it fried or baked, in a cheesy mix with pasta but no freaking tomato sauce, no turkey/chicken chili or speggitti or that chicken marinara goop, it just doesn't mix, the bird is ruined. I love chicken and I love tomato based dishes but not together, might as well mix sour cream and bacon and ice cream. OH, but chicken chili tastes good, try some, have a bowl. NOOOOOO for the umpteenth time. Big live grub worms(maggots) taste good to some people in Africa, partially developed soured eggs taste good to some people in France, boiled pig intestines tastes good to some people in Tennessee, turds tastes good to dogs so why don't they try some of that? All i'm saying is, if somebody doesn't want to eat something, respect their decision and don't get all mad about it.   Rant over.   What's your food hang-up?
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    Ohhhhhh man. I am the weird one in my family. I have many hangups and the biggest of which is I *will not* eat food prepared by someone I do not know. One thing working in retail has taught me is that most folks have a different idea of what good hygiene is. Food preparation is a whole nother thing. I am hypocritical of this when it comes to restaurants, but I have a certain expectation of quality for something I'm paying for from someone who does it for a living.   Birthday cake. I go to a b-day party for a niece or nephew or friend or whatever, and they blow out the candles on the cake. I then have to explain or play like I'm not hungry because fuck me if I'm going to eat a cake covered in some kid's spit.
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        I always wonder why someone who is OC'ing gets unnerved by someone asking them about the gun.
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    Awesome news. I'm glad it worked out. Today, more than any other time since I've been a member, I'm proud to be a part of this site.
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    How much have you collected thus far? I'll add to it. A little extra to put some food in there...
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    I agree about the chicken and tomato thing   But, mayonnaise is awesome! I put it on everything; sandwiches, tuna, chicken, steak, pizza, pizza rolls, bacon, mayonnaise, cheetos, hipsters, eggs, chinese food, tacos, sour cream, salads, tomatos, potatoes, bread, artichokes, liberals, cereal, yellow snow, nachos, bbq, ice cream, garlic bread, burritos, taquitos, hot dogs, hamburgers, chocolate, ribs, peanuts, sauerkraut, caviar, foie gras, pickles, cake, socks, goats, berries, mixed nuts, etc.....                                   Just kidding....I don't put mayonnaise on bacon, bacon is already perfect.
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    I'm thinking we need a thread to let members know we are raising money here , most people will not read this thread unless they have a cheap refrigerator to get rid of .....
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    My husqvarna axe has a two stroke engine attached to it.
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    So I decided that I'd spend this lovely afternoon sharpening various kitchen knives, my pocket knife, and a utility knife or two. All went well until I got to my kershaw pocket knife. There was some sort of strange double bevel near the tip on one side of the blade. Took lots of work with the coarse diamond stone to clean that up. But did clean up and is razor sharp again. I have a habit of testing the quality of my sharpening job by shaving a bit of hair off the back of my hand. After a dozen or so knives, the back of my hand is nearly bald now, so I'm bare handed. And I only cut my finger once. :D.
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    If it isn't capable of outrunning me, I will eat it.
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    Hey, that's great to hear! So glad it got squared away.
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    Done and in the mail this morning........................... :up:
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    and don't serve me Turkey bacon. There is no such thing......and why do they try to make TOFU sausage or vegetarian hamburgers? You want to eat Tofu and vegetables fine. If you want to pretend like you are eating REAL sausage and REAL hamburger, then you are in denial! You are not a real vegetarian if you try to imitate meat!!!! Have you ever seen a VEGAN that didn't look hungry? 
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    Like I told my wife, people are looking for any reason to riot and loot. If the decision was that the officer was not going to be prosecuted people were going to riot and loot. Now had the grand jury decide to prosecute those same people would have been so overjoyed they would have rioted and looted. Just saying those that riot and loot generally look for ANY reason to do it, good or bad.
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    I assumed that was a given conclusion. Who did not expect these people to riot no matter the outcome? They are no different than our president, they refuse to accept the truth and have no respect for the law. Someone said it was the parents fault for the death of their son. That is true but our entitlement society thanks to liberal government policies are as much to blame.
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      I wouldn't pay 35 for Tbolt myself.   - OS
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    As a 6'7" 300lb white ex collage football player, Me right and reed good. Size no matter. Me got brains. Everything handed to me not.
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    Excellent video. Poor guy took 3 rounds before he got his slide racked. http://activeselfprotection.com/blog/firearms-carried-chambered/
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    After my Dad survived his cancer treatments I am wanting to get him a Marlin 336 to commemorate and so we can go hunting together.  Is there anyone will to part with one for a decent price?    
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    Well, I bought my lower and received all my parts from PSA today.  It took me a while, but I got everything together.  Unfortunately, I noticed that the buffer tube was crooked, so I loosened it, and apparently the takedown pin detent spring went flying somewhere.  I've already searched the likely flight path and found nothing.  Now, I'm going to move everything out of the basement and search again.  It looks hopeless.
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    Oh, there's nothing wrong with it.  I grew up sopping up various juices and grease off my plate so it doesn't bother me at all.  My kids just gag when I eat it, and it being my job as their dad to harass them from time to time I feel it is my duty to fulfill my responsibilities as a good parent....
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    What's wrong with that? There is very little that a generous helping of Worchestershire Sauce can't make better.
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    Seafood of any type.  It's all disgusting to me. 
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    I dislike 99.99% of indian food.   I can't stand coffee.  And I simply do not understand why tea is not served like coffee -- strong and user sweetens or modifies to taste.   I can eat most anything else as long as it was cooked.   I might do some things raw but my trust level on that is low... so I usually won't.  
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    I can only shake my head in disgust.... :) lol
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    Outpost Armory is LGS off exit 89 of I24.
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    $53.25 for 1K 55gr solid copper slightly blemish bullets + free shipping + no tax :)  I bought 1K before and it's really good just remember to crimp and your good to go, made in usa or australia not really sure .  got 2K this time :)   http://www.theamericanmarksman.com/CopperHead-223-Remington-55gr-BT-SOLID-COPPER-silghtly-blemished-bullets-Certified-for-use-in-California-1000-count-FREE-Shipping-BLACK-FRIDAY-SALE_p_279.html
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    This is a very nice setup I am selling here and would cost roughly $1200 to duplicate … Gun has less than 200rds fired on it …. Great condition Includes: Original Box H&K M709031A5 USP9 COMPACT DA/SA 9MM 13+1 3.58 2 Factory HK 13+1 Mags Original Barrel (less than 50rds on original barrel) RCM HK Threaded Barrel w/AAC thread protector ( http://www.hkparts.net/shop/pc/USP-Compact-9mm-Tactical-Threaded-Barrel-1-2-X-28-p1705.htm ) SOCO Custom Kydex Holster + Mag Carrier ($100 rig) Location: Cleveland/Chattanooga, TN Price Drop!!!! $780.00 CASH FIRM!!! Trades of interest (trade value is $1000) (cash + or - ) Glock 19 HK VP9 Shield 9mm FS2000 PS90 IWI Tavor P226/P220 ARs (Colts, BCM, Daniel Defense, LMT, Noveske etc) FN Five Seven
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    Eggs, I don't eat eggs.  Was forced to eat them pretty much every day as a kid and now I won't touch them at all
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    It will let me on for a second then it will go down again. I think I should riot
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    Hey guys!......let me ask ya'all one question....( but i'd like this to be heard by all blacks in this county )  what if Michael Brown had gotten hold of the officer's gun....he was half ways in the car had his hand aound the gun...fate had it the officer got him off or .....bang the officer would be DEAD......with out a doubt.  He almost had it.....think about that!!!!!!    No one i've seen or heard of on TV ever mentioned that fact.   Does his Mother think her gentle giant would not have killed him.  He didnt have his body half inside the car to kiss him. 
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    Thanksgiving is over and now the fun starts with the shopping madness tomorrow .  If you are looking for a good deal on a gun safe drop by The Safe House.  We are open Friday from 9 t0 5 and Saturday from 10 to 4.  We have carry 8 different brands of gun safes and have over 500 safes in stock.       Now through the end of 2014 Browning is giving a 8% sales tax rebate on all safe models.  We are throwing in the extra 1.25% to make all Browning safes sales tax free through the end of the year , even on our already discount models.    Drop by our Nashville or Knoxville location and check out our Green Friday & Saturday Specials on select brands and models.        
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    Try not to be overweight to make it easier on the guys that will have to carry you when YOUR "chamber" is empty. ;)
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      No. It was just another case of the man picking on the gentle giant.  :taser:
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    Here's to hoping the weather is nice. Oh and BTW this month is Target Manufacturers Month. If you have made a target and it's been used in a match, you get free match fees this month. Our way of expressing Happy Thanksgiving!
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    The .40 is a high pressure cartridge to begin with. Glock KBs are due to over pressure. These are caused by either....   1. Weak brass that blows out at the 6 o'clock position where chamber is unsupported. It could either be brass reloaded too many times or a specific lot of brittle brass.    2. Bullet setback increasing the pressure to above safe levels. Most common with 180 grain bullets. This why we don't rechamber the same round over and over again.   3. Continuous use of soft lead bullets with no cleaning. Barrel leading leads to higher pressure as the .40 bullet is trying to exit a .39 caliber hole.   4. filthy chamber (generally from lead bullets) not allowing round to go all the way into battery , but far enough to still fire.    5. Double charging the case during reloading. 
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    Balistol FTW. :Rock: It looks like good data Erik, thanks for posting. :up:
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    Whew...thought I was going to see something like this based upon the OP topic: [URL=http://s963.photobucket.com/user/runco0318/media/stuckcycle_zpse428fef0.jpg.html][/URL]
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        And still one of the best games ever made.
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